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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - ST-ZX Spectrum (GER/IT/UK) [Virgin]:


    IN 1993 to be an individual is to be er...DEAD! The totally evil master-geek (sorry...politician) BANGLER has serious power going down in town. All the Fuzz and Squaddies are his but so is the Underworld. You are MULK, pal...and as THE totally wicked revolutionary (for 'THE' read 'ONLY') you are gonna build 2 assassination machines - The Ninja Warriors - and attempt to chill out this Bangler guy with knives, shurikens and some bad posse hip movement! Six levels, mush, of non-stop, furious 2-player oriental upbeat action! Mental eh?

    Contributed by jean-louis (39242) on Aug 18, 2019.

Back of Cassette Case - ZX Spectrum (FR/GER/IT/UK) [Tronix]:
    The evil President Bangler controls the world with a fist of iron. Mulk, the leader of the revolutionaries has built two assassination machines to kill the president - The Ninja Warriors.
    "The best conversion of any beat 'em up ever" - ACE.
    "Near perfect" - CU

    Contributed by jean-louis (39242) on Aug 18, 2019.