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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (9 votes) 4.1

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Edutaining Kids (Nov, 2008)
Because bringing the game to the DS required a lot of originality and creativity in addition to the other great features mentioned, Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS deserves a five of five star rating.
EL33TONLINE (Aug 06, 2008)
The only downside I could think of was that one would not be able to download any new songs and would have to wait for new versions of this handheld franchise to be released. Graphically this game does the job, but I’m not gonna discuss a game that has very little to do with that category. Who knows, you might even catch your Gran rocking out instead of training her brain! Scary, eh? Do yourself a favour and pick this up.
Game Chronicles (Jun 22, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour is a clever and challenging way to experience the music game that is taking the world by storm. There are a hundred ways Vicarious Visions could have screwed up bringing Guitar Hero to the DS. Somehow, they managed to avoid them all and created an entertaining and challenging game that recreates the Guitar Hero experience as best you can without actually holding a guitar.
Computer Bild Spiele (Jul 02, 2008)
Erstaunlich, wie gut das Spielprinzip auf dem kleinen Nintendo DS funktioniert. Man kann den Entwicklern nur Anerkennung dafür aussprechen, dass Sie sich wirklich Gedanken gemacht haben, wie das Thema sinnvoll umzusetzen ist. Sicherlich hätte angesichts der zurzeit angesagten Guitar-Hero-Manie auch ein billig umgestricktes Schrottspiel Kasse gemacht. Da ist es umso bemerkenswerter, dass man ein geniales Zubehör erdacht hat, das der Spielidee absolut gerecht wird. Die Auswahl der Songs und der leicht reduzierte Schwierigkeitsgrad kommen Anfängern entgegen, könnten Profis jedoch etwas unterfordern. Dennoch ein "sehr guter" Auftritt, der viel Applaus verdient.
A great game for taking on long car journeys - totally engrossing and bucket-loads of fun!
90 (GAF) (Oct 07, 2008)
In other words, if Guitar Hero emulates the playing of a guitar, then Guitar Hero: On Tour emulates the playing of a guitar controller. That may sound like a negative remark, but I think the series has matured to a point in the collective mind of gamers where that's a fine goal in itself. We know Guitar Hero; we like Guitar Hero. And this is a game that perfectly mimics that experience, even though it no longer feels like strumming an electric. But really, at this point, does it matter? That depends. If the player is looking for a piece of rock 'n' roll escapism, this is a poor place to look. On the other hand, if the player is looking for a good rhythm game, or for more of the Guitar Hero experience, then Guitar Hero: On Tour is a perfect fit.
Atomic Gamer (Jul 08, 2008)
As much as I like On Tour, it’s important to note it’s a very different experience from console Guitar Hero. For one, it’s missing the big plastic guitar, and for lots of fans this is an integral part of the rock star sim. Also, this portable effort doesn’t pack that “party game” feel; if your favorite part of previous GH games has been playing with a group of friends who are cheering or booing you from the couch, then you’ll likely be let down by this more intimate experience. But despite these major differences, On Tour stands tall on its own as a fantastic portable music game. And, even though it offers a totally different experience, both in its controls and gameplay, it still feels very much like a Guitar Hero game. I’d like to see more songs, a longer career and online multiplayer in the sequel, but in the meantime I’m happy to rock to the top on an airplane, in a car, on the subway, or anywhere else I can take my DS.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 04, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour is more than Activision trying to cash in on the success of the now legendary gaming franchise; it’s a solid product that can stand on its own. Doing the impossible, On Tour takes the excitement from jumping around in your living room with the console version and slims it down to a solid portable version. The amount of songs available and graphics are an obvious hit that should be expected on the limited DS platform. Aside from the lack of horsepower, Guitar Hero: On Tour is an excellent version of Guitar Hero that even includes a few sweet extras like co-op gaming and the excellent Guitar Duel mode. If you need an excuse to fire up your DS, On Tour is one of the best excuses this year. You can’t go wrong with Guitar Hero: On Tour. Bang for your buck, this is it!
