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Final Fantasy III Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Fast airship which is also a submarine
"The Invincible" - a big and powerful air vessel
Monsters attacking my airship. They have 0 chances.
Title screen
Intro, running chocobos
I win a battle with 2 of my characters turned to stone.
White mage casting
Intro - on adventure
Intro - chocobo raiders
Summon: chocobo
Further into intro
Summon: Beautiful and deadly Shiva
Summon: Ramuh
Another intro screen
Intro - the whole team
Summon: Ifrit
Summon: Titan
The beginning
Summon: Odin
Enter your name.
First battle
Summon: Leviathan
Goblin is going to die.
Summon: Bahamut
Mysterious mirror
A dark crystal
Moving the boulder.
Crystal tower surrounded by the maze of the ancients
One of endgame party choices, left to right: knight, devout, summoner, ninja
Teleportation in FF3
Fighting enemies.
Meet Zande
More enemies
Meet Dark Cloud
JRK gains a level.
Using a potion.
A wellspring
I sense danger.
First boss battle