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Midway takes the game of hockey and injects it with their trademark cocktail of smash-mouth adrenaline, with mostly good results. PlayStation 2 The Cliffe (1708)

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XboxThe Video Game Critic (Jun 08, 2014)
The ultimate arcade hockey experience, NHL Hitz amps the exciting parts of the sport and ditches the rest.
XboxGaming Target (Jan 22, 2002)
Everybody knows we all watch hockey games to see someone get their world rocked, and this is where NHL Hitz delivers. At random points throughout the game, a fight between two players will break out. You have two punch buttons, a block, and a hold button. The punches are pretty standard affair, as is the block. The hold button, though, does different attacks depending on the energy level of the opponent. For instance, a hold while at the beginning of the fight will cause your player to do a combo of punches.
XboxGameZone (Nov 20, 2001)
NHL Hitz 20-02 is an absolute joy to play. It has tremendous graphics and audio, and a solid options package. To paraphrase an old NHL announcer, this game “shoots, it scores!”
PlayStation 2Gamezilla (Nov 11, 2001)
With a combination of stunning graphics, high-octane action and sweet multiplayer gameplay, NHL Hitz 20-02 comes off as one of those rare titles most PS2 owners will not want to miss. Would I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone? Well, that one's a tough call. If you're anything like me, then once in a while you'll be willing to forego realism for flat-out fun -- and in terms of fun, NHL Hitz delivers big time. On the other hand, I'm willing to bet that if you're one of those hockey purists, you probably wouldn't think of giving this a second look. But even if you do fall into the latter category, I say give it a rent anyway. Maybe a 125-mph slap shot upside yo' head might change your mind!
GameCubeN-Europe (Nov 12, 2002)
An incredibly fast paced sports game with the intention of causing as many broken bones as possible. A great laugh on your own but with 2-3 friends it becomes an absolute hoot! The single player will take ages to finally satisfy all your needs from the hockey shop and creating your very own team is incentive enough to play through the humongous Stanley cup again. Possibly not for everyone…but most will fall in love with the game play before soon…great stuff.
GameCubeNintendo Spin (Jul 30, 2005)
Many would say the GameCube didn't have the strongest lineup when it came to their launch titles, and that is definitely true. But nevertheless, with this game being one of the ones among those launch titles and it being as great as it is, this along with some others almost could really make up for the lack of variety at that particular time! This game has incredibly well-done graphics, great music (licensed & unlicensed), amazingly fun gameplay as well as some excellent replay value! All those things combined into one of the first titles available for the GameCube from Midway make this a must play for all GameCube hockey fans, as well as others that don't really care for the sport! This game is a definite recommendation for purchase!
XboxMS Xbox World (Apr 24, 2002)
I'll make this one short. It's fun. It's exciting. When I pick up the controller, I don't want to stop until I can't keep my eyes open. You don't find this very often in a hockey game, but with Hitz, the replay has hit gold. Like I said, the music could be better, but that is easily fixed. If Midway can improve upon this prototype for 2003, it should sell off of the charts. Do yourself a favor - buy this game RIGHT NOW!
PlayStation 2Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Dec 10, 2003)
With a few minor issues, NHL Hitz still reigns supreme. It's frenetic style of play, rock-solid gameplay, and immense number of modes make this a complete package. Unless your absolutely dying for a realistic NHL sim, go with Midway this year. You wont be disappointed.
XboxXboxAddict (Nov 27, 2001)
NHL Hitz 20-02 captures not the exact aspects of hockey, but the feel and excitement of hockey. Loading up this game, I first thought that it was broken, 3-on-3? I went through the settings, and found nothing. Then, I read the back of the game box, and there it says…”Exclusive adrenaline-style 3-on-3 gameplay…” Honestly, I said to myself (before playing it)...”Here we go, another cheap hockey game”, boy was I wrong. This game rocks! This game is not a simulation.
