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Back of Box - DOS (US):

    IN YOU !

    Come with us, mere mortal !
    Release the vampire in you.
    Become the night wandering, blood-sucking creature
    who lives most of his life in the darkness of old castles, and fears holy water and the sight of crucifixes.
    When the night is clear and the moon is full, you are nothing less than the famous Count Dracula himself, searching for life saving medallions in a village full of menacing enemies.
    Priests, witches, punks, and the police are hot on your trail because the professor Van Hesling has warned everyone of your intentions to create chaos on Earth and become its master. Fortunately you possess the ability to transform from Dracula into a bat or a werewolf and back again, according to which situation demands it.
    Beware, Van Hesling is out to get you and plans to sabotage your every move. Your wicked plans must be completed before dawn, for your life is at stake !
    Come, the night awaits...
    • Possibility to save 10 different parts of the game.
    • Advance to higher levels by collecting 8 objects and finding the magic door.
    • Shudder to HAIR-RAISING sound effects.

    • Adventure into 30 spin chilling levels and 100 horrifying scenes.
    • Transform from Dracula to bat to werewolf and back again.
    • Excellent playability and beautiful graphics
    • Avoid nine different types of fatal enemies such as devious archers, priests with holy water, treacherous vultures, and angry towns people

    Contributed by Jeanne (76515) on Apr 07, 2010.