PGNx Media (Jun 25, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour does a great job of bringing the Guitar Hero experience to the Nintendo DS. The fret board device is well-built and goes a long way in making you feel like you’re really playing a Guitar Hero game. On Tour lets you rock out and unleash your inner guitar hero, even if you feel a bit silly at first (especially in public).
GamePro (US) (Jun 24, 2008)
And yet, there were moments when I was playing On Tour and I felt that same rush that I felt while playing the full-sized Guitar Hero. It's perfect for quick sessions and there's enough content to keep you satisfied for a long while. If you take your DS with you everywhere you go, you definitely should put this on your shopping list.
IGN (Jun 22, 2008)
I’m not going to defend Guitar Hero: On Tour as a stand-alone: if you want the absolute Guitar Hero experience you really should grab the real deal for whatever console you may have. It’s a lot cooler and more social to jam out with full-sized guitars. But even though Guitar Hero: On Tour might not feel like playing guitar, it definitely feels like playing Guitar Hero: it’s an excellent portable representation of the full experience, and it’s incredibly hard to think of any way to do it better than how Vicarious Visions did it. The gameplay is spot on, and the peripheral’s great construction enhances the experience. What could have easily been a cheap, licensed rhythm game cop-out on the Nintendo DS is actually a serious project that works extremely well on the handheld.
Guitar Hero: On Tour can’t quite compete if you think about it as playing an actual guitar. Without the guitar peripheral, On Tour can't match the experience of playing in front of a TV with your friends holding something that resembles a guitar. However, it comes very close to recreating the Guitar Hero experience on a portable system. I can't imagine another way to try to recreate Guitar Hero other than the way that Vicarious Visions While there are a few issues that could be improved on, it definitely is a fun experience. It will take a little getting used to the Guitar Grip, and you do need to remember to take breaks. However, if you do this you will be rewarded with a fun Guitar Hero game on the go. Rock on!
Jeux Vidéo Network (May 17, 2009)
Outre un contenu fidèle aux versions “salon”, la prise en main offre un réel confort, à condition de ne pas avoir des doigts trop longs. Une version très agréable à jouer, au casque de préférence.
Power Unlimited (Aug 01, 2008)
Met maar liefst vijfentwintig nummers, een heerlijke multiplayer mode en een fantastische carrièremode is On Tour een erg coole game die elke gitaarliefhebbende DS bezitter nú in huis moet halen!
GameLemon (Aug 24, 2008)
That's about all there is to Guitar Hero: On Tour. Once you get through the game's 25 songs, you can go back and play them on harder difficulties to unlock new outfits and songs, or just take the rock to your friends with the wireless battle mode. There's a decent amount of replay value compared to other DS titles, but it probably won't hold much interest once you get back to the comfort and familiarity of your console Guitar Heroes. It's definitely a worthy effort by the GH folks, and worth a try for any fans of the series who (shudder!) actually spend some time away from the comfort of their gaming couch.
I'm going to give this game 4.2 out of 5 because it's great overall. It's awesome to be able to play Guitar Hero wherever you are, the song list is nice and varied (though too short), and the gameplay is almost perfect. The only downsides are you may get some serious tendinitis in your wrist if you play for too long, and the game feels like you're playing Guitar Hero rather than an actual guitar, which is the biggest attraction for the console counterparts.
82 (Aug 22, 2008)
Activision and RedOctane have done their best to bring Guitar Hero to the DS and the result is quite nice. The game is, except for the cramps to your wrist, a lot of fun and addictive to play.
