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User Reviews

Great spin-off but has a few significant flaws Bregalad (969) 2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars
Satisfying long term game Xackery (34) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.5
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Get ready for endless gameplay and a fantastic Final Fantasy story. If you own a Nintendo DS then you have to buy this game right now. I really do think my perfect rating is well deserved.
Overall, I don't think I could have been more pleased with Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It is a solid title that will please both fans of the Ivalice Alliance as well as those who enjoyed the original Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is a great crossover title and has appeal both as an Ivalice adventure and as a full-throttle tactics title. While it may not have the pungent story Ivalice fans have come to expect or the extreme tactics Final Fantasy Tactics fans might have wanted, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift stands on its own as a great blend of these two sub-series and is one of the most lengthy and rewarding tactical RPGs to date. It is definitely a must-buy for fans of Final Fantasy or tactical gameplay, and even regular RPG fans will find some real enjoyment out of this one.
A few niggles, like the slow pace of combat and sometimes-annoying menus, don't stop this from being the best tactical RPG I've played since Disgaea.
GamesCollection (Nov 25, 2009)
Nota: ho messo un 9 alla grafica, quindi mezzo punto in meno rispetto all'episodio per GBA, perchĂš mi sembra che nonostante la maggiore potenza hardware del Nintendo DS, i miglioramenti siano stati pochini. Per quanto riguarda strettamente Final Fantasy Tactics A2, che comunque per me rimane costantemente nell'ombra del predecessore scostandosi di poco (con qualche miglioramente e limatura qua e lĂ , tipo la benvenuta scremata degli incontri casuali che a volte rendevano ingiocabile il primo episodio), abbiamo in sostanza un eccellente gioco di ruolo/strategico per Nintendo DS, un gioco tecnicamente ottimo e stilisticamente piacevole, dotato di un gameplay in grado di generare un alto grado di dipendenza nell'utente appassionato e che senza dubbio resterĂ  a lungo nei DS di chi saprĂ  apprezzarlo. Sconsigliato ovviamente a chi non apprezza i giochi "alla Final Fantasy", ma qui, come sempre, abbiamo poco a che fare con la qualitĂ  tecnica dei giochi.
Gamestyle (Aug 23, 2009)
All these minor faults are soon forgotten once Final Fantasy Tactics A2 starts to slowly take over your life. It's been a while since Gamestyle has found a game that can occupy their time so easily, and like the first game, hours will pass in an instant. It may not be a game that is to everyone's taste, but if you persevere past the initial intimidation of the game's mechanics, you will find one of the best titles that the DS has to offer.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Jul 28, 2008)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift on kevyt strategiapeli, joka seuraa uskollisesti edeltÀjiensÀ jalanjÀlkiÀ. Uutukaisen juoni on War of the Lionsin tarinaan tottuneille hyvin kevyttÀ tavaraa, mutta minua se ei haitannut. VakavahenkisiÀ pelejÀ ovat markkinat jo pullollaan. MikÀli kevyt strategia kiinnostaa, tai aikaisemmista osista ei ole saanut tarpeekseen, ei peliÀ voi olla suosittelematta. Ei muuta kuin Ivalicen saloihin tutustumaan mars!
Grimoire of the Rift zĂ€hlt zweifellos zu den Spielen, welche ich auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen wĂŒrde. Es ist schon sehr beeindruckend, wie viel die Entwickler von Square Enix auf das kleine DS-Modul gepresst haben. Hunderte Missionen, ĂŒber fĂŒnfzig Berufe, sieben Rassen und unzĂ€hlige GegenstĂ€nde sorgen dafĂŒr, dass es einem so schnell nicht langweilig wird. Auch wenn die Story zugegebenermassen doch etwas einfallslos ist. DafĂŒr ist das Party-Management unglaublich umfangreich, und die KĂ€mpfe sind, nicht zuletzt aufgrund der abwechslungsreichen Gesetze und Siegbedingungen, sehr motivierend. Seinen Award hat sich das Spiel also redlich verdient. Alleine schon angesichts der erstklassigen PrĂ€sentation, welche auf dem Nintendo DS ihresgleichen sucht. Wer mit dem Genre auch nur im Entferntesten etwas anfangen kann, sollte sich den Titel keinesfalls entgehen lassen.