XboxGamezilla (Dec 04, 2001)
Midway has packed a lot into the DVD and produced a satisfying hockey game for the hockey freak. However, hockey fans may need a little more strategy to make this a contender. Sports gamers will enjoy the fast, hard-hitting game play with excellent skills training. Yet you can only watch so many body checks and hockey fights before you starting looking for the real finesse of a hockey game. Not sure about that? Watch some Wayne Gretzky tapes and you will see finesse from "The Great One." Hockey has its strategy and its technique. NHL Hitz 20-02 comes close, but just misses the net.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Dec, 2001)
Extras aside, Hitz plays amazingly well, with lots of fancy tricks and smack-talk-worthy checks. The Limp Bizkit track may be the bane of my existence, but otherwise I had a blast with NHL Hitz, and it didn't wear thin nearly as fast as I thought it would.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Oct 14, 2001)
If NHL 2002's simulation gameplay doesn't appeal to you, and you're looking for a more bone crunching, heavy on action, fun as hell hockey experience, NHL Hitz is the game you must have in your library. It's great as a single-player game, and amazing as a party title. Invite 5 friends, get 6 PS/PS2 controllers and play for hours. The progressive types will be pleased to find a season mode, in addition to an exhibition mode. Visual wise, Hitz is a solid looking hockey game with some polygon heavy player detail. This is surely a game that arcade junkies will be playing months from now. I know I will.
PlayStation 2The Video Game Critic (Dec 13, 2001)
Like Blitz and Jam, players can catch on fire if they get in a "zone". My biggest complaint is that that you can't configure the length of the games. They tend to run a bit long, and all the crazy button mashing can take its toll on your hand. Also, some complain that the gameplay is repetitive. Still, arcade and sports enthusiasts will absolutely love this killer game.
GameCubeNintendojo (2001)
This game definitely accomplishes what it set out to do. It’s basically Blitz on ice. Personally, I would much rather prefer something with a lot more depth, like the more sim-heavy NHL series. This game is great for a quickie, when you’re in the mood for this style of game, but if you want something that draws you to your controller day in and day out, then you need something with more depth. I just hope that EA sees the sales of this title, gets off their Vancouver butts and pumps out an NHL version for Cube, eh!
XboxGame Chronicles (Dec 01, 2001)
Those of you looking for a serious hockey simulation that plays by the rules will have to wait for NHL Live 2002, or some other upcoming hockey game. Midway has the luxury of having the first hockey game available for the Xbox and the only hockey game available at launch.
PlayStation (Nov 14, 2001)
NHL Hitz 20-02 ist genau das richtige Spiel für zwischendurch: unkompliziert, schnell, grafisch und optisch mehr als passabel. Doch Spieler, die meistens alleine vor der Konsole hocken, werden trotz oder wegen aller Unkompliziertheit recht schnell des Spieles überdrüssig. Hier werden der Arcade-Front eindeutig die Grenzen der Langzeitmotivation im Vergleich zur simulationslastigeren Konkurrenz aufgezeigt. Mit mehreren Spielern sieht das schon anders aus: Lange Spielesessions mit einem Revanche-Duell nach dem anderen sind vorprogrammiert und werden auch nach X Spielen immer wieder den Griff zum Archiv-Schrank fordern.
GameCubeGamezilla (Dec 10, 2001)
NHL Hitz 20-02 is a hard hitting, fast paced game. Unfortunately, like most things that burn at high temperatures, its life span is short. Things like the extra features that can be unlocked and the fantastic graphics help to extend it some, but overall most people will tire of it quicker than other hockey games. It’s still quite an experience and fans of sports games will at least want to rent this, while many hockey fans will probably want to own it.
PlayStation 2PSM (Dec, 2001)
It's got excellent graphics, nicely balanced gameplay, tons of modes, and lots of hilarious (and brutal) details. Hockey purists should ignore it, but those of us that know the delicate joys of a cross check to the mouth, this is the best extreme sports so far on the PS2.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine (Feb, 2002)
Granted, it doesn’t have the simulation options or any form of statistical tracking, but the gameplay is just as fast and hard-hitting. The visuals are also outstanding. From the fully animated crowds that bang on the glass and leave the game if it’s a blowout, to the subtle nuances like hats being thrown onto the ice after a hat trick, Hitz captures realism while still encompassing the outrageous actions that fuels this far-fetched sports series.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Dec, 2001)
I’ll start out by saying that I was never a fan of Midway’s Open Ice series. Furthermore, I’ve always felt that games based on the NBA Jam formula have been shallow and unrewarding. Hitz is yet another extension of this arcade-driven genre.
