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It’s Final Fantasy IV. With remastered music. In 3D! ‘Nuff said. Rik Hideto (396492) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.8

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GamePro (US) (Jul 21, 2008)
Ultimately, Final Fantasy IV remains the same epic experience it was seventeen years ago, and the DS's improvements are a welcome treat for fans of the series and newcomers to the franchise alike. With an engrossing story, ambitious characters, and challenging yet rewarding gameplay, I can't help but recommend Final Fantasy IV as a worthwhile purchase, especially if you missed it the first time around. Even if you aren't a huge Final Fantasy fan, this is still one fantastic role-playing title worth checking out.
Game Shark (Jul 29, 2008)
What is most admirable about the remake of Square’s classic RPG game is not the fancy new 3D graphics. The look may be more modern and some of the features and combat tweaked, but ultimately the underlying game itself remains just as it was complete with both its epic plot and spoony bards. The game may not make use of all of the strengths of the Nintendo DS but it makes full use of the ones that really matter, bolstering an already impressive game for a new generation of as well as those who look forward to replaying through a classic staple of the role playing genre.
AceGamez (Sep, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV is just as good as it was seventeen years ago. It still has one of the most memorable RPG stories, excelling with both its aesthetics and value for money. But despite all of this, the thing that makes this the best RPG on DS - and arguably the best game - is the gameplay. The ATB battle system and dungeon structure still stand out today as genius, which is what makes FF IV an essential purchase. For those who have enjoyed FF IV since its first release way back in 1991, this is the best way to play one of the greatest games of the SNES era, while anyone who is yet to experience its delights is equally in need of this game. As an RPG, Final Fantasy IV is still right up there with the greats. All we need now is the inevitable 3D remakes of FF V and VI to go with next year's Chrono Trigger remake, and the DS can become the RPG Holy Grail that the SNES once was.
Final Fantasy IV is a classic among RPGs. The remake of this game is by far the best Final Fantasy IV experience. This game has so many great things about it, from the hours of gameplay to full motion video. There are a few problems I have with this game, mainly certain new additions, but overall this is a great RPG that should not be missed.
NintendoWorldReport (Aug 12, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV is one of those classic games that nearly everyone should play at some point. It was an unparalleled experience in the early 90s and holds up remarkably well today. I might not recommend this version to owners of the Game Boy Advance remake simply because they were released so close together and, other than the presentation, are largely the same game. However, if you have never played Final Fantasy IV or haven't touched it since it was called Final Fantasy II for Super Nintendo, this is the definitive version and is absolutely worth experiencing all over again. After a string of shameless ports and meager remakes, Square Enix has finally done it the right way. I might even call them bold for taking one of my favorite games of all time and making it significantly better, including some fairly major gameplay additions. This is quite simply the best version of one of the best games of the 16-bit era or any other.
Destructoid (Jul 26, 2008)
In summation, Final Fantasy IV is the perfect game for bringing old and new FF fans together. If you haven't played a FF game since the SNES days, you'll still find a lot to love here. But if you didn't start playing FF until the PS1 or PS2 days, Final Fantasy IV will still be relevant to your interests. It's truly the best of the old and the new, wrapped up together in one sweet little package.
GameTrailers (Jul, 2008)
When it was originally released, Final Fantasy IV was a landmark entry in the series that set a high bar for other 16-bit RPGs to follow. Reborn, the DS version remains surprisingly faithful while bringing the game into the modern era. The few additional mechanics are somewhat disposable, but the core gameplay remains engaging so many years later.
GameFocus (Aug 18, 2008)
A worthy title to own for RPG fans who like a challenge and if you played the original it is still worth owning as you will love to play it and see the cosmetic changes made to the game.
GamingTrend (Aug, 2008)
So, if you have played Final Fantasy IV, or if you have never tried it but are familiar with other examples of the genre, you will definitely enjoy Final Fantasy IV for the DS. Sure, it's a remake, but it's a remake of a classic with just enough new stuff to justify it.
Legendra (Oct 26, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV fut un grand jeu à l’époque, puis il passa sur différents supports, en subissant, ou non, des petites modifications à chaque fois... Cette version DS représente l’apogée de ce Final Fantasy, avec de beaux graphismes, des musiques oniriques et un système de combats, bon à la base, amélioré. Après des controverses sur l’utilité de ce remake, on peut enfin affirmer que celui-ci s’impose, et donne une fraîcheur au jeu, qui permet de le redécouvrir sous un autre angle. Je le conseille donc à tous ceux qui aiment les bons jeux !