Gameswelt (Jul 07, 2008)
Endlich kann ich auch auf dem DS in die FF-Taktikschlachten ziehen. Obwohl "Schlacht" beim Putzig-Look von 'Final Fantasy Tactics A2' wohl das falsche Wort ist. Und ja, die Story reißt niemand vom Hocker. Ist aber auch völlig nebensĂ€chlich, denn die TaktikscharmĂŒtzel sind herausfordernd wie eh und je, der Umfang ist gigantisch und die PrĂ€sentation ist ebenfalls gelungen. Wer auch nur einen Funken Interesse an Titeln dieses Genres aufbringt, muss zugreifen.
GameSpy (Jun 18, 2008)
As it relates to its predecessors, A2 is essentially more of the stuff we loved from the last game with a bit of the bothersome stuff neatly excised. It's not a perfect game by any means, but that shouldn't make it any less welcome in your DS.
Gamernode (Jun 30, 2008)
Overall the experience you'll get from this game is like no other on the DS. The deep gameplay, beautiful visuals, customization and hundreds of quests will keep you playing for a long time to come.
GameZone (Jul 03, 2008)
In the end, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is one of those Nintendo DS games that are so charming and so utterly engrossing that you can’t help but be swept away by the game. The game is far from serious but its sweetness and cute characters don’t stop it from being a compelling and fun story that makes the game one of those impressive handheld gems you will not want to miss even if you’re not a fan of the Final Fantasy series. Trust me, DS owners; you will not regret spending your summer in Ivalice.
IGN (Jun 20, 2008)
It would be nice to get another mature Tactics game like the original, but A2 won me over quickly with its beautiful visuals and deep, strategic gameplay. This is one of those desert island games you'd want with you if you were stranded with nothing to do. Four hundred quests, lots of customization options, and some of the best turn-based strategy around will keep you playing for a long time.
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is an excellent game by all merits. Fans of the series will have much to be pleased about with the refined battle system, new jobs to explore, and a clan system that is downright superb. While the story is meek in terms of engrossing characters and originality, FFTA2 gets by with its charming world to deliver a great experience overall.
4Players.de (Jun 20, 2008)
Man hegt und pflegt, taktiert, experimentiert und sagt sich selbst um vier Uhr morgens noch: "Los, eine Mission geht noch!", "Jetzt noch schnell die nĂ€chste ClanprĂŒfung", oder "Nur noch diese eine FĂ€higkeit meistern..." Und ehe man's merkt, wird es draußen schon wieder hell - das haben bei mir bisher nur wenige Spiele geschafft. Dass ich dennoch kein Platin verleihe, liegt neben der ausgelutschten Story und den austauschbaren Protagonisten auch an Ă€rgerlichen Kleinigkeiten wie der aufgrund der starren Perspektive nicht immer optimalen Übersicht und teils völlig abstrusen Kampfgesetzen. Hobbystrategen können dennoch bedenkenlos ihr Ticket nach Ivalice buchen und sich die nĂ€chsten Wochen am besten gleich auch noch beurlauben lassen.
While the game nails most of the major points, there are still some annoyances to stumble through. The unit limit for most battles is low, the shop’s interface is cumbersome, and the new MP system (starting units at 0 MP for every fight) doesn’t make any sense. But for every one of these problems, something else falls right into place. When it all clicks, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 is a well-oiled adventure combining good design and fun gameplay that any strategy/RPG fan will appreciate.
Worth Playing (Aug 23, 2008)
All in all, the gameplay is solid as ever, the visuals and music are well worth a look, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is a very solid game for anyone in need of a Final Fantasy or turn-based strategy fix on the go. It even allows for mid-battle saves, so you have no excuse not to whoop some tail on the ride to work. The sometimes-uneven difficulty and unclear objectives, as well as the underwhelming stylus functionality mar it slightly, but as ambitious as it is, it's hard to knock them for it. Taking a lovable loser and building a clan around him, and then staking claim to various territories and developing your mini-army through a deep system of customization and abilities is not for the meek, but for those with the chops and interest, it's a very worthwhile experience. It's not the second coming of the gritty and emotional original FFT, but RPG and TBS fans still have much reason to rejoice with A2.
Kombo.com (Jun 30, 2008)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 offers everything that FFTA offered plus some. Fans waiting for a true sequel to the original Final Fantasy Tactics will have to continue their wait. The game features addicting gameplay, engaging characters, good soundtrack, and an amazing art style. This a winning package for Tactics Advance fans, even though it doesn't really differentiate itself from its predecessor. All in all, this is a great tactical adventure.
