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Atomic Gamer (Jun 01, 2010)
In the final reckoning, the difference between DII and its predecessor in gameplay terms, is like night and day. While the first game offered a frustrating gaming experience that frankly defeated many gamers, DII has solved all of the previous reasons for criticism, providing a true horror gaming experience unmarred by mechanical flubs.
NintendoWorldReport (Jun 04, 2010)
The original game is all right, but clearly a rookie effort, and it is plagued by some pretty terrible design choices. This second game fixes the vast majority of my problems with the original, but manages to add its own irritating grievances. Despite that, if you play the game with a few key PROTIPS in mind, you should emerge a happy, satisfied gamer.
GameSpot (May 18, 2010)
The original was an ambitious first-person survival horror game done mostly right, but a few design issues--chief among them a poorly implemented save system and repetitive level structure--bogged down the short, grisly adventure. Dementium II tightens up the gameplay, fixes a lot of the frustrating elements that hampered the first game, and brings the horror-infused action to some interesting new locations.
IGN (May 04, 2010)
Dementium II is a straightforward horror-focused adventure that's certainly a step up from the original Dementium: The Ward, but never quite reaches what the team has already done in its less gory, but similarly mature Moon. It definitely fuels the craving for more first-person action games on the Nintendo DS, and at the very least Renegade Kid continues to show how capable the team is with the handheld hardware. The six-year old system clearly still has what it takes to drive fun FPS designs.
Destructoid (May 17, 2010)
Dementium II is the best FPS game I've played on the DS to date, eliminating many of the interface problems that have plagued previous attempts at bringing the genre to Nintendo's handheld. It's not the most original of games, and as in fact quite formulaic both in terms of its mechanics and its horror premise, but it's good at what it does regardless. Easy to use, fun to play, and sometimes almost scary, Dementium II is worth picking up for horror fans and FPS players alike, or just somebody who feels their DS library could use something a little darker.
73 (Aug 03, 2010)
Na also, es geht doch! In seinem zweiten Horror-Shooter hat Renegade Kid viele nervige Schnitzer auszumerzt, welche mich im Vorgänger noch mächtig gestört haben. Diesmal gibt es faire Checkpoints, weniger Backtracking und ich werde endlich nicht mehr von endlos wiederkehrenden Gegnermassen attackiert. Auch das Leveldesign folgt dem Genre-Trend und wurde stromlinienförmiger gestaltet. Nachdem ich ein verwinkeltes Areal abgesucht und diverse klassische Schlüssel-Rätsel gelöst habe, folgen meist lange lineare Abschnitte zur Auflockerung. Vom kratzigen Sound abgesehen haben die Entwickler die betagte DS-Technik wieder bestens im Griff: Die bedrückenden Flure, verlassenen Dörfer und düsteren Katakomben flutschen mit konstanten 60 Bildern über den Schirm. Schade, dass die Grafiker sich diesmal nicht so exzessiv mit der Ketchup-Flasche ausgetobt haben. Der übertriebene Schlachthaus-Stil mit Hektolitern Blut passte noch besser zum Spiel als die neuen »braveren« Kulissen.
70 (UK) (May 19, 2010)
To put it bluntly, Dementium II represents one of the better survival horror experiences on a system not known for its support of the genre. But rather than supplying moments of DS-dropping terror - or even the slightest glimpse thereof - its trump card is its solid design and engaging combat. And if you pay the full price, you might come away feeling short changed.
Nintendo Life (Jun 06, 2010)
Dementium II is a decent game with lots of interesting elements combined with a surprising amount of impressive technology, but sadly it just comes together in a very bland, uninspired way. The campaign at four hours long is short, but it’s definitely sweet. Renegade Kid made a great first step with the original Dementium, and Dementium II has enough interesting elements to give it a try.
GamePro (US) (May 04, 2010)
I was initially skeptical of Dementium II. I had a hard time believing that the DS' diminutive dimensions could offer a foreboding, atmospheric horror experience. But I couldn't deny the ambitous nature of the game's design, and while it doesn't always succeed, Dementium II surprised me with its quality and depth.
Thunderbolt Games (May 26, 2010)
Dementium II spins an interesting, albeit simple, horror narrative on the DS. It’s unlike anything else on the hardware and is a perfect example of stylus use done right. It’s held back by a few half baked ideas, easy enemies and some questionable sound design, but still delivers a compelling, bite size horror experience. If you’re in the mood for a deranged journey into madness, the Doctor will see you now.