90 (Sep 04, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV sur Nintendo DS est certainement l'adaptation la plus abouti à ce jour avec une histoire toujours aussi riche et captivante ainsi qu'un nombre agréable de nouveautés qui en font un titre indispensable pour tous les fans de la série. Ceux désirant la découvrir devront franchir le cap de la frustration provoquée par la réelle difficulté du titre. Avec une réalisation quasi sans failles et une durée de vie immense, il s'agit bien de la plus belle transposition à ce jour.
Thunderbolt Games (Jan 30, 2009)
Ultimately, Final Fantasy IV successfully proves that remakes can be an honest business. Sure, we’ve played this game before, but never like this - this feels closer to a director’s cut than a port. The cut scenes feel brand new, the graphics are brand new, and the gameplay holds up after all of these years. By applying a caring amount of polish to a classic game, Square has raised the bar they set for themselves when III was unleashed on the DS. It’s a must buy for fans of the series; and for DS owners looking for a challenge, it’s a great game to start with. It both pushes the handheld’s limits and preserves old-school gameplay well beyond Final Fantasy IV’s original release.
UOL Jogos (Aug 05, 2008)
"Final Fantasy IV" retorna de maneira espetacular no DS, em um remake que consegue resgatar sua importância, ofuscada pelos capítulos seguintes, ainda mais complexos e envolventes. Ainda que a história não tenha sido fechada, apresentada com um roteiro completo, agora a experiência é muito mais satisfatória diante do balanceamento, extras e da nova roupagem. Não é um jogo para todos, principalmente os novatos, devido à alta dificuldade e aspectos antiquados, como o sistema de salvamento pouco amigável, mas os veteranos do gênero e fãs da série se sentirão em casa.
I’m not the only one who can wax nostalgic about how much they adored this game in their youth, which is one of the biggest reasons I feel so confident in recommending it both to those who share my enthusiasm and those who wonder what the big deal is. Seeing Cecil and company fleshed out with new visuals, spoken cutscenes, and rewritten dialogue adds tremendously to a game that is already one of the foundations of the genre. Even when the battles feel dated, the story and its memorable cast of characters sweep you along past the rough spots and into another adventure. It’s an unabashedly grand, melodramatic affair, and I found myself as excited to follow along this time as when I first discovered it.
3D Juegos (Sep 02, 2008)
La luz vuelve a derrotar a la oscuridad en una fantasía final que mejora ampliamente a la original. FFIV vuelve al presente completamente en 3D pero con la misma historia, la cual gana en dramatismo gracias a nuevas escenas de introducción, un apartado musical perfeccionado y la jugabilidad de siempre. Completamente imprescindible para los fans de la saga y, actualmente, el RPG puro más recomendable en Nintendo DS para aquellos que gusten de las largas y emocionantes aventuras.
GameSpot (Jul 11, 2008)
Although it has been rereleased several times throughout the years, this full remake of one of the most celebrated stories in video game history is in many ways more poignant and impressive than it was all those years ago, despite minor irks with the voice acting. With a cast of memorable characters and villains, a more accurate and authentic translation, a new skill-customization system, and a few important new story elements that help to better explain key plot points, this is the definitive version of Final Fantasy IV that everyone should experience.
Gamer 2.0 (Jul 25, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV is a game that has aged remarkably well over the years, and this update has undoubtedly given the game new life. Despite the fact that this game was already re-released a few years ago, the fact remains that Final Fantasy IV is one of the games in the series most deserving of a remake, and Matrix has done a bang-up job in offering an improved presentation to a game that is already loved by many. This DS remake may seem a bit overly challenging at first to both newbies and veterans, but those who stay along for the ride will easily enjoy what’s arguably the best RPG in the DS’ astonishing library.
GameSpy (Jul 25, 2008)
Give that this is a remake, one would have expected the development team to go even further and fix a couple of technical issues. The problems that affect Final Fantasy IV are those of an old RPG: the maximum number of HP and MP for each character is not shown in battle, making it harder to decide when to use an item or a healing spell; similarly, the characters' command queue is not displayed, so that there is no way to determine who will attack next and to consequently plan a strategy. Even Augments are not described properly, making the decision to assign them to one or another character a leap of faith. All these problems could have been solved with a little extra work; however, it would be unfair to consider them major flaws. Given how much work has been put into an already-excellent game to give it a modern feeling and a beautiful look, it's hard to sweat the little things.
