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GameSpy (Mar 16, 2005)
X-Men Legends on N-Gage satisfies even the highest of X-pectations. If the combat were a little smoother, it may have been my favorite title in the system library. As is, it's one of the best, and is the type of game every N-Gage owner should pick up. Now that games are only $25, you're out of excuses. Run, fly, or teleport yourself to a game store and pick it up.
GamePlasma (May 07, 2005)
The X-Men have come a long way over the years; Iceman finally turned into ice, Beat actually became a Beast, Professor Xavier got a new chair, Marvel Girl realized her name was dumb, and the list goes on. It is nice to see them all come together here in this action packed title. Anyone who grew up with the X-Men has probably played so of the other games bearing the 'X-Men' title. Anyone who has played those games might be hesitant to play this one, but all of your fears should subside once you actually start playing this game. It is very well crafted and is, for the most part, very polished. Anyone looking for action on the N-Gage should start looking here.
IGN (Feb 14, 2005)
First SSX, then King of Fighters, now X-Men Legends. I wish these were the kind of games the N-Gage launched with, because the gaming journos that love to hack on the system would have little to gnash over. This is a breakthrough title for the system, proving that it cannot only recreate console games cleverly (as long as the right developer is working on it), but it can offer very compelling to-go gaming on par with the best of the GBA and DS. If you own an N-Gage, this is definitely your next purchase.
GameSpot (Feb 07, 2005)
The N-Gage is typically inundated by stripped-down console ports, and X-Men Legends helps buck this trend. This game feels more complete and playable than all but a handful of N-Gage titles, and provides a fairly lengthy adventure to boot. The game's excellent Bluetooth support also adds a lot of depth and value to the package, making this one a great purchase if you tend to game in a group.
80 (Apr 12, 2005)
With great N-Gage games in short supply X-Men Legends has no trouble in reaching the top echelon of the console's library. If you have been waiting for a great action adventure title on the N-Gage, the wait is over. With a strong single-player adventure and superb Bluetooth support, this is a game that all N-Gage owners should add to their - probably quite small- collection.