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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (26 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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GotNext (Nov 20, 2004)
Feel the Magic is an enjoyable, addictive game that will offer hours of replay value. The distinct art style is distinct and cutting edge, depicted by the use of silhouette images; putting the game in a class of its own. And it's not uncommon that a smirk should come across your face due to the game's surreal, twisted sense of humor. (Anyone that loved Katamari Damacy would definitely fall in love with this). There's still plenty for me to uncover so it's safe to say I'll be playing this game for quite some time. Rub it!
JeuxActu (Mar 10, 2005)
Project Rub représente la quintessence de ce que nous attendons sur DS : l’originalité, l’utilisation intelligente des capacités de la machine et un gameplay béton. Sa direction artistique incroyablement aboutie pour un jeu sur portable le prédestine à devenir culte. S’il avait été pourvu d’une durée de vie plus conséquente, il aurait pu prétendre au rang d’œuvre fondatrice de la DS. Il se contentera donc du prix d’excellence et ça n’est déjà pas si mal.
GamePro (US) (Apr 13, 2005)
More than any other launch title Feel the Magic was conceived and constructed to fully express the unique technological potential of the DS.
All in all, this game is incredible. It definitely makes most use of the DS's touch screen and 3D rendering capabilities. It's fun and nearly impossible to put down. If I had to name the 2 "must have" titles for the DS launch, they'd be Super Mario 64 DS and Feel the Magic. Everyone has played Mario, so give this game a try. Hopefully Feel the Magic is a hint of what is still to come.
Finalboss (Feb 02, 2005)
Este é o tipo de jogo que serve como primeira demonstração das possibilidades que o Nintendo DS oferece. E ainda por cima, é um jogo engraçado e divertido toda vida.
Cinescape (Nov 22, 2004)
This is one of the quirkiest and most fun games I’ve played in a while. The immediate comparisons to WARIOWARE are inevitable, but it has its own style and substance worthy of being one of your first DS purchases this holiday season.
A new platform needs games that showcase not only the console but also the developers' talent to fully exploit it and that's exactly what Project Rub is. The game is on the short side but there's so much creative thinking gone into the game it's impossible not to appreciate the creative genius of it.
Nintendo Life (May 22, 2006)
Project Rub is an incredibly enjoyable game and is a must for those who own a DS. If you don’t want to buy it then definitely borrow it. As its inventive game play makes use of all the features of the DS and will keep you entertained for many hours... as well as getting emotionally attached to the characters in the story line! Relax and enjoy this game and you will truly realise that it is a child of its time.
80 (Apr 17, 2007)
Feel the Magic ist der perfekte Titel, um sich an den Touchscreen zu gewöhnen. Alles passt perfekt zusammen und wirkt wie ein Guss, was sich auch positiv auf die Wertung auswirkt. Leider gibt es ein paar kleinere Schnitzer, der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt zum Ende hin auch rapide an. Wer einen DS besitzt, und die Wartezeit bis zum Release von Wario Ware Touched! nicht mehr aushält, kann jedoch getrost zugreifen, es sei aber noch hinzugefügt, dass geübte Spieler zum Durchspielen unter 6 Stunden benötigen.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 11, 2005)
Tyvärr är inte allt frid och fröjd. Project Rub är ett nästan löjligt kort spel som är helt avklarat på bara någon fjuttig timme. Lyckligtvis går det att spela minispelen separat och det finns även högre svårighetsgrader samt lite upplåsningsbart material. Eftersom spelet trots allt dock är upplagt som ett sammanhängande äventyr har min sammanlagda spelade tid Project Rub inte varit så lång som jag skulle önska. Å andra sidan äter jag hellre en fasansfullt god måltid än något som smakar mindre bra, bara för att det också serveras för- och efterrätt. Project Rub är helt enkelt bland det knäppaste och roligaste jag spelat till någon bärbar enhet. Hade det inte varit för det nästan oförskämt korta äventyret hade betyget varit minst en pinne upp.
UOL Jogos (Dec 20, 2004)
Em seu primeiro jogo para o DS, a Sega conseguiu fazer um título que incorpora a ideologia da Nintendo, e o game promete fazer muito sucesso entre pessoas novatas neste universo. Os veteranos do videogame podem ficar decepcionados com a simplicidade e falta de profundidade, mas quem busca algo diferente deve experimentar esse jogo que pode, no mínimo, ser descrito como "laranja e único".
Out of the few launch titles for the DS this is one to get. It's frantic, it's fun, and it uses the system properly to create a totally unique title unlike anything you've ever seen. Yes, "Wario Ware" had the same basic concept, but the games here are longer and more involving. In fact, it all adds up to one of the best portable games currently available.
For a first generation title on DS, this is a brilliant example of what developers could and indeed should be achieving on the new machine, and its also great to see SEGA back on form again with an extremely well made, highly playable and very enjoyable videogame.
Zwar kurzes, aber verdammt gut gelungenes Minispielfest.
IGN (Nov 18, 2004)
You see her across the way, for just a moment as you are passing by. It's just a glimpse, certainly a one-sided notice. You have no effect on her -- another in a crowd is all you are -- but what she does to you without even trying is this: she changes your life. Her beauty, it's something you can't describe. It is something you can't even picture. She is the imageless picture of love. You haven't fallen for her at first sight -- you've been knocked over by her mere presence, and whatever glimpse or scent or sound you have caught of her in that instance keeps sending you tumbling faster and faster. She is at once nothing and everything. You don't know who she is, where she is going, or what she is all about ... you just know that she is somebody that you would die for.
GameSpot (Nov 19, 2004)
Ultimately, Feel the Magic winds up being more than the sum of its modest parts thanks to a winning combination of style and gameplay.
Diehard GameFan (Dec 09, 2004)
I couldn’t stop playing this game. I REALLY couldn’t. I’d pick up the game to check something as a “reference” for this review, and spend another 90 minutes on it instead trying to finish all the levels in the Snake game. It has one of those unique premises that make you want to pick it up again and again. Like I said before though, once everything is unlocked, there isn’t all that much to do. The games don’t go on forever like the ones in Wario Ware do, so there’s no high scores. So the addictiveness level drops a bit after that, unfortunately. Still, as long as you have items to unlock, you will be HOOKED beyond all get out.
75 (Mar 09, 2005)
Project Rub constitue une excellente surprise pour le lancement de la Nintendo DS. Ce jeu "concept" fait très fort en matière d'originalité et propose un gameplay idéalement pensé pour la nouvelle portable de Nintendo. Le jeu fait preuve d'une précision étonnante et propose des épreuves réellement intéressantes mais malheureusement trop peu nombreuses pour élever la note. Tous ceux qui adorent déjà Wario Ware ne pourront que succomber aux charmes de Project Rub.
75 (Mar 27, 2005)
Project Rub ist irgendwie merkwürdig. Damit spiele ich nicht mal auf den abgefahrenen Grafikstil an, den ich persönlich großartig finde (u.a. weil er mich an frühe Polygon-Meisterwerke wie »Flashback« erinnert), sondern ich meine das Gamedesign. Deutlich weniger Minigames als Wario Ware, die dafür länger dauern – im Prinzip ja nicht schlecht. Nur warum die Entwickler diese Spielchen derart auswalzen mussten, will mir nicht in den Kopf. Wie viel Spaß kann es wohl machen, wieder und wieder hampelnde Figuren vor einem Ameisenbären zu retten? Oder als menschliche Bowlingkugel über eine immer dichter befahrene Straße zu kullern? Mir jedenfalls auf Dauer nicht viel, hier wäre tatsächlich weniger mehr gewesen. Die nette Story, die nur über Bilder erzählt wird, das Figurendesign, die verrückten Ideen – alles toll. Aber die Abwechslung bleibt über kurz oder lang auf der Strecke.
74 (May 13, 2005)
Obwohl man sich natürlich auf jeden Launch-Titel für eine neue Konsole besonders freut, war ich bei Project Rub anfangs etwas skeptisch. Allerdings wurden die Zweifel durch die Vielseitigkeit der Spielmöglichkeiten und die recht humorvolle Liebesgeschichte schnell ausgetilgt. Wer sich an der einfachen Grafik nicht stört und eine Sammlung schneller Spiele für zwischendurch sucht, darf bedenkenlos zugreifen!
70 (Sep 20, 2009)
Das wichtigste an einem DS-Spiel ist wohl, wie gut genutzt die besonderen Fähigkeiten des Handhelds sind, und in „Project Rub“ werden sie dies wirklich optimal. Sei es das Mikro oder der Touchscreen, alles wird gebraucht und genutzt, denn neben dem schon erhältlichen „Wario Ware“ und „Another Code“ ist es für mich das beste DS-Spiel zum Launch! Inhaltliche Tiefe wie in „Mario DS“ hat es zwar nicht, was es aber auch nicht braucht, da es auch so ein gutes Spiel ist und nur eine kleine Ansammlung umrahmt von einer ( mehr oder weniger ) Liebesgeschichte.
Factornews (Mar 16, 2005)
Des mini-jeux en pagaille qui font découvrir de nouvelles expériences de jeu, on en redemande. Certes, Project Rub est vraiment trop court et son Mode Story n’est qu’une sombre mascarade. Mais l’ambiance qui y règne permet d’ajouter un bel enrobage à un gameplay vraiment sympathique et varié. On ne peut qu’apprécier durant les quelques heures de jeu.
This game starts with a warning stating that 'Do not attempt to recreate any of the situations seen in this game.' Not only is that good advice ;), it should also be a stern warning to those males who want to keep pure minds and hearts. It is a fun game that takes really good use of the special features of the Nintendo DS, but think very carefully before making the decision to get this game or not.
70 (UK) (Dec 13, 2004)
This is so obviously a game. It has been wrongly referred to as a "dating sim". When people say "dating sim" to you (do people ever say "dating sim" to you? They don't to me), it infers that you will be one of the people involved in the dating. You never feel that way playing Feel the Magic. You may be trying to win the heart of a girl, but you're doing it in consistently ridiculous fashion, she never gives you any cause to bother with her besides her (reported) good looks, and who cares anyway because if you have some or any of a bunch of SEGA Game Boy games you can always unlock the ability to change her face and skirt. Besides, she's ours anyway, we've already paid for her once.
GameSpy (Nov 20, 2004)
In the past few years, Sega has released some extremely niche titles that weren't necessarily huge sellers, but nevertheless gained a hardcore cult following. I'm looking at the Shenmues, Gunvalkyries, Otogis, and especially the Rezes of Sega's library here. Feel the Magic, the company's DS launch title, falls right into that category. It's weird and stylish, and even though there's not much to it, don't be surprised if it becomes a quirky classic in the years ahead.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 24, 2006)
Feel the Magic is an amusing and often times funny diversion with a lot of cool ideas, but ultimately falls flat as a game. It’s a pretty bold experiment coming from the increasingly-staid House that Sonic built, but one that leaves us feeling passionless, nonetheless.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 10, 2006)
With so many derivative games out there, it's refreshing to play something as quirky and inventive as Feel The Magic. This game does a beautiful job of demonstrating the system's capabilities, taking full advantage of dual screens and using the touch screen interface in a number of imaginative ways.
50 (Mar 10, 2005)
Project Rub is impossible to hate, but a long way from being great. With its quirky soundtrack and wacky games it really tries to be loved, and credit has to be given for creating a game that actually uses the DS's unique features. However, upon finishing the game I was left feeling... well, nothing. It's a similar feeling to watching daytime TV soaps. It was something to do, but nothing all that memorable. I certainly didn't feel the magic.
1UP (Nov 19, 2004)
This is one of those situations where conventional standards of criticism fail. Feel the Magic doesn't land in any of the usual genres and it doesn't have any of the qualities we usually associate with a game that clearly is or isn't worth the price of admission. It's fun, perhaps, but fun in ways that are so odd that it's hard to say whether any given player will get the joke.