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SEGA Saturn 10 3.9
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SEGA SaturnMean Machines (Jun, 1996)
As good as any other beat 'em up, Vampire Hunter is an awesome coin-op conversion.
SEGA SaturnSuperjuegos (Nov, 1996)
Seguidores del culto luciferino, fans de la ciencia-ficción, amantes de los juegos de lucha... NIGHT WARRIORS tiene todo lo que cualquier usuario podría desear. Gráficos impresionantes, sonido de película y jugabilidad arrolladora. Un pedazo de juego como hay pocos en Saturn, y que no debes perderte.
SEGA SaturnGameFan Magazine (Apr, 1996)
Not only is this a better translation than X-Men, but it was actually a great game to being with. 12 awesome characters, beautiful backgrounds, great play mechanics and finger-friendly Saturn pad control. I wish they hadn't cut so many sound effects, though, and that straight-from-arcade music really hurts. Other than that, this is my favorite 2-D fighter on the Saturn (no, I haven't forgotten about Alpha...).
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic (Mar 26, 2002)
Like the first game, there are some incredible babes here including Morrigan (busting out all over) and Felicia (if she didn't have the legs of Hulk Hogan, she'd be pretty cute). The animations are always entertaining, and there are tons of crazy moves. Night Warriors is great fun, and stands as one of the premiere Saturn fighters.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide (1998)
Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge is one of the finest fighting games available at home, and fans of the series in the arcade shouldn't pass up an opportunity to get this nearly perfect port in their own homes.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US) (May, 1996)
A visual stunner, Darkstalkers' Revenge is yet another excellent arcade translation by the fighting game masters at Capcom.
How does this game itself rate? Fantastic! The animation is amazing and looks arcade-perfect. Gameplay is the tight control you've come to expect from Capcom, which adds up to a must-purchase for fight fans and Saturn owners.
SEGA SaturnHobby Consolas (Nov, 1996)
Si buscáis un juego de lucha realmente espectacular, lleno de acción y súper jugable, este "Night Warriors" es lo que necesitáis. Aquí no encontraréis figuras ni poligonales, ni entornos 3-D, ni otros tipos de modernas virguerías gráficas, pero os daréis de bruces con un juego que desborda imaginación tanto en el aspecto de sus luchadores como en los golpes que éstos realizan, los cuales son, sin duda, los más salvajemente divertidos que hemos visto en mucho tiempo. Esta nueva maravilla de Capcom conseguirá atrapar a cualquiera que considere un buen fan de la lucha.
SEGA SaturnComing Soon Magazine (Dec 15, 1996)
Since the first time it appeared on the screens, the Street Fighter video games series became one of the most popular, even catching Hollywood's interest to produce a movie based on the characters of the game. This infatuation for the Street Fighters universe found expression in huge sales, which proved the theme to be successful, and at the same time skyrocketed Capcom to the pinnacle of 2D fighting games. More Street Fighter titles were created later with conversions spreading over multiple platforms to appeal for a greater number of fans across the world. Then, strengthened by their success, the creators at Capcom imagined a new series called Darkstalkers, whose cast of mystical and legendary creatures was once again to reveal a new blockbuster.
SEGA SaturnGame Zero (Jul, 1996)
What's this? A Saturn exclusive and it's the superior of the two versions!?!? Night Warriors, the sequel to Darkstalkers (duh), adds two new characters and fixes some of DS's flaws. For instance shooting off a special move in DS meant the total depletion of your special bar, while in NW you have control over that. The characters are also more balanced. This version is definitely arcade perfect and if it's not you'll be hard pressed to prove it otherwise. A definite must have for fighting fans.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games (Mar, 1996)
Vampire Hunter ist ein weiterer Grund, daß ich mich glücklich schätze, einen Saturn im trauten Heim stehen zu haben. Gewiß, von der spielerischen Qualität sind SF: Alpha und Vampire Hunter fast ebenbürtig, allerdings gibt es viele andere Gründe, warum ich diesem einzigartigen Capcom-Titel klar den Vorzug gebe: Zum einem begeisterte mich das ausgeteilte Charakterdesign im ungewohnten Monster-Look, in dem es endlich mal keine Ryu&Co.-Visagen zu sehen gibt. Und im nicht zu unterschätzenden Bereich der Hintergrundgestaltung kann sich der aktuelle Straßenkämpfer-Teil ebenfalls eine gehörige Scheibe von seiner „In-House-Konkurrenz“ abschneiden. Liebevoller, ideenreicher und abwechslungsreicher kann man ein 2D-Beat‘em-Up kaum noch gestalten. Ohne Gewissensbisse wage ich Vampire Hunter im Wertungsbereich mit den zwei Top-3D-Prüglern auf der PS gleichzusetzen. Videospieler, die diesem Genre ausnahmslos verfallen sind, dürfen beruhigt zugreifen!
SEGA SaturnGame Players (May, 1996)
Night Warriors is just plain fun. With an endless supply of potential battle plans, Night Warriors is a great two-player game that manages to have a fresh feel every time you pick it up.
SEGA SaturnSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA) (Aug 01, 2009)
Avec ses 14 personnages, sa réalisation soignée, son ambiance unique et son gameplay aux petits oignons, Capcom propose avec Night Warriors un excellent jeu de combat. C'est également le premier titre a avoir été parfaitement maîtrisé et soigné du début à la fin, mais ça sera également le cas des autres productions Capcom qui verront le jour par la suite, et dont nous connaissons tous la qualité. Night Warriors apporte de la nouveauté et de l'originalité dans le monde de la baston, et sa suite ne sera pas disponible en Europe, alors pourquoi se priver ? Espérons revoir cette série un de ces jours, car elle n'aura au final pas eu tant d'épisodes que ça !
SEGA SaturnDefunct Games (Jun 18, 2005)
About the same time Capcom realized their Street Fighter II characters were losing steam they turned to other franchises. Among them were the popular Alpha series, the X-Men series, the Marvel Super Heroes series, and this, the Vampire Savior (Dark Stalkers) series!
SEGA SaturnElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (May, 1996)
Finally this coin-op is coming home. Night Warriors sports the same impressive graphics of the arcade with only a few limitations seen in the animation. It's not perfectly smooth, but only a nit-picker like me would point it out. The sounds and music are equally detailed. Night Warrior's gameplay is a bit too loose for my liking, it needs some tightening. Some of the coin-op combos are a bit hard to do, but many of them are in. For example, Lord Raptor's eight-hit combo works easily, but a lot of the chains are near impossible (the moves made when you link strikes of increasing damage). The point is, if you like the arcade (or Capcom's other fighting titles), you'll like this one a lot. The Saturn thrives on these types of games.