GameCubeNintendoWorldReport (Jan 24, 2002)
There’s still a lot more to this game, like the mini-game skills competition, the making-of documentary movie, or the match-up code screen that made Midway famous, but you’re just going to have to try out this game and see it all for yourself. Even if you’re waiting for EA’s NHL game, you should definitely rent it to see if it’s right for you, because no simulation can be as fun as what Hitz is all about.
GameCubeGamersMark (Jan 13, 2002)
So, NHL Hits is a pretty good game right? Well I sure think so. The game will last you a long time, and would be a good addition to anyone’s game collection, er, whateva you want to call, it, lol.
GameCubeGame Vortex (Aug 26, 2002)
Sure, Hitz isn't the deepest game around - but hey, it's fun. Whether you are a hockey uber-fan, or just like to check the hell out of people, there's something in Hitz that will appeal to you.
XboxIGN (Nov 14, 2001)
But Hitz is indeed an arcade game at heart and so the depth that would add value to this purchase isn't there. Even with all of the additional modes like the mini games and customization options, you'll quickly realize they all lead back to the same basic play mechanic. As far as the single player mode goes, it's not too difficult to run through a season in one evening maybe two. You'd better have a nice supply of buddies to play against if you want to get your money's worth out of Hitz 2002. It's instant gratification that's not so good for you in the long run like tequila, an econo-box of Twinkies or the Spice Channel.
XboxGamePro (US) (Dec 07, 2001)
But the wacky extras are half the fun. The game looks great, even if the players animations leave a little to be desired, and its sound really makes you feel like you’re in the game. Hitz’s greatest hit is its fluid control, which makes the hockey fly by. It’s no NHL 2002, but Hitz should be a blast for arcade sports fans.
XboxConsoles Plus (Apr, 2002)
Le graphisme assure un bon rendu visuel, ce qui contrebalance un peu l'animation trop lente pour un sport aussi dynamique. La jouabilité est un peu poussive, et la maniabilité de l'ensemble manque cruellement de nervosité. Pas de profondeur, des modes peu excitants et finalement assez peu de fun pour ce NHL Hitz 2002.
PlayStation (Dec 13, 2001)
Simulationsfans sollten auf jeden Fall Abstand von diesem Arcadehit nehmen sonst werden sie sich mit Sicherheit die Finger verbrennen. Wer dagegen Arcade-Sportgames mag und gerne gegen Freunde spielt kann bedenkenlos zugreifen!
PlayStation 2Gamezone (Germany) (Nov 13, 2001)
Hier wurde viel auf einfaches Gameplay und kreativ inszenierte Action gelegt. So ist neben der leichten Spielbarkeit vor allem die Anmut der Spieler sehr gelungen. Diese sehen sehr lebendig aus und wurden auch mit einigen Eigenheiten versehen. Ist einem Sportler mal etwas zu warm, ist dies auch deutlich zu sehen... es dampft gerade zu um ihn herum. Bei Bodychecks kann es auch mal passieren, daß der ein oder andere seinen Helm verliert oder sogar durch die Scheiben der Spielfeldbegrenzung fliegt. Auch die Prügeleien sind mit tollen Kampftechniken untermalt. Wer auf Realismus aus ist, ist hier fehl am Platz... aber einen Test ist dieser Eishockey-Titel alle mal wert.
GameCubeGaming Target (Dec 04, 2001)
Overall, NHL Hitz 20-02 for the Nintendo Gamecube is simply a port of the PS2 and Xbox titles of the same name. This game is really designed for those people looking for a quick adrenaline rush and not an authentic hockey simulation. With that in mind, Hitz is an enjoyable game with a few minor frustrations.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Oct 26, 2001)
it really depends on what you're looking for in a hockey game. NHL Hitz 20-02 delivers a solid arcade hockey game, free of the pretensions of some of its more 'serious' brethren, although the trade-off is that it tends to be more shallow. If you're looking for a single-player game of hockey, you would probably be best served renting this one first, as most will probably lose interest in the single-player mode after a couple of days. If, however, you're looking for a good time with your frat buddies, this just might be the game for you. Just make sure it's THEIR ass on the ice -- not yours.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Jan, 2002)
Fans von actionreichem Eishockey kommen also durchaus auf ihre Kosten, anspruchsvolle Freunde des Kufensports warten besser auf die nächste Saison, wenn auch die anderen Softwarehäuser ihre Spiele aufs Eis schicken.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Apr, 2002)
(PAL version)
Die Qualität der Texturen allgemein geht auch völlig in Ordnung, besonders das Publikum hat uns gefallen. Durch die geringe Anzahl der Zuschauer konnten die Entwickler jeden einzelnen Besucher dreidimensional gestalten. Die Soundkulisse steht dem in nichts nach: Der coole Kommentar und das Johlen des Publikums bringen eine Menge Atmosphäre ins Spiel. Dennoch ist und bleibt NHL Hitz 2002 ein Spiel für Arcade-Liebhaber. Fans des realistischeren Eishockeys lassen die Finger davon.