HardGamers (Aug 20, 2008)
Guitar Hero : On Tour est un jeu surprenant en ce sens qu’il réussit à nous procurer beaucoup de plaisir via une nouvelle expérience sur une console où on ne voyait pas la franchise Guitar Hero débarquer il y a à peine plus d’un an. Cela ne remplace pas l’expérience et le plaisir des versions consoles de salon dans lesquelles il est possible de tenir une guitare, mais On Tour est en somme d’un bon divertissement. Tout de même, les failles présentes avec le Guitar Grip et la durée de vie limitée du jeu font de ce dernier une recommandation plutôt difficile, d’autant plus qu’il est vendu 50$ canadiens. C’est prenant, c’est très amusant, mais au bout de quelques heures, vous risquez de serrer le jeu pour ne le sortir qu’une fois de temps en temps, surtout si vous prévoyez n’y jouer qu’en solo.
80 (Aug 05, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour neemt de gitaar weg maar geeft je een plectrum terug en dat werkt. De inmiddels bekende gameplay blijft verslavend en geeft voldoening aan de speler. De beschikbare nummers hadden wat diverser (en harder) gemogen en kramp in je linkerhand is een feit na iets te lang doorspelen, maar de grappige toevoegingen zoals blazen in de microfoon maken veel goed. Een succesvolle overzetting naar de portable markt.
Gamer 2.0 (Jun 23, 2008)
So Guitar Hero On Tour manages to be more than a pimping out of the series and more than just a dumbed-down version of its console cousins. With only 25 tracks, it is a great addition to your DS library and a solid title within the Guitar Hero franchise. And at $50, only a $15 mark-up on the usual Triple-A DS title, it is worth your money.
GameDaily (Jun 24, 2008)
If you can accept the limitations in control comfort and song selection (not to mention its $50 price tag), there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get into Guitar Hero: On Tour. The gameplay is functional, the presentation stays true to the series and there's lots to do, either solo or alongside a friend. It's an ideal on-the-go selection, especially while waiting in line for tickets to a rock show. Heck, you might just create your own.
79 (Aug 21, 2008)
Ei GHOT:ta voi kuitenkaan syyttää siitä, että se olisi vain yksinkertaistettu versio isommasta pelistä käsikonsolille kutistettuna. Siitä voi aistia, että kehittäjän puolelta on tehty kaikki, mitä pelialustan huomioon ottaen voi aiheesta yleensä tehdä - jopa hieman sitä äärirajoilleen venyttäen. Lopultakaan se ei kuitenkaan ole kovin nautittava pelikokemus, mutta yrittämisestä täytyy antaa plussaa.
GameZone (Jun 24, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour continues the Guitar Hero legacy by expanding its wing’s to the Nintendo DS. While some might have expected On Tour to crash and burn like other rock legends, On Tour stays on course. While the flight does get bumpy at times due to some wrist issues and limited song choices the overall experience is still intact.
Meristation (Jul 11, 2008)
La sensación que provoca este título nos queda muy clara: es un excelente intento de llevar la magia de Guitar Hero a un sistema portátil, pero simplemente por limitaciones por hardware no alcanza el potencial deseable. La selección de canciones, para el público al que está dirigido, es correcta; el sistema de juego es el clásico, el infalible de GHIII, multijugador incluido interactuando con la consola. Pero tanto el Guitar Grip, un tanto incómodo y limitado con esos cuatro botones, y Nintendo DS en sí, con la mala calidad de sonido que aporta y lo poco fiable que es el uso de la energía estrella, amén de la limitación enorme del tracklist respecto a cualquier entrega de la saga, lo dejan en un quiero y no puedo en este sentido.
75 (Jul 18, 2008)
Le passage à la version de poche aurait pu être bien plus délicat, plus douloureux et surtout moins maîtrisé. Cette version plaira aux possesseurs DS jusqu'alors frustrés de ne pouvoir s'adonner aux joies de la guitare électrique dans leur intimité. Une bonne pioche qui doit beaucoup à un périphérique très bien pensé.
