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American Girl: Kit Mystery Challenge Credits

Webfoot Technologies, Inc.

ProgrammingMatt Pellegrini
Additional ProgrammingJeffrey Lim
DesignMandi Grant (Lead), Jim Grant (Lead)
Character ArtMandi Grant (Lead), Jim Grant (Lead)
Environment ArtJon Cukjati, Andrea Borchardt, Brian Babendererde, Gerry Swanson
Dialog ScriptMandi Grant, Jim Grant
ScriptingJim Grant, Mandi Grant, Scott Grant
Music and Sound EffectsYannis Brown, Mick Rippon
TestingAvery LaPlante, Olivia LaPlante, Ally Timko, Becca Timko, Cayley Brenk, Mackenzie Osborn, Madison Osborn
Dir. Software EngineeringPascal Pochol
Project DirectorDebra Osborn III
ProducerDana M. Dominiak
PresidentDana M. Dominiak

American Girl

Director, New BusinessBeth Scott
Executive ProducerCindy Rink
Senior Book EditorJennifer Hirsch
Associate Art DirectorJustin King
Historical ResearcherSally Wood

Publishing: THQ

Front OfficeDoug Clemmer, Alison Locke, Scott Zerby
ProductionPeter Armstrong, David Sapienza, Adam Affrunti
CreativeJohn Gamades, Jessica Klaustermeier, Michael Tschimperle, Beau Nordby, Mike McDonough
MarketingNicole Yolitz Armstrong, Tia Wucher, Dawn Nelson Helle, Kirsten Nielsen
Special ThanksJames Robrahn, Justin Nissen, Michelle Holida, Greg Stutsman, Tony Schumacher
Director, Worldwide QAPaul Sterngold
QA ManagersMario Waibel, Michael Motoda, Lorena Villa Batarse
Test SupervisorAnne Farmer
Test LeadJared Beauchamp
TestersRichard Boron, Aaron Fonseca, Nathan Guice, Archie Nobles, Sean Oxley, Hector Reyna
First Party SupervisorJoseph Pearson
First Party LeadScott Ritchie
First Party SpecialistsRussell Brock, Carlos Flores, David Legois, Georgeina Schaller, Todd Thommes, Josh Kimmel, Carmelo Consiglio
QA Technicians SupervisorRichard Jones
QA TechniciansLuis Arevalo, Ryan Cashman, Justin Drolet, Michael Zlotnicki, Lantson A. Eldred
Mastering Lab SupervisorAnthony Dunnet
Mastering Lab TechniciansGlen Peters, Heidi Salguero, Ryan Fell, Ian Clark, Robert LeBeau
Remastering Project ManagerCharles Batarse
Database SupervisorJonathan Gill
Database AdministratorT. Ryan Arnold
QA Operations CoordinatorOmar Flores
Sr. HR GeneralistLori Ceballos
Customer Service SupervisorColin Thompson
Customer ServiceJodie Geiselman, Theodore Guenther, Peter Svenkerud, Christopher Brown

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