PlayStation 2IGN (Sep 25, 2001)
Much like many other arcade-styled sports videogames, Hitz simply lacks the long-term depth that's offered up by its sim counterparts. It's definitely worth renting and if you want a game to have around for whenever a bunch of friends come over, it's something that you might even consider purchasing because it is a highly enjoyable multiplayer game.
GameCubeGame Freaks 365 (2003)
Hitz is a great game, especially for teens/kids and adults who don't like the “normal" type of sports game. You must remember, this is practically an arcade game in your living room. No rules, no sympathy, and no regrets are the basic mottos of this game. Depending on your type, you might like this game. If you like hectic mayhem, then this is definitely the right type of game for you, otherwise, just stay clear of NHL Hitz 20-02. It's a great investment if you are going to play with your friends.
PlayStation 2Game Over Online (Oct 09, 2001)
When the final buzzer sounds, NHL Hitz 2002 skates away a winner with a few bruises. Despite the selection of game modes, single-player excitement depends largely on your ability to stomach the fluctuating A.I., but there's definitely fun to be had with multi-player. The over-the-top arcade action lends perfectly to a few weekend rentals with your friends and unless you're a big fan of Midway's brand of sports titles, or of hockey games in general, that's likely the best way to enjoy NHL Hitz 2002.
GameCubeIGN (Nov 20, 2001)
Midway's all-new, over-the-top NHL Hitz 2002 is essentially what NBA Jam was to basketball. In the arcade-heavy, on-fire, three-on-three hockey you will experience the sport in its roughest state. A good formula indeed, but in the end its multiplayer longevity highly outweighs the single-player experience.
GameCubeGame Chronicles (Dec 01, 2001)
Those of you looking for a serious hockey simulation that plays by the rules will have to wait for NHL Live 2002, or some other upcoming hockey game. The adrenaline-style, over-the-top action of Hitz will appeal to hockey athletes, as well as NHL fans, or anyone who likes high-energy video games with cool music, awesome graphics, and intense gameplay.
GameCubeGameSpot (Nov 21, 2001)
As the only hockey game available, NHL Hitz 2002 deserves a strong look from GameCube-owning pucks fans. Its three-on-three gameplay incites pandemonium, and its wealth of gameplay options provides plenty of depth for a game of its type. Always frantic, NHL Hitz 2002 provides some high-level entertainment for the first couple of days and works best as a multiplayer game, but the handicapping AI makes the gameplay unbalanced. If you're desperately looking for a hockey game for your GameCube, NHL Hitz 2002 is worth a rental to see if its over-the-top gameplay style appeals to you.
70 (Aug 16, 2002)
Si la majorité des joueurs préféreront attendre la dimension réaliste et technique du futur NHL 2003 d'EA Sports, les adeptes de challenges arcades apprécieront sans doute plus facilement le gameplay spectaculaire de NHL Hitz 2002.
70 (Apr 04, 2002)
Si la majorité des joueurs préféreront la dimension réaliste et technique du NHL 2002 d'EA Sports, les adeptes de challenges arcades apprécieront sans doute plus facilement le gameplay spectaculaire de NHL Hitz 2002. Le soft de Midway reste tout de même en-deçà de son concurrent, et le manque d'innovations techniques de cette mouture Xbox la destinent uniquement aux mordus du hockey sur consoles.
