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70 (UK) (Sep 24, 2007)
Even in its original Japanese form, there's no way you can't grasp such a deliciously simple concept almost immediately and it's immediate and charming enough to win you over in about the same time. How much gameplay you get for your 500 points will depend largely on how much you enjoy doing the same thing over and over but, with its lo-fi Bubble Bobble appeal, JaJaMaru-Kun is definitely well worth a download.
WiiNintendo Life (Sep 22, 2007)
Compared to some other arcade offerings on VC, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun is much better bang for your buck, especially considering that it wasn't released outside Japan previously. It can get pretty dang hard later in the game though, so if you're one of those people who can't even beat the first stage of (Super) Ghouls 'n Ghosts or similarly difficult games, this one probably isn't for you.
NES1UP! (Sep 21, 2007)
Ninja Jajamaru-kun n'est de toute évidence pas le jeu du siècle, ni même de la décennie, de l'année ou du mois, les possesseurs de Wii risquent de regretter leur investissement s'ils s'attendent à autre chose que ce que nous avons décrit jusqu'ici, un titre désuet mais amusant à prendre pour un tour de piste; c'est drôle, après avoir été la victime d'ennemis un peu trop agités, de pouvoir leur rouler dessus et les avaler. Ce sont de petites choses qui marquent le plus: le méchant qui agite son poing en rythme, le chariot et le crapaud, les poses de Jajamaru, la collecte des mânes, et des monstres (Oyuki, Kerobe, Karakasa, Headbone, Pinbō et Kakutan), pour la plupart issus du folklore japonais, qui font d'adorables sprites, du genre qu'on porterait fièrement en logo sur un t-shirt.
WiiIGN (Sep 22, 2007)
With so many other Japan-only, unreleased-elsewhere titles in its own first-party back catalog, it's a bit puzzling to place why Nintendo would decide to make Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, an abstract arcade action title developed by Jaleco, its third Import category release. If you're a major fan of the fact that Nintendo's finally offering some of these previously-unseen titles on our shores, then it might be worth your while to continue supporting the practice by dropping 600 Wii Points on a download here. But most players would be better off not worrying about this little ninja, because Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, while cute, doesn't have the depth to hold your interest long.
WiiGameSpot (Oct 29, 2007)
Ninja Jajamaru-kun is tedious and ugly, and it actually induces physical discomfort. You'd have to be crazy to dole out six dollars to subject yourself to this kind of pain.