Age of Empires: The Age of Kings Credits

Backbone Entertainment

Lead ProgrammerMarcel Barker
Graphics ProgrammingPierre-Luc Tardif
AI ProgrammerHelen Li
Support ProgrammersPete Thompson, Chris Savoie, Kelvin Tang, Aaron Koenig, Darren Schebek
Lead ArtistAnna Fong
Background ArtistAaron Parrott
Character ArtistMatt Osness
Interface ArtistCarolyn Cudmore
Logo IllustrationChris Bourassa
Art SupportBonArts, Diana Fox, Mabel Chan, Kim Sawula
Lead Game DesignerTyler Sigman
Game DesignerEric Emery
DesignerChristoph Sapinsky
Design SupportDerek Tam, Ian Becking, Dana Fortier
Design AssistantsChris Klein, Armando Troisi
MusicChris Rezanson
Additional Sound EffectsJeroen Tel, Robert Baffy
ProducerLorie Clay
Art DirectorRyan Slemko
Creative DirectorTrent Ward
Technical DirectorPeter Phillips
Executive ProducerJoe Bonar
Studio Head VancouverJeff Vavasour

Ensemble Studios

Robert George Fermier, Chris Rippy, Patrick Hudson, Harter Ryan, Brian Lemon

Mejesco Entertainment Company

EVP, Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
VP Product DevelopmentDaniel James Kitchen
ProducersMichael Tatro, Russ Mock
Product Development ManagerCatherine Biebelberg
IT DirectorPaul Campagna
VP MarketingKen Gold
Product ManagerZachary Smith
Marketing AssistantMark Ciccone
PR Account DirectorLaura Heeb Mustard
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Package DesignAndy Cummings
Manual DesignAndy Cummings
MajescoEntertainment.comKeith Patrick, Vic Merritt

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159487) and Christoph Sapinsky (17)