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GamePro (US) (Nov 04, 2008)
Simply put, Dragon Ball: Origins is the most interesting Dragon Ball adventure that Atari's put on the table since the first Budokai title. Once you get used to the DS controls, everything falls into place and the game just gets better and better. Dragon Ball fan or not, DS owners in general should own DB: Origins.
And as I said before, Origins is one of the only (legal) places to get this part of the Dragon Ball story, so if you’re a new fan or an old one, this is almost a must-buy game. If you don’t know Master Roshi from Oolong and you don’t care to find out more, this game may not be for you, though you can do a LOT worse if you’re looking for a DS action adventure game that will stay fun for a while. Origins may not be a great purchase for everyone, but if you want the story, it’s a great place to start. If not, I’d still recommend an eBay search for the GBA Dragon Ball title, as it is simply a wonderful game.
Meristation (Nov 28, 2008)
No es el DB definitivo, tiene taras que afectan al sistema de control y a la fluidez de los combates que deberían ser tenidos en cuenta en una futurible continuación de la que seguramente pronto oiremos hablar, si en Europa se mantienen las buenas ventas y las cifras conseguidas al otro lado del charco. Sin lugar a dudas estamos ante un cartucho que cumple las expectativas y que por méritos propios se ha convertido en uno de los lanzamientos más importantes del catálogo de NDS. Y van…
InsideGamer (Dec 24, 2008)
Hoewel de besturing niet altijd vlekkeloos is en ontwikkelaar Game Republic met het weglaten van een coöperatieve modus een enorme kans heeft laten liggen, is Dragon Ball: Origins zonder twijfel een van de leukste DS-games van 2008. Fans van de serie doen hiermee absoluut geen miskoop en zelfs mensen die het hele Dragon Ball-universum niet kennen doen allesbehalve een slechte aankoop wanneer zij besluiten voor dit spel te gaan. Een onderhoudend verhaal, humor en vette actie in een prachtig jasje; wat wil je nog meer?
83 (Dec 18, 2008)
Endlich können sich auch DS-Besitzer über eine gelungene DragonBall-Adaption für ihr System freuen. Origins bietet euch ein umfangreiches und charmantes Action-Adventure, in dem ihr euch mit Son-Goku und Bulma auf die Suche nach den sieben Dragonballs macht und in über 50 Episoden jede Menge Hindernisse bewältigen, Fertigkeiten meistern, Rätsel knacken und natürlich Kämpfe bestreiten müsst. Das Kampfsystem per Touchscreen ist zwar teils etwas hakelig, macht unterm Strich mit seinen vielen taktischen Facetten aber eine ausgesprochen gute Figur. Gerade die Bosskämpfe sorgen immer wieder für Spannung. Auch die Präsentation kann sich trotz gelegentlicher Slowdowns und Übersichtsprobleme absolut sehen lassen. Vor allem das ausgeklügelte, wenn auch teils zu sehr in die Länge gezogenen Leveldesign sowie die witzig inszenierte Story stimmen immer wieder versöhnlich. Der Teamansatz gibt dank nerviger KI und idiotischer Powerup-Verteilung jedoch immer wieder Grund zum Fluchen.
IGN (Dec 11, 2008)
If a bit more polish was put into the actual adventure elements, the combat (which is still very strong), and teammate AI it would be an even better anime-to-DS offering. As it stands here, there’s some great fan service, a pretty fun – but repetitive – adventure, and a lot of hilarious moments that will push you to keep going. A must-own for Dragon Ball fans.
Gamer 2.0 (Nov 10, 2008)
While not too many people will be in tune with the original Dragon Ball series, it’s worth noting that Dragon Ball: Origins is the best Dragon Ball game available on the DS. This 30-hour adventure summarizes the first two story arcs in the series, and the story is presented incredibly well with retouched anime-style visuals that definitely raises the bar for style on the DS. If you’re a longtime Dragon Ball fan, this would be the perfect purchase; and if you’ve never actually gotten into the original Dragon Ball series, this would also be the perfect place to start.
GameZone (Nov 11, 2008)
Dragon Ball Origins doesn’t break new ground for the action genre, but it definitely prevails as another great adventure. The touch controls work well most of the time, and if you have the patience to overcome their slight inconsistencies, you’ll grow to love the mechanics. Worth buying if you love Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z and action games in this style; worth renting for everyone else.