90 (Jul 29, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV is another DS masterpiece. The graphics, music, voiceovers, and CG are all wonderful additions and shows that the DS still has some power left under the hood. This is easily the best DS RPG available on the market and will be until Chrono Trigger hits this Fall. If you just recently played the GBA port, you don't have to rush out and pick this version up. If you are a die-hard fan of the series and want take the journey for another ride, then this is the best version available.
GameZone (Aug 04, 2008)
Without a doubt one of the best portable remakes of a console classic, Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS is a remarkable and downright satisfying game that does justice to the original and RPGs. Yes there are a few problems that pop up but they pale compared to the awesome nature of the material and updated gameplay that makes this a real Must Have.
Gamernode (Aug 06, 2008)
Overall, FFIV DS is a winner. Not only is it the defining iteration of FFIV, it's one of the greatest remakes ever produced and deserves a permanent spot in every DS owner's collection.
Game Vortex (Aug, 2008)
If you're an RPG fan, you need to play Final Fantasy IV. Even without the DS's added pieces of flair, it's a great game that has managed to hold up incredibly well over the years.
Pocket Gamer UK (Sep 17, 2008)
Not perfect for first-timers but Final Fantasy IV is nevertheless one of the finest and prettiest roleplaying games on the platform, and a must-buy
But seriously, don't miss this game. Its an important piece of gaming history, it's better than nearly every other DS RPG (Pokemon and Rocket Slime excluded) and its truly the only version of IV that's worth owning at this point. After so many Square updates and remakes, it's getting harder to justify purchasing old games' latest versions. Final Fantasy IV is one of the few that are actually worth it, and playing a game for the third, fourth or fifth time is certainly better than buying a pack of Marlboro Reds. And by the way, what in God's name is a "spoony bard?" Anyone? Bueller?
Power Unlimited (Sep 12, 2008)
Stammend uit 1991 of niet, dit spel slaat anno 2008 allerminst een gedateerd of achterhaald figuur. Het is een eerbiedige en geslaagde modernisering van een meesterwerkje dat de tand des tijds verrassend goed heeft doorstaan.
The definitive version of FFIV….but just barely. Beautiful and containing a hardcore challenge, but other than the cosmetic changes there’s not much new here. If you’ve never played Final Fantasy IV before, now is the time.
games xtreme (Oct 27, 2008)
This game is a traditional RPG and very little has been changed in that respect, saving the game is restricted to the world map and save points. This wouldn’t be such an issue if the dungeons didn’t take up to an hour at times to complete, which, if you're looking for a pick up and play game to take to work then this is most certainly not for you, but if you’re looking for a game to engross in while away on business or on holiday then I can’t recommend this game enough, it has an intriguing plot, solid controls and a music score. The game has been given a rather hefty facelift and it’s shown in the presentation of both the visual and audio departments, the graphics may not be the best the system can produce but do the job very well.
IGN (Jul 09, 2008)
For fans, FFIV is an impressive resurrection to an awesome, pioneering RPG. For newcomers, you’re about to get a lesson in “hardcore gaming 101,” but if you put in the time, and put up with the difficulty, you’ll have a chance to really “get” what Final Fantasy is all about.
86 (Sep 12, 2008)
Final Fantasy 4 ist ein wunderschönes Spiel: Die Kulisse gehört zum Besten, was auf dem DS möglich ist, der Uematsu-Soundtrack ist in Noten gepresstes Gold. Aber man darf sich vom Äußeren nicht blenden lassen: Unter all den Kulleraugen und tapsig animierten Figuren versteckt sich ein beinhartes Rollenspiel ganz japanischer Schule, das jeden Fehler in der Kampfstrategie gnadenlos bestraft. Am 17 Jahre alten Spieldesign wurde nur mit einer Daunenfeder herumgefeilt, die Zufallskämpfe nerven wie eh und je, moderne Komfort-Features wie intelligente Speicherpunkte gibt es hier nicht - Game Over heißt Game Over. Dafür gibt es eine bemerkenswerte Tiefe sowie eine toll präsentierte, für ein so »altes« Spiel bemerkenswert erwachsene Story, eine einfache Bedienung sowie packende Gefechte. Final Fantasy 4 wurde im Laufe der letzten 17 Jahre schon des Öfteren wiederveröffentlicht und umgearbeitet - aber das ist die bislang beste Version dieses RPG-Klassikers!
