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Chocolatier Credits

Published and Produced by Zoo Publishing, Inc.

CEOMark E. Seremet
Vice President of Product DevelopmentPierre Roux
Vice President of OperationsSteve J. Buchanan
Director of MarketingAlison Kain
Director of Public RelationsAlison Kain
Senior ProducerAlvin Muolic

Big Island Entertainment

PresidentShel Mann
ProducerChris Boxmeyer

PlayFirst, Inc.

Senior ProducerAaron Norstad
Sr. Program ManagerFionnuala McEvoy-Pecko
DesignerNico Carroll

DS adaptation by Empty Clip Studios

Executive ProducerFrançois Bertrand
Business DevelopmentMatthew Shores, François Bertrand
Associate ProducerJeremy Lavin
Technical DirectorFrançois Bertrand
RapidFire Engine ArchitectureMatthew Shores
ProgrammingGuillaume Provost, Martin Barrette, Richard Weeks
Additional ProgrammingJim Buck (Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment Inc.)
ArtJean-François Hains, Pamela V. Vargas
Adaptation DesignJeremy Lavin
Audio SFX / EditingMatthew Shores
Special thanksStéphanie Plante, Christy Johnsin, Belle Avellanet

Original version developed by Big Splash Games

Original Game DesignJonathan Blossom, Stephen B. Lewis, Michael Wyman
ProducerMichael Wyman
ProgrammingJonathan Blossom
Art DirectionStephen B. Lewis

Original version - PlayFirst, Inc.

Creative DirectorKenny Shea Dinkin
Senior DirectorCraig R. Bocks
Senior ProducerAaron Norstad
Design ConsultantMichelle Woods
Lead Quality AssuranceChristopher Dunn
Special ThanksMari Baker, Craig R. Bocks, Kenny Shea Dinkin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (228692) and formercontrib (159039)