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Garfield's Fun Fest Credits

56 people (50 developers, 6 thanks)

Black Lantern Studios, Inc.

ProducerChris Murdock
Lead DesignerAndrew P. Bilyk
Additional Level DesignerRyan Leigh Baker, Chris Murdock, Jordan Shiveley
Additional WriterCamille E. DeLaurier
Lead ProgrammerCoby Utter
ProgrammerGabriel Paramo
Additional ProgrammerAaron Eady, Jeremy Day
Lead ArtistRyan Leigh Baker
ArtistDarrell Claunch, Chris Murdock
Additional ArtistAndy Goodwin, William Baltimore II, Jarrett Dawson
Lead AudioDevin Clasby
Music byRandall Ryan
Instruction Manual WriterCamille E. DeLaurier
Quality Assurance LeadNathan Lee
Quality AssuranceSean Cain
Additional Quality AssuranceJoshua Goeke, Carson Underwood, Daniel Larsson
Special ThanksAlex Hanson-White, Joshua L. Brotherton, Doug Hill, Adrian Walker, Ryan Lee, Matt Hartfield
CEORichard Woods
VP of Business DevelopmentDerek McDaniel
VP of OperationsMatt Raithel
VP of Accounting and FinanceTeresa Gloe
Director of TechnologySean Smith
Creative DirectorAndrew P. Bilyk
Quality Assurance ManagerNathan Lee
Manager of Licensing and StandardsHouston Brayton

Destination Software, Inc.

VP of OperationsBruce Kain
VP of DevelopmentPierre Roux
Director of MarketingAlison Kain
Director of Public RelationsAlison Kain
Head of European DevelopmentAeron Guy
Development ManagerRodney W. Harper

Paws Inc.

Paws Inc.Jim Davis, Jill Davis, Mark Acey, Neil Greer, Tom Howard, Glenn Zimmerman


Manager DirectorRupert Young
QA ManagerSharad Chaturvedi, Rajesh G. S.
Lead TesterJeffin Raj Paul, Debdeul Baul, Rajiv Mayanak
QA TeamKaushik Raul, Sahil Hamirnani, Prasad Arolkar, Shashank Ambre, Vishal Karkera, Salil Patankar, Jerry Joseph

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Sharad Chaturvedi, 56 other games
Aeron Guy, 53 other games
Rajesh G. S., 52 other games
Randall Ryan, 46 other games
Debdeul Baul, 40 other games
Shashank Ambre, 33 other games
Jeffin Raj Paul, 33 other games
Rajiv Mayanak, 29 other games
Rodney W. Harper, 26 other games
Kaushik Raul, 26 other games
Vishal Karkera, 24 other games
Richard Woods, 24 other games
Matt Raithel, 21 other games
Ryan Leigh Baker, 21 other games
Derek McDaniel, 20 other games
Bruce Kain, 20 other games
Andrew P. Bilyk, 19 other games
Devin Clasby, 17 other games
Nathan Lee, 17 other games
Alison Kain, 17 other games
Doug Hill, 16 other games
Teresa Gloe, 15 other games
Andy Goodwin, 15 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158645) and aaron eady (82)