XboxGameSpot (Nov 09, 2001)
Anyone who's played Midway's Wayne Gretzky games will be right at home playing NHL Hitz 2002 but will find it to be little more than a nostalgic walk down memory lane. But those who have yet to discover arcade hockey games will be instantly hooked on its multiplayer mode. The enjoyment NHL Hitz 2002 deteriorates rather quickly due to its negligible computer AI and simplistic gameplay, but if you're looking for some quick-hit fun from your hockey games, it's an excellent choice.
GameCubeGameSpy (Dec 21, 2001)
It's unfortunate that hockey gamers on the GameCube are left with Hitz as their only option at the moment. Hitz is by no means a terrible game, but it's very hit and miss. Either you're going to latch onto the over the top gameplay or you're going to tire of it rapidly. The action is very up tempo, but despite the inclusion of more gameplay modes than you might expect, overall the title feels quite shallow. This is a game that may thunder out of the gates and provide some great entertainment in the first few hours of play, but the lasting appeal just isn't there. Multiplayer will ebb the tide a little bit, but even that is only fun for so long. NHL Hitz is a good starting point for the series, but the next version is going to have to take better advantage of the next-gen hardware it's deployed on, introduce some real innovation into the gameplay and provide real depth and replayability to be a first tier title.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Sep 28, 2001)
NHL Hitz can be fun for the first few days of play, but its computer AI, which basically chooses which team wins, ultimately zaps the game of long-term replay value. But if you're looking for some quick-hit fun from your hockey games, NHL Hitz isn't only the best option on the PS2, but also the only option. Hockey fans might want to pick up NHL Hitz 2002 if they're looking for something different, but for everyone else, a weekend rental should suffice.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden) (Dec, 2001)
Det här spelet är klart lattjo och skönt att ha som omväxling när man tröttnat på alla mer realistiska sportspel. Däremot framstår det som lite begränsat och ytligt efter en stunds spelande. Basketspelet NBA Street, som jag nämde tidigare, är ett bättre spel i samma genre, såvida du inte är stenhårt inne på ishockey. Det bär emot att helhjärtat rekommendera ett spel som detta när det kostar lika mycket som andra PlayStation2-spel, alltså omkring 550 kronor. Däremot är det ett utmärkt spel att hyra en helg tillsammans med kompisarna.
60 (UK) (Apr 05, 2002)
It would perhaps have been nice to see the game tweaked a little to iron out some of the blemishes, and the 'blitz' gameplay wears thin eventually, but the Tony Hawk-like array of extras to be unlocked and hidden aspects of the game like the cheat codes written on banners in the crowd all add up to a nice little package. Whether ice hockey games are all that relevant to anybody in Europe is difficult to say, but I doubt we'll run out of them any time soon, and this is certainly an above-average one. Perhaps it's time to give in and see what the fuss is about? There are better things to buy on the Xbox, but NHL Hitz 20-02 is worth renting for the multiplayer mode and if you get that far, you may just find that you like it enough to buy it.
XboxGamekult (Apr 10, 2002)
Dans un style Midway pur et dur, cette parodie de hockey sur glace reprend les divers ingrédients qui ont fait le succès du genre depuis déjà quelque temps, en améliorant tout de même le principe. Avec un gameplay axé essentiellement sur le spectaculaire, ce NHL Hitz 2002 procure en effet de vraies sensations par le biais d'un principe simple mais ultra efficace. Charges monstrueuses, joueurs on fire, frappes de mammouths, animations délirantes et diversités des modes font de ce jeu un excellent défouloir, seul ou entre amis. Reste que malgré ses indéniables qualités, ce titre verra son intérêt s'amenuiser au fur et à mesure des heures de jeu accumulées pour irrémédiablement finir par lasser. A réserver donc aux fans du genre, aux joueurs avides de plaisirs simples et instantanés ou aux dingues de parties déjantées à plusieurs.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Nov 05, 2001)
In the end, games like NHL Hitz and NBA Jam are the most fun when you've got a bunch of friends over and you can start talkin' trash over who's dominating who. And NHL Hitz does have moments of fun like that, but like I said before, there's just not enough depth to the game to keep anybody interested for more than a weekend. If you really want a good arcade style hockey, dust off that Nintendo 64 and pull out your old copy of Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey. Which, when you think about it, is really ironic, because Midway makes both NHL Hitz and Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey.