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1UP (Mar 18, 2009)
Overall, I found FFCC:EOT to be a significant improvement in which I was much more easily able to recruit real-life allies to join me in my adventuring -- which is what the game is all about. That it's got a lengthy, if juvenile, game quest under the hood, in which the game's villain is revealed to you in the opening cutscene, is icing on the cake. But it's the seamless transitioning of the single-player to the multiplayer (you can hop in and out from one to the other at any save point) that really seals the deal.
Game Vortex (May, 2009)
So far I have really enjoyed every Crystal Chronicles game that I've played and I'm quite glad to report that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is one of my favorites so far. The story is intriguing and the interesting gameplay and characters keep you coming back for more. I recommend you go pick it up today!
We might be tripping over all the Final Fantasy games on the shelves, but this is about the best... again!
IGN (Mar 24, 2009)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is a great dungeon crawler that is not only a step above Ring of Fates, but also one of the best loot-based hack n slash games outside of PC. With that being said, the easy purchase isn’t found on Nintendo’s console, but on DS, where the intended touch control, two screen presentation, on-the-go local and online gaming, and audio/visual offering is at the top of the system’s library, and not lost in the shuffle.
GameZone (Apr 03, 2009)
In the end, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is yet another game in the series that will make you happy that you own a Nintendo DS. It does have its share of problems but these problems are overshadowed by the more action-packed and enjoyably epic adventure. This game was definitely made with the DS in mind and outshines the Nintendo Wii version if you were wondering what version to buy.
80 (UK) (Mar 27, 2009)
The game itself is fast and accessible, tailored toward the younger gamer, but with enough depth and interest to appeal to experienced gamers too. As with its poorer cousin, Rings of Fate, the puzzles are still relatively simple and the combat oftentimes unchallenging. But this is an action RPG with the fat trimmed off; one that, even beyond its multiplayer core, offers a machinegun volley of interesting things to collect and make and do. Fans of hackandslash dungeon-crawlers who are biased against the Final Fantasy moniker are encouraged to look past their prejudice as behind the super deformed heads a serious and compelling adventure awaits.
Pocket Gamer UK (Mar 31, 2009)
In essence then, this is game with a lot of reasons to be proud. If the multiplayer intrigues you, if you're a fan of the series, if you have any reason at all to be interested, then you'll find Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time charming and mostly fun.
80 (Apr 01, 2009)
Echoes of Time on DS gets gets a point more than Ring of Fates simply because of the excellent online multiplayer, which, for fans of the 2004 GameCube original, marks the realisation of a five-year dream. The Wii version, however, suffers from a point drop simply because it's a lazy port that's got no effort behind it. So, as with so many Final Fantasy games, Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is one for the fans. For everyone else it's yet another curious Final Fantasy spin-off, with clunky controls, a frustrating camera and dumb AI. Next time, Square Enix, we hope you listen harder.
gameZine (UK) (Apr 07, 2009)
The latest instalment in the Crystal Chronicles series promises some solid RPG action for both fans and non-fans of Final Fantasy, with a few wobbly AI moments spoiling the party.
Cheat Code Central (Apr, 2009)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is a great DS game. It follows in the tradition started by its predecessors, and the multiplayer mode in Echoes of Time is definitely what sells it. With plenty of dungeons and quests that you can explore, this is a title that Final Fantasy fans will appreciate spending time with. Although it is also available on the Wii, the DS version feels very familiar for seasoned veterans of the Crystal Chronicles series, and I subscribe to the philosophy “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
RPGFan (Apr 17, 2009)
Echoes of Time is the most robust game in the Crystal Chronicles series and has more longevity than many RPGs on the system. It's too bad the much touted online play isn't up to snuff, because the DS version is superior the Wii version, overall. If you enjoyed Ring of Fates and are willing to give the formula another go then I'll recommend the game to you. If you weren't too keen on Ring of Fates, you can safely skip this with no remorse. If you're new to Crystal Chronicles, I can't think of a better way for you to start than here.
