Night Shift Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo
Title screen
Character selection
High scores board
Receiving a job
Fix it!
I'm flying!
This machine is big!
Fired, game over!
A lemming and a lawyer, two nasty pests!
After successfully finishing Shift #2 - You get to go home!
Home sweet home!

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen and main menu
Choose Fred or Fiona.
The credits. Your character cranks them onto the screen.
Title screen and copyright info
You get a job.
Meet the machine.
I guess I'm locked in.
Riding the bike to generate power.
Up we go.
I fell too far so I'm seeing stars.
I can throw this switch to reverse the conveyor belt.
The shift 01 duties. None were completed.
I'm fired.

Atari ST version

Loading screen.
Choose your player.
The Bosses office.
Let's make some toys.
Riding the bike.
Floating on a balloon.
Making storm troopers.
Receiving wages after a shift.
Cut scene - Heading home after completing shift 2.
Cut scene - Home sweet home for the night!
Level 3 - Shift duties - Make 5 Indiana Jones toys
Level 3 - Now you have to deal with colors.
Fired - Game Over!
A clever way to enter your name for the high score list.
High score list.

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Choose your character
The quota for the next level
Ride the bike to generate power
Fall too far and you see stars
Parachute down with an umbrella
One of the toys is constructed

DOS version

Title screen
Character selection
High scores board
Introduction of each character
Receiving a job
Producing power on a bicycle
Problem with fading steam
Fiona is temporarily stunned
Falling down from platform
Past Shift 2 - Now you get a little in-between level cut scene.
Cut scene - Home for the night!
Shift 3 - Now you have to deal with colors.
Report of production run for a shift.
Fired! Game Over!
A rather clever screen to enter in hi-scores.

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Game options
Keys redefinition. They are displayed individually.
A nice touch but it didn't seem to make any significant difference to the game
Fiona cranks the handle and the credits roll.
Game's about to start
Beginning of the game.
The bicycle has to be ridden to generate power
Walked too far to the right. Now I'm on a conveyor belt seeing stars
Tools must be collected before they can be used. There's a spanner on top of the boiler in front of me
The spanner is worth 25 points
The boilers gone out and nothing's been produced yet
I'm more of a creative type than a manual worker anyway