Cheat Code Central (Jul, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV is a real gem of an RPG. The new DS version is definitely the best way to enjoy the title and should provide fans with hours of fun. However, if you are not intrigued by the world and basic mechanics of Final Fantasy, you still will not enjoy this title. For everyone else, even at $40, this is a must-buy RPG for the DS!
Retro Gamer (Nov 06, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV doesn't do anything new, but what it does do it does exceptionally well. God knows if FFV will be receiving the same makeover, but we'll definitely be buying it if it does.
Oldies Rising (Nov 22, 2012)
Malgré quelques ajouts inutiles au possible, ce remake DS de FFIV parvient donc à tirer son épingle du jeu avec des features inédites justifiant largement l'acquisition de la cartouche. Le simple plaisir de redécouvrir ce titre culte sous la troisième dimension le rend incontournable pour tout fan de RPG japonais qui se respecte et en fait l'un des tout meilleurs remakes produits par Square-Enix, à mille lieues devant les RPG produits actuellement par cette ancienne gloire de la scène vidéoludique nippone. Tout ce qui faisait le charme des FF d'antan, et qui a désormais disparu des nouveaux épisodes de la saga, est présent dans ce quatrième épisode : des personnages charismatiques, une grande liberté offerte au joueur, un challenge à la hauteur des plus exigeants, et surtout cette capacité à nous faire rêver en nous plongeant dans une aventure profonde et onirique servie par une ambiance à couper le souffle.
GameLemon (Sep 28, 2008)
Those who have never experienced it need to play at least once to see why this one stands the test of time, and fans from back in the day will surely relish the excuse to go back and play it once again. She may not be as striking as she was in her younger years, but this old gal still knows a few tricks to keep you coming back for more. Now then, I have to go, a bag of poo just arrived at my door with the words Final Fantasy XIII written on it, so I need to go rub that all over my face.
Final Fantasy IV behält den Charme der Serie bei und ist noch besser als die Ursprungsversion. Dank verbesserter Grafik, guter Steuerung, tiefgründiger Story und besonderen Features, ist es das beste Remake der Final-Fantasy-Serie! Es macht unheimlich Spass, die Charaktere hochzubringen, Bossgegner herauszufordern und in der Geschichte voranzuschreiten. Obwohl es mein erstes Final Fantasy auf dem Nintendo DS ist, kann ich mich nicht davon trennen. Lediglich der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist etwas zu knackig geraten und irgendwann kehrt nach 30-stündigem Hochzüchten ein wenig Monotonie ein. Das war?s aber auch! Ich rate jedem Rollenspieler einen Blick auf den Titel zu werfen. Ihr werdet bestimmt nicht enttäuscht.
85 (Sep 04, 2008)
Moins surprenant que le troisième volet de la série mais certainement plus ambitieux, ce remake de Final Fantasy IV sur DS porte un regard neuf sur un titre que l'on croyait pourtant connaître sur le bout des doigts. C'est une véritable redécouverte que Square Enix nous donne à contempler avec cette version fourmillant de nouveautés. Prions pour que la firme japonaise ne s'arrête pas en si bon chemin.
Worth Playing (Jul 28, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV was one of the best games on the SNES, and not much has changed on the DS. The updated graphics and visual flair may make it more appealing to new gamers, but it retains enough of the old game to warm SNES gamers' nostalgic hearts. The new Augment-focused combat system takes a bit of getting used to, and I'm a bit saddened that it takes away from the uniqueness of each character. It made up for that by Augments being limited, which means you're given a lot more customization options with your characters while ensuring that each one retains hiso r her own niche. Final Fantasy IV is a great title, and certainly one worth owning, even if you've already played through the game before on the SNES, Playstation or GBA. If you're willing to deal with a Final Fantasy that actually challenges you to use all of your resources, you'll find Final Fantasy IV to be quite a fun game indeed.
NZGamer (Sep 08, 2008)
The game is a success thanks to what has remained unchanged. Though we're now 3D and have some wonderful cinematics, this is still the Final Fantasy IV you fell for in 1991. And for those who have yet to fall for the classic, this is a good place to start.
Jolt (UK) (Sep 18, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV is an ambitious character-driven story RPG encased in what is now a well-established universe. It has its fair share of odd design decisions, many of which can be attributed to this essentially being a very old game – many, but not all, like the typical lack of option for adjusting background music. Still, it is what it is, and that’s a well crafted remake of a well-loved game. Nostalgics, completists and other Final Fantasy fans can buy with confidence, but newcomers are better off looking elsewhere to begin with.
Perhaps it's unfair try and label Final Fantasy IV on the DS as a "definitive" version of the classic. The ever-changing landscape of video games ensures that today's enhanced remake will one day become tomorrow's dated relic. It's better off to judge the FF IV remake for what it is: a generally excellent retro RPG update which is hindered by some questionable design decisions and nothing more. The story holds up as well as it always has, the added visual punch offers a fresh look at the game's familiar characters and settings, and the rule changes for the most part enhance the overall experience. Whether you're a longtime Square fan or you just enjoy a good RPG, Final Fantasy IV is a Nintendo DS title that's well worth owning.
There are always going to be parts of a remake that don’t totally live up to the original, but it’s rare that one stays so faithful to the source material as Final Fantasy IV DS. The story of Cecil and his companions set the standard for console role-playing games. That fact will never change, and this version gets things right where they count the most.
80 (Sep 05, 2008)
Und so schön das auch alles ist: Hätte es geschmerzt, ein wenig mehr Bequemlichkeit zu bieten? Der Boss wäre immer noch eine Herausforderung, wenn Ihr direkt den Kampf wiederholen könntet. Ein automatischer Speicherpunkt beim Verlassen und Betreten von Städten und Dungeons sollte doch nicht im Bereich des Unmachbaren sein. Der eingeschlagene Weg der Reanimation des goldenen Final Fantasy-Zeitalters ist der richtige. Nur ein paar Konzessionen an die Entwicklung der letzten 20 Jahre des Spieldesigns sollte es schon geben. Sie würden der immer noch hervorragenden Erfahrung an sich keinen Abbruch tun.
RPG Site (Sep 03, 2008)
As I mentioned earlier, FF4 DS is a master class in how to remake an older game. It’s faithful to the original game designs, beautifully modelled, lovingly translated, and offers enough new content to attract somebody who has played or even completed the original version. It has some issues, and it’s not perfect, but this is a damn fine game. Final Fantasy IV is in a way the quintessential Final Fantasy game. If I wanted to introduce somebody to the series, so long as they could cope with the difficulty, I think I’d show them this one first. After this, I think they’d play all the others. Final Fantasy IV is just that damn good.
80 (Aug 04, 2008)
This game wasn’t just given a makeover for the fans; it’s a re-release for the next generation to experience the old school games in a visual quality that they have come to expect. It’s nice to see something old become something new, although some of the concepts haven’t aged in the best way it still adds up to be good old fashion fun. Final Fantasy is something I would suggest any fan of the series to buy and anyone new to the concept of a turn-based RPG to try on.
80 (Dec 07, 2008)
Die Beurteilung von Final Fantasy 4 fällt mir nicht besonders leicht. Rein von der Technik, der Geschichte und vom Gameplay her hätte das Spiel die volle Punktzahl verdient. Leider fehlen einige Extras aus der GBA-Version während die neu hinzugefügten Minispiele einfach nur schlecht sind. Insgesamt ist es aber eine gute Neuauflage, die leider nicht an das rundum gelungene GBA-Remake herankommt.
80 (Sep 04, 2008)
Square-Enix persiste et signe dans le remake de qualité sur DS. Après un FF III techniquement éblouissant, FF IV DS se dote d’atours tout aussi séduisants, tout en apportant la force de l’épisode original : des personnages attachants et un système de combat dynamique. Un trip old school, presque régressif, mais qui procure un plaisir aussi simple que rare.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jul, 2008)
Still, it's the things that Square Enix didn't touch that make Final Fantasy IV worth playing. The game's plot, now over a decade old, weathers well. Rife with in-jokes, running gags and surprisingly effective pathos Final Fantasy IV is one of Square Enix's brightest moments. The game may be light on customization, but it's the first in the long-running Final Fantasy series to have heart.
Hooked Gamers (Aug 02, 2008)
Despite a couple of flaws, Final Fantasy IV DS is an absolutely great title for hardcore RPG fans. The epic, inspired story is better than ever with the new presentation, and together with the gameplay tweaks, the DS edition quickly becomes the definitive version of the game. If you are in the market for an old-school RPG, Final Fantasy IV DS is a must-have – even for those who have played it before.
Modojo (Aug 11, 2008)
Regardless of your experience with the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS should not be missed. The basics that solidified the original in gaming history are all still intact, and there are several new treats for everyone to enjoy. Bottom line; get your over-worked, underpaid thumbs on this game.
Nintendojo (Aug, 2008)
FFIV has always been a solid game and will always remain that way, but some games don’t hold up as well as others over the years and, for most of us, nostalgia can only take you so far. If you loved the original, are an RPG addict, or have yet to try one of the remakes or the original, I highly recommend you give FFIV a shot; as dated as it might feel it still remains a piece of gaming history and remains a solid game. However, if you are a modern gamer through and through, you are probably not going to like FFIV, especially if you think “Bioware” whenever you hear somebody utter the letters “R”, “P”, and “G”. Ultimately, you can kind of look at FFIV like a modern Corvette body on an old Corvette frame; it looks new but doesn’t offer the same kind of experience. However, if you like that old school feel and love the modern aesthetic, then you will be in heaven.
80 (UK) (Sep 03, 2008)
It's not the best Final fantasy game in the series - even with the new additions to what was already a strong classic JRPG, the inescapable confines of the structure make this literally a lesser game than many of the subsequent releases - but it's a respectful and assured update and that freshens an aged experience for a modern audience. Of course, for those who have made up their minds with regard to the Final Fantasy brand there will be nothing here to convince them that the game is anything other than universally brilliant or universally terrible. But for those who deal in more than mere absolutes, this is a project of mixed excellence that bodes well for the inevitable updates of Final Fantasy V and beyond.
Game Positive (Aug 11, 2008)
In the end, Final Fantasy IV DS is the best version of the game available. The developers have done an admirable job in their efforts, giving new legs to a seventeen year old game. That being said, Final Fantasy IV isn't perfect. Even with this version's improvements, it still suffers from old age, which is something that no level of polish could likely ever erase.
75 (Sep 24, 2008)
So, on one hand you've got a splendidly jazzed up version of one of the most defining Japanese RPG's ever created, and it's a good forty hours to boot. On the other you've still just got Final Fantasy IV. It's a tricky game to recommend because later games in the series manage to do what it does but more competently, yet it's also a game everybody should have a play with because it's filled with a certain allure that I can't quite put my finger on. Ultimately, though, part of the problem with developers revisiting their old, reliable stalwarts and jazzing them up with graphics that fit the twenty-first century, is that developers of the future will be in for a hard time. What will they rip-off in fifteen years instead of doing some actual work? Because this is the absolute last time I'm playing through Final Fantasy IV, anyway.
1UP (Jul 11, 2008)
So what's to be done with this version? It's not a bad little game -- it is, after all, an upgraded version of a 16-bit masterpiece -- but it's needlessly redundant for anyone who picked up FFIV Advance. Of course, die-hard Final Fantasy fans will want to test their mettle against the crazy-hard new difficulty level while checking out the new voices for old favorites: Cecil is appropriately wussy, Kain sounds as tough as you'd expect, and Golbez now sounds like Darth Vader instead of just looking like him. But everyone else might want to wait it out a few years for that inevitable, definitive next-gen remake. When it comes to Square Enix, what goes around comes around. And around. And around.
Game Revolution (Aug 12, 2008)
Revamping classics seems to be at least half of Square Enix’s main method of attack, and it’s working. While FFIV has a geriatric story and presentation - the 3D graphics and enhanced soundtrack are impressive for the DS but they still look old - its challenging battles and nerve-wracking bosses make up for it. Fans of the earlier Final Fantasy titles replay them for the intense gameplay that’s missing from many of today’s RPGs, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then this remake won’t disappoint. Compared to Final Fantasy IV Advance, it teaches virtually the same lesson, but it’s a lesson worth retaking nonetheless.
Gaming Age (Aug 14, 2008)
For the most part I enjoyed this port of Final Fantasy IV, and it's definitely the best of the bunch. However, the game shows it's age, even with the graphical overhaul, compared to some of the newer RPG titles on the market. The changes are enough to warrant another play through, even if you've put more time into the game than anyone else probably should, but it doesn't change enough to make it into an entirely different experience. The lack of actual innovation is what keeps it from being a stellar title, but it's a game that most RPG's enthusiasts will want to add to their DS library.