GameFocus (May 04, 2009)
A weak Camera, horrible AI and online issues prevent this from being an incredible experience. In order to truly enjoy Echoes of Time you need to play this over the DS Wireless Communication with at least one other person. For those who are not big on playing with strangers or who do not have a friend with a copy will probably find more enjoyment playing something else. Here’s hoping that if SquareEnix decides to return for another game in the series that they focus more attention on giving action-RPG fans both a solid solo and multiplayer adventure.
75 (Apr 09, 2009)
Echoes of Time spinnt das aus Ring of Fates bekannte Spielprinzip gekonnt weiter. Neben zahlreichen Missionen darf nun endlich auch das Hauptabenteuer gemeinsam angegangen werden und das nicht nur mit anderen DS-Besitzern, sondern auch mit Wii-Spielern! Das Matchmaking ist jedoch sehr dürftig, das Chatten ziemlich umständlich und inhaltliche Fortschritte werden nur dem Host gut geschrieben. Die nicht justierbare Kamera sorgt leider immer wieder für perspektivische Fehleinschätzungen, was besonders bei Sprungpassagen unnötig Nerven kostet. Zudem bleiben Story und Charaktere ziemlich blass, während Solisten inhaltliche Einschränkungen und umständliche Wechselspielchen über sich ergehen lassen müssen. In geselliger Runde wird man aber nach wie vor gut unterhalten. Die Bedienung ist zwar den Umständen entsprechend gelungen, Handheld-Spieler genießen dank Touchscreen-Unterstützung allerdings mehr Komfort.
Game Captain (Apr 01, 2009)
Echoes of Time ist ein spaßiges Abenteuer, vorausgesetzt man erlebt es mit Freunden im Netzwerk oder online. Hier zeigt das Spiel seine Stärken und präsentiert ein ordentliches Wir-Gefühl, dass durch die komplette Geschichte motivieren kann. Alleine geht dem Rollenspiel jedoch schnell die Luft aus. Story und Charaktere wirken eher platt, das Gameplay zu abwechlungsarm und die KI-Mitstreiter machen uns regelmäßig einen Strich durch die Spielspaß-Rechnung. Auch grafisch hat sich leider nicht viel getan, wobei die Präsentation immer noch OK ist aber eben nichts neues bietet. Insgesamt bietet Echoes of Time zu wenig Substanz um als ernstzunehmendes Solo-Rollenspiel durchzugehen und zielt klar auf Mehrspielerpartien ab, wo es durchaus empfehlenswert ist. Wer nur alleine spielen möchte, findet weit bessere Alternativen auf dem Handheld.
75 (Mar 27, 2009)
Avec la branche des Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Square Enix avait dès le départ la volonté d'offrir au public une expérience multijoueur et multi plates-formes. L'idée se concrétise enfin avec Echoes of Time, les possesseurs des versions Wii et DS pouvant participer à la même aventure en simultané. Dommage qu'il y ait finalement si peu de changements par rapport à Ring of Fates. Néanmoins, cette version DS reste très convaincante et parviendra sans soucis à vous séduire.
Gamervision (Apr 13, 2009)
Though scaled back from the depth of a typical Final Fantasy adventure, there’s still a fair amount of value in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, but you need to really want it. Since the online is effectively a bust, it’s best to find players locally and arrange get-togethers, asking one player to pick up the Wii version and the rest to invest in handheld copies. In this ideal circumstance the game shines, and most of the flaws fade to the background behind fairly polished cooperative play. This, in fact, shows exactly how much needs to be sacrificed to get the game to work well, and it seems like Echoes of Time would have fared better as either a DS or Wii exclusive. Most of the problems can easily be attributed to the fact that it was made for both systems instead of one, and the trick of being able to play cross platform doesn't forgive the game's problems.
