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Bubble Bobble Revolution Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

The title screen. The game lacks an intro of any kind.
Bubble Bobble DS title screen
Starting the first area of the "New Age" mode.
While the new backgrounds are nice and colorful, they do more harm than good, as characters tend to get lost on screen.
I ate it!
When popped, flame bubbles drop napalm.
Holding down the fire button for an extended period of time will produce a giant bubble, which, when shot against a wall, will propel you like a rocket in an opposite direction.
Sometimes you will come across this super-simple touch-screen mini-game.
Fighting the first boss.
The second world is over-the-top colorful.
The player can bounce up on his own bubbles.
Lightning bubbles shoot bolts of electricity in a direction opposite to the one you are facing.
If you take too long clearing a stage it will start becoming even more difficult.
Fighting the second boss.
YEY! Boss dead! I get the bling!
The game's New Age mode had a hundred stages.
Levels get trickier as you progress.
The game's Classic mode can be played cooperatively with a friend.
Classic mode's title screen.
Beginning the game.
Classic intro screen.
Let's begin!
The classic game is a whole lot more fun than the New Age mode.
OOffff - I got offed by a pissed piece off luggage!