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GameZone (Nov 18, 2009)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized is one of the most impressive first-person shooters you will play on your Nintendo DS this year. Very few shooters on the DS will cheerfully have you enjoying every second of this game and with enough reasons to keep on playing you should definitely consider buying this one.
Game Chronicles (Dec 02, 2009)
Considering the excellent single player, the awesome online multiplayer, and the great sound package – Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobilized is an excellent value for the DS gamer. While the title could stand to have a visual makeover, we are willing to overlook the rough visual quality in lieu of the wonderful gameplay.
DS-x2 (Nov, 2009)
If you've enjoyed the previous Call of Duties on the DS then this is simply more of the same albeit in a modern setting with the very latest weaponry. There's the same excitement generated from clearing an area of enemies and the variety the developers have managed to squeeze into the game will please even the most cynical of gamers. What's most pleasing though is the amount of replay value here; even once you've completed the main game you can still indulge in the Local Multiplayer, Mini-Games and a variety of Challenge Modes. What more can we say... Go grab yourself a copy now.
Nintendojo (Dec, 2009)
To be completely honest, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized is not a substitute for Modern Warfare 2 on console or PC, the DS just can’t handle such complicated action and intense multiplayer. Instead, Mobilized is just a solid shooter on a console that does not begin to get the FPS action it deserves, and that is what makes it so appealing. n-Space has done an admirable job of boiling the basics of the Call of Duty franchise to DS sized portions for these last few years and Mobilized is definitely their best effort yet. Given the trend, next year’s Call of Duty will probably be better but as it stands rights now, Mobilized features good enough graphics, sound, gameplay, and multiplayer to warrant a purchase from shooter fans looking to take the action on the go.
Vandal Online (Nov 20, 2009)
Modern Warfare: Mobilized es un título de acción excelente para la portátil de Nintendo, sobre todo gracias a su magnífica factura técnica y a la variedad de opciones de juego, entre las que encontramos un interesante modo multijugador local y por internet. Eso sí, cabe achacarle algunos defectos menores, como la linealidad de la acción o la corta duración de la campaña principal del juego. Pese a todo, sin duda se trata de una excelente apuesta para los amantes del género de acción en primera persona en la portátil, así como para los seguidores de la saga Call of Duty, ninguno de los cuales se sentirá defraudado.
Modojo (Nov 20, 2009)
Although Modern Warfare 2 is obviously superior, it's nice to see that DS owners have a great alternative with Mobilized. The gameplay is fun, and the presentation is jam-packed with excitement. Next time you're on a car trip, make sure to mobilize with this.
IGN (Nov 10, 2009)
If you played and enjoyed last year's Call of Duty: World at War on DS, then you can expect to like Moblized. It brings the war to modern times once more while sticking to the same winning formula. Shooting, manning stationary guns, and getting behind the wheels of some heavy machinery are all part of the classic Call of Duty package and the DS crowd isn't missing out on the fun. The controls won't be ideal for everyone, so give Mobilized a try on a friend's system before you take the plunge if you can. The same goes for the look. Even so, this is one fully featured package and a technically impressive game that successfully takes Call of Duty to the handheld while bringing its own unique presentation to the table.
Game Vortex (Nov, 2009)
If you've got a Nintendo DS and want to take your Call of Duty experience on the road, this game will fit the bill. It's not the best first-person shooter for the platform and there are some imperfections, but they don't hobble the game. As a whole, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized is a fine example of a developer rising above hardware constraints and making a product that feels worthy of its pedigree.
Maybe the FPS genre isn’t ideal for the DS, but N-Space continues to defy the odds and actually make these Call of Duty titles work on the handheld. If you can enjoy a fun, arcade shooter for your DS, Modern Warfare: Mobilized is a fine choice.
Worth Playing (Mar 13, 2010)
Overall, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized is a solid FPS effort on the Nintendo DS. It does a pretty good job of pushing the technical limitations of the system and provides a good amount of length to both the single-player and multiplayer modes as well. The only real obstacles are the control scheme and the sometimes spotty AI, but if you can get over that, you'll be in for a fun portable game. At this point, the only other reason to not get this is if you're already burned out on the franchise or you don't need an FPS fix while you're on the go.
Cheat Code Central (Nov, 2009)
Again, don't expect Modern Warfare Mobilized to do the impossible. There's simply no way to faithfully replicate the full Call of Duty experience on the Nintendo DS. It is possible, however, to recreate the franchise's basic style, and to turn the result into a very playable and enjoyable first-person shooter. That's exactly what n-Space did here, and for DS-owning FPS fans, this game is a must-buy.
Game Freaks 365 (Nov 24, 2009)
The best part of playing Modern Warfare: Mobilized is that you get a tactical shooter to play with you anywhere. It doesn't have the thrills of the console versions, the controls can be quite annoying and the graphics certainly feel dated (although relatively good for the Nintendo DS). Online multi-player and local multi-card play are optional as well, adding to the hours that you will play the game and overall value. There are flaws that shouldn't be overlooked, yet this is a shooting experience that will satisfy those looking for short bursts of action.
