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Night Hunter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version


Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title and main menu
Insert side 2 and press any key.
Starting location
I turned into a bat. I'm near the top of the screen.
Howl, baby!
I entered a new area.
I lost all my lives but I can enter my name for the high scores.
High scores

Atari ST version

Title screen
The starting location, a crypt
An enemy is chasing me
Leaving the castle

DOS version

Title screen
Start menu
Are you ready?
Starting location... tweaked by an unfriendly witch
Got out of the first room with the key... need more...
Hey! This is kind of like Castlevania, in reverse!
Investigating the grounds outside the manor
Mmm... lunch!
These morsels bite back!
Game over -- try again?
Finished feeding.
Walking through the graveyard.
Approaching the gate house.
Gotta check everything in here to find a key object.
A very dramatic/romantic kill.
Turned into a bat.
Turned into a wolf.
Outside the mausoleum
Inside a house.

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen After this its straight into the game, no control menu, no options
The game starts here
Here we have witches, and two different kinds of men (there are ladies too), all of whom take some health
I can change into a werewolf. I can go upstairs
There are holes in the ground that suck me down. The only way past these is to fly as the character cannot jump
Here I am as a bat
Two screens on. There's another hole in the ground here. There are doors, and on the upper level is a key just waiting to be collected
A bit further on - a screen with a lady in it
A poor score but only 1001 points is needed to get on the bottom of the scoreboard
The Hi-Score table. After this its back to the start of the game