73 (Oct, 2008)
I almost cried at the ending. That one small change completely made shifting through this game worth it. The rest of the ending was not changed, a wise choice on their part.
Computer Bild Spiele (Sep 03, 2008)
Das klassische Abenteuer um Macht und Betrug fesselt von der ersten Sekunde an mit starken Hauptfiguren und spannend inszenierten Kämpfen. Die fantasievoll gestalteten Monster und Kulissen sowie die orchestrale Musikbegleitung erschaffen eine märchenhafte Atmospähre. Insgesamt wird ein taktisch sehr anspruchsvolles und spielerisch durchaus abwechslungsreiche Rollenspiel geboten, das viele Stunden "gut" zu unterhalten weiß.
RPGamer (Aug 09, 2009)
Final Fantasy IV DS is not perfect by any means. It dispenses with the additional options of Final Fantasy IV Advance for party customization, and in refusing to tinker with the plot, Matrix displays just how ludicrous many parts of it are. Veterans will find that every dungeon map is unchanged, and newcomers will find that this game packs a fearsome punch despite its new 3D look. And yet it succeeds in enticing veterans with the many things that are new, and might just entice newcomers with its good looks and interesting mechanics. This game is probably the final word on Final Fantasy IV, and despite the flaws, is worth experiencing.
gameZine (UK) (Sep 29, 2008)
Final Fantasy IV seems to be a game more aimed at the fans than anyone else. Even then, it could be argued that it was only aimed at the really hardcore fans who enjoy playing Final Fantasy IV again and again. Indeed, this game does encourage more than one play through, due to new enemies and augments appearing when you start the game a second time. That’s not to say Final Fantasy IV isn’t a fun game to play. It has enjoyable moments and the voice acting and 3D graphics really do add to the personality of this game. Unfortunately, it’s not going to appeal to everyone, especially those looking for something more exciting and/or just plain sick of Final Fantasy remakes.
Avid Gamer (Oct 02, 2008)
If you’re willing to invest your time in Final Fantasy, you’re looking at 30 odd hours. There’s a replayability mode under the guise of ‘Game-Plus,’ but only the addicted need apply. Nostalgia will warrant the purchase, but there are still enough modern day bells and whistles to bring in new players. Even so, it’s a short review as it’s hardly a new game.
JeuxActu (Sep 05, 2008)
L’interrogation teintée de scepticisme qui nous habitait trouve enfin une réponse ici. Pour le fan ou le roublard, Final Fantasy IV DS est certainement le remake de trop, le remake inutile, le remake dont il peut largement se passer. Avec une mise en scène et une réalisation à la limite de l'irrespect, cette énième incursion de Cecil sur nos consoles a l’aspect, l’odeur et le goût de l’opportunisme. Ce qui ne l’empêche pas d’avoir des relents de mythe, d’autant plus palpables s’il s’agit d’une découverte. Mais avouons que pour ce premier volet tragique et classique, on aurait franchement préféré une refonte à la hauteur de la légende. En l’état, il ne s’agit ici que d’un grossier skin tridimensionnel qui n’apporte rien à l’œuvre originelle. Vous voilà prévenus.
Gamervision (Aug, 2008)
Fans of the original game owe it to themselves to pick up this extremely challenging remake, if only to test their skills. For classic RPG fans, the engaging narrative and unforgettable cast of characters will be enough to counter the slow combat, ugly visuals and punishing difficulty, but those more familiar with modern RPGs will most likely find the game too dated and clunky to bother with. It’s a nice trip down memory lane, but also one that reminds us that memory lane isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Gamekult (Sep 05, 2008)
Difficile de s'enthousiasmer un maximum devant ce quatrième remake de l'un des volets préférés des fans. Pourtant, malgré des combats mous et des ajouts assez peu intéressants, Final Fantasy IV reste accrocheur et passionnant grâce à ses personnages attachants et son scénario rempli de rebondissements. Le design en 3D réussi des personnages principaux, ainsi que la nouvelle mise en scène d'évènements devenus des classiques dans le monde du RPG raviront les courageux qui auront eu le cran de faire de pénibles séances de leveling, le jeu étant peu dynamique, mais vraiment difficile ! Ni à éviter ni à se damner, Final Fantasy IV pour la DS est inoubliable, mais pas indispensable.