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Animal Planet: Emergency Vets Credits (Nintendo DS)

Animal Planet: Emergency Vets Nintendo DS Title Screen


ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Animal Planet: Emergency Vets Credits

SilverBirch Studios

Executive ProducerWojtek Kawczynski
Creative DirectorJason Azevedo
ProducerDave Allan Guzda
Technical DirectorRajiv N. Patel
Art DirectorEric Vedder
Senior DeveloperTodd Showalter
DeveloperGillian Laidlaw
Pixel ArtistSteve Jones
IllustratorBen Henry
Music and SoundRedemption Audio
QA LeadRobyn Bremner
TestersKwame Newman-Bremang, Matthew Bremner
Special ThanksKevin Astle, G‑Lo, Kevin Birch

Activision - Executive Management

General ManagerDavid Oxford
Vice President of StudiosPatrick J. Kelly
Vice President of SalesTim Flaherty
Vice President of MarketingMark Meadows
Vice President of Creative ServicesMark Meadows
Senior CounselJoe Hedges

Activision - Production

Associate ProducersBrett Patterson, Alex Reed
ProducerChris Owen
Manager, Creative Direction and DesignChris Arends
Producer of Art DirectionJason Stempel
DesignCarl Jenz Behrens, Alan Butterworth

Activision - Quality Assurance

Technology ManagerChris Arends
Manager of Quality AssuranceJason Lembcke
Supervisor of Quality AssuranceRasheem Harris
Sr. QA LeadJustin Westplate
QA LeadKamie Kehrwald
QA TeamRobert Seedorf, Doug Gengler, Eric Lleras
TRG QA ManagerChad Schilling
TRG Sr. LeadSteve Myers
TRG LeadMatt McCullough
TRG TeamMark Mahaney, Donovan Byrnes
Burn Room LeadMadison Meahyen
Burn Room TechnicianJosh Green

Activision - Sales

Sales DirectorJennifer Mirabelli Johnson
Sales/Marketing CoordinatorRobbin Livernois

Activision - Marketing and Creative Services

Brand ManagerSteve Williams
Senior Graphic ArtistTrevor Harveaux
Graphic ArtistSean James
Marketing Communications AssociateBrandon Gingerich

Activision - Licensing

Director of LicensingAndy Koehler

Activision - Operations

Director of Operations and PlanningMike Groshens

Activision - Special Thanks

Special ThanksAndy Owen, Alex Reed, Dan Gniady, Deborah Haight, Donna Johnston, Kory Glaser, Jan Marek, Rachel Petrich, Andy Spohn, Aaron M. Thompson, George Batog, Ann Beggs, Jeff Muench, Monica Solis, Kurt Niederloh, Janet Paulsen, Ann Williamette, Daniel Tan, Brian Pass, James Chang (ESRB), Rocco Buffalino (ESRB)

Discovery Channel

President and General Manager, Animal PlanetMarjorie Kaplan
President Discovery CommercePatrick Gates
Vice President, Creative and MerchandisingElizabeth Bakacs
Director, LicensingSue Perez-Jackson
Design Director, LicensingBetsy Ferg
Licensing ManagerDana Newbold

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (55818)