GamesRadar (Nov 24, 2008)
Controls and combat are mostly smooth, though it can be tricky to tap the right person when the enemies get close. Graphically, this thing looks comic-book vibrant, with only brief bouts of slowdown. The story, which revolves around a globe-trotting search for the mystical Dragon Balls? Well, how bad can it be when you can shoot fireballs, hit dinosaurs with a big stick, punch skeletons, ride on a cloud and hang out with an old pervert? What do you mean that’s not an answer? Fine: We say it’s great fun. In fact, that applies both to the story and this game as a whole. Don’t let it slip by.
GameSpot (Nov 17, 2008)
Dragon Ball: Origins is one of the most complete Dragon Ball game adaptations. It sticks closer to the stories from the show than most Dragon Ball games, and it does so while also delivering a well-polished and highly enjoyable adventure. With nearly a dozen extra levels to unlock and hundreds of secrets and figurines to find, there's moderate replay value after you've had your fill of the main episodes. Whether you're a fan of the show or you're simply looking for a fun adventure on your DS, you can't go wrong with Dragon Ball: Origins.
Dragon Ball: Origins is definitely a fun title to play through, and even though "Z" or "GT" fans might find the tone of the game a little different from what they're used to, I am grateful that the game stayed true to its source material. It packs plenty of adult humor, action, and martial arts into a nice little package, and though it is the first game of its kind to be based on the original Dragon Ball series and has nothing in common with the multitude of Dragonball Z-inspired brawlers of the past few years, it really succeeds on its own. Dragon Ball: Origins is a treat for both diehard fans that have been with the series for the past twenty years as well as those who are only casual fans of the series. No matter which category you fall into, you'll definitely want to check out this blast from the past!
Game Revolution (Dec 22, 2008)
I can't see anyone playing through this game multiple times (especially people who know the story front-to-back already), but for the newly initiated or the curious gamer, it's just nice to see a popular franchise turned into a perfectly playable video game. As far as licensed games go, this is easily one of the better ones, and one that takes advantage of what the DS is capable of is a real achievement. Now, just about the whole “collecting balls” thing...
That said, if you have the patience to get over these irritating moments, you'll find a role-playing game with a lot of character and a very good storyline. Dragon Ball fans will enjoy it but we can't see it appealing to a new audience.
Worth Playing (Jan 12, 2009)
Origins is definitely a step in the right direction; the gameplay fits the nature of the original series well enough, and while it isn't the most challenging or overly original type of adventure game, it manages to be fun and does a great job of capturing the mood of the original Dragon Ball. The gameplay feels like it's lacking any particular "oomph" to it, and while the controls work fine, we've already seen a similar use from games like Phantom Hourglass, and the way they're used here doesn't bring anything new to the table. This is a title that's going to appeal strictly to fans of the franchise more so than the average gamer, and in the long run, I feel like it's hindered a bit by this. It does do a great job of translating some of the original series' appeal, but as a game, it doesn't do enough to make it spectacular.
UOL Jogos (Dec 31, 2008)
"Dragon Ball: Origins" é um dos melhores títulos baseados no desenho e uma edição preciosa que resgata o humor típico da série e o gênero de ação e aventura (a maioria dos games de Goku e companhia são de luta). Não é nenhuma produção suntuosa, mas equilibra bem porções de exploração e combates, em que socos e pontapés desenfreados pouco ajudam. Apesar de esforçar para trazer variedade, é um pouco repetitivo. Ainda assim, as mais de dez horas de jogo devem garantir diversão tanto para fãs de "Dragon Ball" como aqueles jogadores que procuram uma boa aventura.
Jeux Vidéo Network (May 17, 2009)
Plaisantes à défaut d’être passionnantes, les aventures du petit Goku feraient bien de manger un haricot magique d’ici à la suite pour retrouver un peu de peps.
Legendra (Nov 03, 2008)
Une très bonne adaptation du manga, de loin la plus fidèle à laquelle j’ai jouée. Dragon Ball DS possède un bon gameplay mixant stylet et directions via les touches, cependant les donjons sont parfois trop répétitifs, et les musiques n’égaient malheureusement pas cette monotonie. Marqué également par la réalisation superbe de cet univers que nous aimons tant, ainsi Bandai nous livre un soft, pas parfait, mais de qualité qui nous donne espoir concernant les futurs RPG Dragon Ball.
engarde (Jan, 2009)
Nie polecam DBO nawet hardcore'owym fanom serii o smoczych kulach, jest sporo ciekawszych tytułów na NDS.