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Contra 4 Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Title screen. With fire and FMV explosions.
Intro shot 1. Though the intro is presented using video - there is little to no animation in any of the shots.
Intro shot 2. Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... GONNA EAT US ALL!
Intro shot 3. Arriving on Cliché Island!
Intro shot 4. With a team so diverse, the only member missing is a guy in a wheelchair.
Main menu. Gotta love the cheesy/lovely mode descriptions.
This short scene is as annoying as it is pretty. It stands between you and the action, and every time you restart the game (and it will happen often) - you have to watch it.
The hero is delivered via helicopter.
Shooting up level 1.
Blowing up more stuff in level 1.
Fighting a miniboss of sorts
Fighting the level 1 boss... looking exactly like the boss from the original arcade game.
Once you kill it.. it just makes your life more difficult.
Level 2 starts out in a lab. Watch out for mutants dropping from the upper screen.
Zombies explode if not disposed of quick enough.
Homing missile powerup is quite possibly one of the best weapons in the game.
Riding a platform elevator to the top of the waterfall.
Before facing the boss, the player is obligated to dispatch a bunch of humanoid goons.
Ain't she pretty?
Mama dead! Mama dead!
May I remind you that all your base are in fact belong to us?
This is as close to a 3D stage as you will ever get in Contra 4
Level end boss in the Base stage. Kinda lame if you ask me. At least on the original he had multiple phases and some kind of protection turrets.
Now, get ready for the game to abruptly stop babying you... and start kicking you in the face.
Mmm - pretty! The reflective-ish, distortion-producing water is especially nice.
Fighting a submarine miniboss. You'll be pretty screwed if you don't have the right weapons for this one.
Just when you thought the stage should be about over, a giant rocket pops out of the ground, and scaffolding gets pushed from off-screen.
This boss might initially appear tough, but once you figure out his pattern - he's a pushover. Just don't get greedy.
Oh, crap! You just know that what's coming up next will drastically deplete your 1-up supply.