GamingTrend (Jul, 2008)
There's a lot of trepidation from people who absolutely loved the first game. If you're a fan of the first game and are on the fence about this one, think of this game as a mission pack. You'll get a lot of the same, right down to the main character getting drawn into the world via a book. If you look at it that way, you'll have a great time. Also, if this is your first foray into the series, you can do a lot worse than start here. In conclusion, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 is a very good game that could have been a lot more. They could have put more effort into the music and graphics and made it a must-have, but it's still good and worth a play.
Retro Gamer (Aug 14, 2008)
Despite our huge fondness for the series, there's no denying that Tactics A2 isn't without its problems, even though many will be utterly entranced by its absolutely exquisite visuals. It has some huge, often unfair difficulty spikes, some of the AI is a little ropey in places and it's initially a confusing mess of menus and overly complicated rules. Stick with it though, as underneath the insanely pretty skin is a deep absorbing adventure that will keep you going until the inevitable sequel pops up.
Gaming Age (Aug 12, 2008)
Overall, I really enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and I definitely suggest it to both fans of the series and strategy RPG enthusiasts. It's not the best in the genre, but it's a solid title with a ton of value for someone that's looking for something that'll last a while. The translation is excellent, and while the story isn't on par with War of the Lions, it still manages to engage the player enough to keep them motivated to continue. Definitely check this one out, it shouldn't disappoint.
GameTrailers (Jul 03, 2008)
Grimoire of the Rift rewards players with a rich tactical RPG experience, but the lack of a meaningful and well-developed plot will leave many desiring more. Even the inclusion of Penelo and Vaan from Final Fantasy XII feels like a wasted opportunity. Grimoire of the Rift fails to outdo its predecessor, it is still a fun and challenging experience.
Games TM (Aug 07, 2008)
Divisive or not, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift's greatest strength is that, rather than watering itself down in the hope of pleasing everyone, it sticks to its guns, confidently building upon its distinguishing features and aiming to please those who have stuck with the series. By almost entirely abandoning story, and filling everything outside the battling with just as much strategy, it lives up to its name. This is a tactical game, through and through.
Eurogamer.de (Jul 01, 2008)
Und am Ende? Bleibt keine erhabene Fortsetzung des ĂŒbermĂ€chtigen Vorvaters von 1997, sondern nur eine gelungene des direkten VorgĂ€ngers Advance Tactics. Und das ist nicht wenig, wenn es sich so gut und locker spielt, wie es bei Grimoire der Fall ist. Lasst den schwachen Plot außen vor und fĂŒr Genreeinsteiger gelang Square ein großer Wurf. Sie dĂŒrfen sich hier wunderbar und ohne zu große Frustmomente fĂŒr sechs Wochen festbeißen. Tapfere Veteranen sollten aber auf hart – eigentlich eher immer noch einfach – beginnen und sich dort die heftigeren KĂ€mpfe herauspicken.
Nintendo-Online.de (Jul 12, 2008)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 hat mich leider sehr enttĂ€uscht. Nach all den Jahren hĂ€tte ich mir einfach mehr Neuerungen gewĂŒnscht, als die, die mir jetzt geboten wurden. Vom VorgĂ€nger auf dem GBA zum jetzigen Teil gibt es so gut wie keine Weiterentwicklungen, die Story ist immer noch hanebĂŒchen, die feste Kamera wĂ€hrend den KĂ€mpfen teilweise sehr unĂŒbersichtlich. Die Entwickler haben sich nicht an den Konkurrenzprodukten orientiert, die mittlerweile alle ĂŒber spannendere Kampfsysteme im gleichen Genre und eine frei schwenkbare Kamera verfĂŒgen, sondern besannen sich auf die eigenen Spiele. Dabei schafft es Final Fantasy Tactics A2 knapp zu einer „8“, dies allerdings auch nur, weil der Titel noch immer fĂŒr viel Spaß und dank ĂŒber 300 Missionen auch einiges an Spielzeit sorgt.
Legendra (Dec 16, 2008)
Que conclure de ce FFTA2 ? Qu'il n'est en rien révolutionnaire et qu'il suit directement la voie tracée par le premier du nom, en y ajoutant, il est vrai, quelques innovations. Il contentera les fans du premier, mais pour ceux qui y étaient allergiques, passez clairement votre chemin. Pour les autres, à vous de voir si 40 heures de combats intenses et de graphismes édulcorés sont dans vos goûts !
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 24, 2008)
That doesn’t mean that Final Fantasy Tactics A2 is a bad game. Far from it; it’s one of the best single-player games on the DS. Though the story and characters are terrible, it’ll take you several hours to complete the main quest. That aside, you’ll have hundreds of secondary quests, tons of jobs to master, and massive collection of items and abilities to acquire. Fiddling around with your characters’ moves and strategically developing your party can be a rewarding experience. While the law system from the previous game is still around, it is far less annoying. Despite having a ton of stuff to do, the game’s lack of online features or multiplayer options kills much of its potential. The underutilized DS features don’t help matters much, either. But hey, you’ve still got one of the most extensive and long-lasting SRPGs available on the system. That’s got to count for something.
gameZine (UK) (Jul 25, 2008)
In all though, Grimoire of the Rift is a great experience and fantastic value for money. It’s a game that many others can learn from, as well as a call for more genre entries of the same calibre.
JustPressPlay (Sep 01, 2008)
FFTA2 is fairly easy, and takes almost no time to learn all of the mechanics, rules, and limitations of it. I recommend it to anybody who enjoys the Final Fantasy series and wants a break from the normal storylines. I also think that anybody who just enjoys a simple and fun game will find this climbing to the top of their favorite lists in no time. I know it did for me.
HardGamers (Jul 25, 2008)
Il est certain que Final Fantasy Tactics A2 ne rĂ©volutionne en rien l’univers des jeux de rĂŽles tactiques. Pourtant, il se laisse facilement jouer, non seulement parce qu’il est trĂšs abordable, mais aussi parce qu’il propose une jouabilitĂ© adaptĂ©e aussi bien au nĂ©ophyte qu’au joueur plus confirmĂ©. Il s’agit d’un achat sans doute indispensable pour ceux qui possĂšdent une Nintendo DS.
Cubed3 (Jul 07, 2008)
While not without its flaws, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is a truly excellent turn-based strategy title. It may not have the involving plot of the original Final Fantasy Tactics, and it does occasionally suffer from overly-long quests that don't really compensate the player for their time investment, but its outstanding production values, deep battle system, and extensive customisation options are more than enough to provide hours and hours of entertainment if you're so inclined.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jun 27, 2008)
Grimoire of The Rift se repose trop sur ses aĂźnĂ©s mais alors qu'il ne cherche pas Ă  se dĂ©marquer, il parvient tout de mĂȘme Ă  convaincre. Les jobs sont plus nombreux, l'aventure plus longue, l'aire de jeu plus vaste et quelques trĂšs bonnes idĂ©es, ainsi qu'une utilisation des capacitĂ©s de la DS, font facilement passer la pilule. Pour autant, FFT A2 n'est pas vraiment l'Alpha et encore mois l'Omega du RPG tactique sur portable, non, c'est juste un trĂšs bon jeu, une sorte de copier-coller de luxe de FFTA mais en l'Ă©tat, c'est dĂ©jĂ  bien.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jun 30, 2008)
At every turn Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift presents players with minor, game-changing calls for strategy. And as such, it feels so much more thoughtful than Final Fantasy Tactics, which simply gave players an exceedingly complex set of role-playing tools and forced them to figure it out for themselves. So, yes, there is a little bit of hand-holding going on here. When you're going to play a game for dozens of hours, it’s nice to feel like the game's designers care enough about you to stand by your side. That's a fair change from the original Final Fantasy Tactics a game that was perfectly happy to dump its hapless players in the desert to die.
GamesRadar (Jun 20, 2008)
But forget the story, because the battles are still the main attraction here. With a whopping 400 quests total, it's amazing that the gameplay never gets stale during the 100+ hours it's going to take you to complete A2. It's difficult to say if it's the best tactical RPG to date on the DS (both Advance Wars, Dual Strike and Days of Ruin are strong contenders), but it's a definite improvement over what was an already great game on GBA.
GamePro (US) (Jun 24, 2008)
Okay, I admit that Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift isn't the best installment in the Tactics franchise. However, it's certainly an entertaining and lighthearted title that's worth your time, especially if you liked any of the previous installments. With its deep Clan system and 400 missions worth of downright addictive quests, I can't help but recommend it.
Game Captain (Jul 08, 2008)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 bietet unglaublich viel Spielraum zur Entwicklung und Gestaltung der eigenen Party. Angefangen von zig Berufen ĂŒber Tonnen von GegenstĂ€nden bis hin zu zahlreichen FĂ€higkeiten ist alles dabei, was sich der Rollenspieler erhofft. Es greift schon fast das Diablo-Prinzip. Hinzu kommt noch das spaßige Auktions-Minigame. Jedoch geht auf dem Weg die Motivation verloren. Was bringt uns eine sorgfĂ€ltig und zeitintensiv ausgestattete Gruppe, wenn die Story im Spiel eher Nebensache ist und wir nicht mal die Möglichkeit haben uns mit anderen Spielern online oder lokal zu messen? Übrig bleibt spaßige Rundenstrategie mit hĂŒbscher, wenn auch dezenter PrĂ€sentation und einer Menge Entfaltungspotential, das aber leider nicht ausreichend genutzt wurde. FĂŒr Fans des Genres und von Final Fantasy oder Tactics ist dieser Titel aber sicherlich trotzdem zumindest eine Probespiel-Empfehlung.
Power Unlimited (Oct 03, 2008)
Als je een vorig deel uit de Tactics serie hebt gespeeld weet je precies wat je te wachten staat: een geslaagde, meeslepende, onderhoudende, strategische RPG.
Gamer 2.0 (Jun 27, 2008)
The amount depth and expansion in FFTA2 is nothing new to your average strategy game fan. In fact, games such as these are really losing their style due to the fact that they’re sometimes too long—FFTA2 should actually take you 30-40 hours to finish, while taking more than 80 if you intend on finishing every mission and finding every nook and cranny with the job system. The restriction feature really ruins the “keep it simple, stupid” tone the game had going for it, but if you can get by all that, and you probably will, you’ll find a game that’s just as addicting as it is simple. If it's any consolation to FFXII: Revenant Wings fans, Vaan and a few others make an appearance as playable characters. Even without the FFXII characters, the amount of things there are to do in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift still make it a rather valuable edition to the DS libraries of any Ivalice fan--new or old.
Nintendo Difference (Jul 04, 2008)
Les vieux briscards ne se feront pas rouler dans la farine, ce Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 ne rĂ©volutionne Ă  aucun moment la sĂ©rie. TrĂšs proche de la version Game Boy Advance, ce dernier est Ă  rĂ©server en prioritĂ© aux fans absolus qui se rĂ©jouiront une fois de plus de replonger pendant de trĂšs longues heures dans les contrĂ©es d’Ivalice. Avis aussi aux nĂ©ophytes qui pourront ici s’initier au genre avec l'un de ses meilleurs reprĂ©sentants.
Computer Bild Spiele (Jul 02, 2008)
Das Spiel ist umfangreich, hat eine interessante Geschichte und die gewohnt hohe QualitĂ€t der "Final-Fantasy"-Serie. Allerdings ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht gerade einsteigerfreundlich ausgelegt - das ausgeklĂŒgelte Kampfsystem dĂŒrfte vor allem fortgeschrittene Taktiker "gut" unterhalten.
Consoles Plus (Dec, 2007)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 arrive peut-ĂȘtre Ă  un mauvais moment : celui oĂč plus grand monde ne s'y intĂ©resse. MĂȘme s'il est mignon tout plein, ça ne suffit plus pour accrocher.
The move from GBA to DS comes with a host of benefits. The graphics are much more detailed, Hitoshi Sakimoto's music sounds great (if a bit repetitive), and the information displayed on the top screen helps to eliminate most of the clunky menu navigation from the previous game. But the pairing of complex gameplay systems with a story aimed squarely at youngsters feels no less incongruous. As a result, though Grimoire of the Rift is another solid effort that's sure to scratch your tactical itch, the original Tactics remains the pinnacle of the series.
Gamer.nl (Jul 12, 2008)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is een strategisch rollenspel dat op vrijwel alle vlakken uitblinkt. Helaas zijn er nauwelijks aanpassingen doorgevoerd ten opzichte van de vorige delen, waardoor het spel aanvoelt als een herhalingsoefening. Echter, door de kwaliteit Ă©n kwantiteit van het product is het wel een van de meest vermakelijke herhalingsoefeningen van de afgelopen jaren. Heb je de vorige delen daarentegen niet of nauwelijks gespeeld, dan kun je gerust een extra puntje aan het eindcijfer toekennen.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jul 04, 2008)
None of these problems are ruinous to the overall experience but it does ensure this never becomes more than an introduction to the genre, rather than a definitive title within it. The inconsequential story and bland characters are a million miles away from the consistently amusing Disgaea, which also has the advantage of deeper combat. In fact, the only thing the Nippon Ichi game doesn't have over Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is accessibility, so enjoy it as a starter and look forward to the main course that is Disgaea DS later in the year.
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift biedt een verbazende hoeveelheid diepte, die is af te leiden uit het indrukwekkende aantal queestes en vaardigheden, real-time gebiedsveilingen, clanbeheer en ontsluitbare extra's, maar de echte Tactics-fan zal teleurgesteld zijn in het goedkope plot en de gevechtstegels. Desondanks zullen liefhebbers van het genre het spel vrijwel zeker waarderen.
Gamekult (Jun 26, 2008)
Pas de grosses surprises du cĂŽtĂ© de Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, avec une suite qui prend un minimum de risques. Un peu plus de races, un peu plus de jobs, un nouveau systĂšme de lois moins contraignant pour ceux qui ont dĂ©testĂ© ce principe, on pourrait penser que de l'eau a Ă©tĂ© mise dans le vin. Heureusement, le jeu reste trĂšs long, difficile (grĂące Ă  la possibilitĂ© de choisir le niveau de difficultĂ©) et toujours autant bourrĂ© de petits secrets qui feront la joie de tous les acharnĂ©s du 100%. Notons tout de mĂȘme que la console triche parfois un peu, ce qui aura le don d'Ă©nerver les joueurs amateurs de probabilitĂ©s. Une bonne suite, trĂšs longue et riche, mais qui laisse malheureusement entrevoir une exploitation facile de la licence dans les annĂ©es Ă  venir.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Jun 26, 2008)
Despite the negatives FFTA2 is compelling. The side-quests, while mundane, are enjoyable and Square-Enix's usual, fine presentation and solid script work smoothes off the rough edges of the experience. This is, as with most SRPGs, a game for players who love to crunch the numbers, micromanaging team abilities and maximising profits. Approached with this mindset the hours will fly past thanks to the gripping if, in a post-Disgaea world, overly-simplistic battles. With a convincing story and some innovation in the fight system FFTA2 could have been so much more, but it still stands as the best example of the genre currently available for the handheld.
GameSpot (Jun 20, 2008)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift offers a surprising amount of depth, as highlighted by its impressive number of quests and skills, real-time area auctions, clan management, and unlockables, but many a Tactics fan might be put off by its cheapened quest-based plot progression and battle rules. Nevertheless, those enamored with Tactics Advance will likely enjoy it.
1UP (Jul 01, 2008)
What's offered here in FFTA2 is by no means a poor excuse for a game. Anyone buying this for strategic role-playing will most definitely get their money's worth -- new players in particular. But based on the series' past legacy of excellence, it's just a shame that Grimoire of the Rift feels more like an expansion pack than a bona fide sequel. With games like the aforementioned Advance Wars offering faster, more attractive tactical handheld fun on the DS, this latest Tactics is a distant second-best in the DS strategy catalog...and more importantly, a notable disappointment compared to its predecessors.
Play.tm (Aug 11, 2008)
With a game like FFTA2 it's not really about the why as the how, only it's a bit too simplistic and uninteresting to make a winning formula. There is a certain charm in its isometric glory, however, and a certain delight in progressively unlocking the various rewards that the game has to offer. Ultimately, FFTA2 is a solid yet unspectacular game that fails to live up to its full potential.
Immoral Gamers (Nov 18, 2008)
Most games are a waste of time, perhaps by definition, but at least some offer a semblance of closure, finality: call it what you want, because it’s absent here. You spend the whole time perfecting a team, and two-hundred hours later, you have no idea why. It’s like dedicating your life toward training for Olympic sheep-herding; you get to the Olympics, find out sheep-herding isn’t an Olympic sport, and that you’re not even at the Olympics, but stark naked in the children’s section of your local library, covered in rabbit blood and screaming.
GamesAreFun.com (GAF) (Nov 09, 2008)
I’m sorry, but I have a hard time recommending this game to anyone except first timers. Everyone else would be disappointed with how the series has progressed. I especially find it hard to recommend this game when another Tactics game - Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion Wars, a remake of one of my top 5 all-time favorite games – is available for $20 on the PlayStation Portable. Even if you had to buy the game and PlayStation Portable for a hundred or more dollars, I’d still think it was a better investment of your money than Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift. Consider yourself warned.

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