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Overall, this game gives me a less than spectacular gaming experience, but there were some great things that I want to see more of like the crisp cut scenes and good looking, easy to recognize characters. But in the long run, there are things I want to see much less of like a closed-off, on-rails point and click. They are supposed to be fostering exploration in an adventure game, not closing it off. I trust we haven't seen the last of X.A.N.A. and his plot to take over the world, but until they can solve the stale real-world play, it is only half a game.
Atomic Gamer (Jun 15, 2007)
Overall, Code Lyoko is one of the better cartoon-based games I've played lately. The world is very good looking and feels like it fits the cartoon it is based on well. While the story wasn't superb or anything, it does present something that fans of the series it can relate to. The only real problems with the game involve a pretty bad map system in the 2D world and a bad camera in the 3D world. Otherwise, the game is enjoyable and, despite these flaws, I'd still recommend you pick it up for your kid if they've seen the show. Heck, you might even get a kick out of the game too.
Game Freaks 365 (May 17, 2007)
Graphics are decent, but not spectacular. Environments aren't treated as well as characters are. There is no graphical glitches to speak of and no slowdown. The sound is above average. In terms of gameplay, this is one of the most diverse games I've ever seen out of Game Factory: point-and-click adventure, platformer - this mode is that it gets repetitive after a while-, puzzle minigame and racing. The game is fairly lengthy. The game is a bit weak in presentation, but that's forgivable for the most part. Overall, if you're a fan of Code Lyoko, there's no real reason for you to pass on this game. If you're not a fan, its elements might be a bit too generic for your liking but consider giving it a rental anyway. Either way, don't just relegate this game to being a piece of junk just because it's a licensed title.
ZTGameDomain (Jun, 2007)
Code Lyoko is a quirky title that will likely appeal to fans of the show. DS gamers looking for a fresh take on narrative and storytelling should definitely give this game a look, but be warned it is very text heavy. The blend of the two genres is a mixed bag; the point and click endeavors are limited and really slow down the pace of the game, however, the action portions more than make up for them with inventive gameplay and some truly lush visuals. While this game will probably be tossed aside as just another licensed game, I think everyone should give it a chance before simply giving up on it.
IGN (Jun 13, 2007)
Code Lyoko does a few major things right. It's a lengthy title that accurately depicts the show it's based on. It also offers separate styles of the game that give a good feel of how the show plays out. Unfortunately both modes of the game have some issues, and they practically guide the player through the game. In contrast, the often difficult fight portions seem overly tough compared to the relative ease of the rest of the game. Code Lyoko is great for fans of the show, since the stories are taken right from it, but for everyone else that isn't familiar with the cartoon it may not be wise for them to virtualize.
60 (Jun 18, 2007)
Code Lyoko is definitely above average for a typical DS action-adventure title, and much better than most licensed games. Fans of the show will be pleased with the depiction of their favorite characters in the game, but those unfamiliar with the show might not see much appeal. In the end, Code Lyoko is a step in the right direction for licensed content on the DS, and a good sign that better things might be coming our way.
Cheat Code Central (Jul 03, 2007)
As a game, Code Lyoko really nails the fact that it emanates from a cartoon. It remains true to its heritage with sound effects, the soundtrack, cutscenes, and storylines taken directly from the series. Some of the animation is a little stiff, and the text can be a little heady, but fans of the series will enjoy being able to participate in the same action and adventure as their cartoon heroes.
GameSpot (Jun 22, 2007)
It takes about 10 hours to get through roughly 40 levels and 15 chapters while the game holds your hand the whole way through. Younger players probably won't mind the repetition and hand-holding, but if you're old enough to be surfing the Internet to read this review, you're probably too old to enjoy what the Nintendo DS's rendition of Code Lyoko has to offer.
55 (Jun 25, 2007)
Code Lyoko est un titre attachant mais qui souffre de nombreux petits problèmes de jouabilité empêchant le joueur d'apprécier une aventure pourtant bien réalisée. Ce qui est sûr en revanche, c'est que les fans retrouveront avec bonheur l'univers de leur série préférée dans leur poche. Les autres auront malheureusement plus de mal à accrocher.
Gaming Nexus (Jul 11, 2007)
Code Lyoko for the DS has a healthy selection of things to do, but none of them have enough polish. Difficulty is imbalanced between the action and adventure portions of the game and could frustrate casual players. Despite its flaws, this game does a good job of translating the show it was based on into an enjoyable interactive experience.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 13, 2007)
If you are a keen Lyoko devotee, this being the only Lyoko game available right now will probably read as a ‘must-have’. But don’t kid yourself into taking the metaphorical red pill (that is the ‘wonderland’ one, kind of like midazolam...); Code Lyoko is a mediocre game based on an interesting animated venture. It has enough story going on to spark interest in non-watchers, but on its own there are too many blanks to make complete sense of it all. The dual genre concept is not developed enough both ways; it steals some inspired gameplay styles, but fails to meet the standards that have been set by the more specialised games. It is all too easy to put forth a bunch of good ideas on paper, but programming it all to work cohesively is much more difficult and this is the fruit of such laboured efforts.
Portable Review (Jun 29, 2007)
Overall, Code Lyoko is a very average licensed game. There isn’t anything to make it stand out, but aside from the map issue it doesn’t suffer from any truly horrible flaws that make it unplayable. I got some entertainment out of it, but I wouldn’t have any intention of buying or playing it for my own enjoyment. If you really love the show you’ll probably like the game, and it is better than you would expect a licensed portable game based on a Cartoon Network show to be, but when judged objectively as a game it barely makes it to average and there’s really no reason to buy it.
HonestGamers (Jun 20, 2007)
Lyoko's is ultimately done in by its "4 UNIQUE WAYS TO PLAY". In the end, if the team wasn't split in an attempt to make several games with one game's budget, they probably could have made a competent brawler, or a good point-and-click, either of which could have stood on their own. Instead we got two half-games that can't even stand together. The smattering of minigames help a little, even if they only direct your frustration elsewhere, but it's really a chasing after the wind at that point.