75 (Nov 13, 2009)
Après deux essais bourrés de bonnes idées sur DS mais un petit peu trop déséquilibrés, le studio n-Space semble avoir trouvé le juste milieu. On profite donc d'une réalisation de qualité et d'un gameplay qui, en dépit de quelques soucis occasionnels, permet de goûter à des séquences extrêmement dynamiques. Et en guise de cerise de luxe sur un gâteau déjà bien appétissant, Modern Warfare : Mobilized nous offre un multijoueur solide et bien ficelé.
Spazio Games (Dec 03, 2009)
Anche questa volta Activision porta su Nintendo DS un titolo di sicuro richiamo con caratteristiche altalenanti: la giocabilità è immediata, pur considerando che il touch screen durante lo zoom ritarda lievemente, ma purtroppo è afflitto da una longevità medio bassa. Il comparto multiplayer è ben strutturato, anche se online abbiamo trovato pochi sfidanti. Un buon grado di sfida è prodotto dal livello di difficoltà, impegnativo quanto basta, in grado di farvi ripetere più volte lo stesso punto. Ci sentiamo di consigliarlo a tutti coloro che apprezzano gli FPS di buona fattura e che non hanno console casalinghe next – gen: si troveranno tra le mani il miglior prodotto del genere presente sul portatile della grande N.
1UP (Dec 08, 2009)
But all of this raises a fundamental question: No matter how well-made, is an extravagant, rollercoaster-styled FPS really the kind of game you want to play on a handheld in the first place? For me, not so much. I'm convinced this is as good as a DS first-person shooter can be, but this is still an experience I'd simply rather have on a console or PC, and use my DS time to play games more uniquely suited to the handheld (like, say, Advance Wars). Playing Mobilized feels like watching someone swallow their fist (or ride a Segue): I'm impressed they can do it, but that doesn't mean I necessarily want to try myself. If you absolutely need to play Modern Warfare when you're on the go, well here it is, and it's pretty good. But really... how often will you want to?
Cubed3 (Feb 11, 2010)
Even though the rumors say the DS is soon to be replaced, I hope the n-Space team gets to make another FPS for the system before its time comes. It feels like they're very close to producing something special. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized is an ambitious and very worthy shooter on the Nintendo DS, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.
Game Revolution (Dec 01, 2009)
Mobilized is an impressive package from a technical standpoint, even though it won’t keep you entertained for that long. But it’s definitely a fun experience while it lasts, assuming you’re a fan of DS first-person shooters. I’d steer clear otherwise - unless, you know, you like drunkenly shooting at pigeons.
Game Informer Magazine (Nov 16, 2009)
The four unlockable modes might keep hardcore fans coming back, but I didn’t find much reason to stick around. Challenge and Arcade modes are rewrapped campaign levels, and the Minigame mode features puzzles you’ve already found the solution to in the campaign. Survival keeps you on your toes, but you have to beat the game on hard or enter a pesky code every time to access it. Like Mobilized overall, the reward just isn’t worth the effort.
Gamer Limit (Dec 06, 2009)
All in all, Mobilized really doesn’t live up to the Modern Warfare name. Perhaps if a rudimentary perks or leveling system was built into the multiplayer, and a bit more polish was involved, it would have been a much more engaging title. Ultimately, Modern Warfare: Mobilized lacks personality and polish. Hardcore Call of Duty portable gamers are better off buying last year's World at War DS.
GamesRadar (Nov 24, 2009)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized recognizes and reproduces what its franchise has always been known for. Enemies constantly pouring out of nooks and crannies while you push forward with bullet fed justice. However, Mobilized is missing what makes its big brother such a blockbuster experience: insane amounts of polish.
WiiDSFrance (Dec 03, 2009)
Offrant un bon compromis entre la volonté de rester fidèle à la série Call of Duty tout en s'adaptant à la DS, Activision a su trouver un juste milieu pour que le jeu soit agréable à jouer sans être trop répétitif et déconcertant à cause d'une jouabilité particulière. Une semi-réussite, le jeu n'étant pas exempt de défauts, mais loin d'être un échec.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 29, 2009)
The game features online multiplayer, but have fun sitting through the search process. You will generally sit and watch a progress bar for five minutes, only to have it say that there’s nobody online. Local multiplayer is more dependable, but it requires a separate game card for each DS. If you’re starved for some FPS love on your DS, you might want to give this game a shot. However, even its predecessor provides a more engaging experience, not to mention a few other notable DS titles, specifically Moon. n-Space’s 2007 effort bests Mobilized in almost every way.
Extreme Gamer (Dec 10, 2009)
I definitely suggest holding off on buying this game, at least until it’s in the $5 bargain bin. You can rent it if you really feel the need to try it out, but even that may be a misappropriation of funds. The only things that are great about this game are the graphics and sound. If only they had taken even a little bit of the effort from those two elements and put it into the gameplay and control mechanics, this would have probably been a winner.
GameFocus (Nov 30, 2009)
To me it feels like whatever budget this game had was blown on the audio and visuals in the game, leaving the story and design team scrambling with what little finances they had leftover to make a worthwhile game out of it. Unfortunately for them, the game comes up feeling pretty shallow. While I give it props for having an expensive looking sheen, it’s definitely not a noteworthy DS game in any other respect. Do yourself a favor and leave this one to gather dust on the shelves.