GameTrailers (Mar, 2009)
Like prior entries in the series, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is a great experience if you team up with friends, but solo adventurers will have to contend with multi-part puzzles on their own and incompetent AI partners. If you’re thinking about buying the Wii version, drop the final score a few tenths for the awful visuals, but if you’re looking for a passable cooperative game on either system, it’s not a bad choice.
Im Grunde genommen ist Echoes of Time, trotz schwacher KI und eher langweiligen Rätseln, ein ganz unterhaltsames Rollenspiel. Vor allem gemeinsam mit Freunden in einem Raum zu spielen, macht besonders viel Spass. Online ist es hingegen sehr schwer, geeignete Gefährten zu finden. Ausserdem ist die fehlende Voice-Chat-Funktion ein echtes Hindernis. Nichtsdestotrotz muss man sagen, dass das Spiel im Multiplayer-Bereich im Vergleich mit den Vorgängern einen grossen Schritt nach vorne gemacht hat. Schade nur, dass die Spieldauer mit 15 bis 20 Stunden verhältnismässig kurz ausgefallen ist. Nichts auszusetzen gibt es hingegen an der Soundkulisse sowie der Grafik, welche sich beide auf gewohnt hohem Niveau bewegen. Das gilt zumindest für die DS-Version des Spiels. Denn die Präsentation der Wii-Fassung ist ein schlechter Witz. Keine Ahnung, was sich die Entwickler dabei gedacht haben. Wer die Möglichkeit hat, sollte daher unbedingt zur günstigeren DS-Version greifen.
RPGamer (Apr, 2009)
Overall, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Times is an enjoyable game with a few noticeable faults. The gameplay is engaging even if hindered by the various control issues. The story is well-told and well-presented even if the plot is weak and haphazardly thrown together. The loot gathering makes the game very addictive, as it's easy to spend a big chunk of time looking for that one item needed to craft a new piece of armor. While the ally AI is still as horrendous as it was in Ring of Fates, the Wi-Fi multiplayer more than makes up for it. While it would be easy to say that Echoes of Time is just a copy-and-paste job with the story cut back and more loot tossed in, it's more accurate to say that this is just a less charming version of Ring of Fates with some great new options, but still with some rough edges. With the strong multiplayer focus and the implementation to support it, at least it's a step in the right direction.
GameSpot (Apr 08, 2009)
The boring puzzles that constantly interrupt the game's momentum are a shame, and a greater variety of dungeons would have made the experience richer, but these aren't enough to defeat the game's better elements altogether. The initial quest may take you about 15 hours on your first go, but you can keep developing your characters and advancing into higher difficulty levels after that. Despite Echoes of Time's flaws, fans of dungeon-crawling, hack-and-slash action may be compelled to keep coming back to this adventure for a long time.
UOL Jogos (Apr 20, 2009)
Enquanto jogo para um videogame portátil "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time" é uma experiência divertida e gratificante, oferecendo um dos melhores jogos de exploração de labirintos, ainda que acometido por quebra-cabeças chatos. No Wii a experiência carece de profundidade e mesmo um trabalho melhor de adaptação para a plataforma. Em relação ao aspecto multiplayer, a idéia é boa, mas os problemas e limitações dos modos de partida tiram muito da graça.
AceGamez (Apr, 2009)
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Echoes of Time isn't a bad game but it smacks of Square-Enix resting on their laurels. The graphics and core gameplay are all but identical to Ring of Fates, with all the innovation in the title concentrated on the technical aspects of connectivity and cross-platform battling. Everything here has been done before - and done better; this is less of a dungeon crawl than a dungeon trawl. Slogging through level after level of the same basic gameplay is beyond dull on your own; if you're looking for a single player adventure then I'd suggest you look elsewhere - Children of Mana will probably suit you a lot better. As a multiplayer experience however, Echoes of Time is worth a look, although you'll probably feel disappointed with the whole thing within a few sessions.