75 (Jul 30, 2008)
Se tunnelma, minkä kotikonsoleiden Guitar Herot luovat, on ymmärrettävästi jäänyt olohuoneeseen. Guitar Heroa pelataan kavereiden kesken volyymit täysillä isolta ruudulta, ja On Tour ei tätä tietenkään mahdollista. On Tourin kappaleiden yleinen vaikeustaso on konsoliversioihin verrattuna todella matala. Toisaalta soittaminen on tehty niin vaikeaksi, ettei siitä pitkäksi aikaa viihdettä heru. Viidennen napin puuttuminen on ergonomian kannalta jopa hyvä juttu, mutta pelin haasteellisuus jää kauaksi siitä, mihin kotikonsoleiden versioissa on totuttu. Jos haluaa soittaa Guitar Heroa myös matkoilla, on On Tourista joksikin aikaa iloa. En voisi kuitenkaan kuvitella On Tourilla kilpailtavan tuloksista - saatikka sen pelaajien heittäytyvän soolon aikana polvilleen maahan.
Gameswelt (Jul 19, 2008)
An dieser Stelle werde ich Buße tun und beichten. Vor dem Konkurrenzprodukt aus dem Hause EA, ihr wisst schon, das mit dem Drumkit, habe ich nicht ein einziges Mal 'Guitar Hero' gespielt. Steinigt mich dafür, aber es ist verdammt noch mal wahr! Seit mehreren Wochen hat mich jedoch der Virus infiziert und an mindestens zwei bis drei Abenden die Woche trifft sich die Gameswelt-Kombo zur Session. Mit 'Guitar Hero On Tour' hatten wir im Mehrspielermodus eine Riesengaudi. Die Gitarrenschlacht ist super geworden und bietet einen echten Mehrwert. In der U-Bahn war es auch okay, aber die 25 Songs sind halt schnell durchgespielt. Ein echtes Manko ist allerdings der DS-Aufsatz. Wer hier ohne Schmerzen auf Dauer spielen kann, erntet unseren ehrlichen Neid.
Game Vortex (Jul, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour sometimes feels more like an experiment than a complete game, leading to an awkward experience and not the best of debuts. At the same time, it is still fun in short bursts and is a well-polished game that's worth your time if you're a mobile Guitar Hero nut with an itch that needs scratching.
Making the move to a handheld format was a bold, yet not-so-unexpected move by RedOctane/Activision; it's just interesting to see how it's been done. While the fret play has been ported almost seamlessly, with perfectly-integrated touchscreen controls, there are still things missing from the general character of the game to put it in the same realm as its console-based forerunners. A weak song selection and poor audio quality make On Tour a good travel-friendly game, but not a standalone franchise maker. Yet, it's more than worth it to have around for road trips or other travel activities.
Gamestyle (Sep 16, 2008)
As a solo game, Guitar Hero On Tour is a worthy addition to the series. What it lacks in show-boating, it makes up for in convenience and portability. Good songs, a good feel, good learning curve and a fun sense of humour. That said, if you've no need for an away-from-home Guitar Hero fix, there's little point in buying this, as you'll never give it enough time to become comfortable and you'll just wish you could play the songs with your plastic guitar instead.
TTGamer (Jul 03, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour is a technical achievement that is a nice start for the series on DS. We have no doubt that this game will continue on this platform and they have laid the groundwork to build a big handheld franchise, but some crucial design decisions were made which really hurt the game, not the least the track list. On Tour is a nice start, but there is definitely a bit of work to be done.
Guitar Hero is a game best suited for home consoles. Even with some clever adjustments, On Tour just doesn't feel the same.
UOL Jogos (Jul 25, 2008)
"On Tour" é a experiência possível de "Guitar Hero" para Nintendo DS. A Vicarious Visions fez uma ótima adaptação, mas pequenos contratempos - imprecisão de controles, desconforto do suporte, som de qualidade apenas aceitável e a lista pequena de músicas - diluem o entusiasmo característico da série. A experiência completa do game está mesmo nas versões para consoles - principalmente no Xbox 360 e PlayStation 3, que possuem download de conteúdo -, mas, para quem tem apenas o Nintendo DS, "Guitar Hero: On Tour" é um game que ainda vale a pena, mesmo sem a mesma intensidade nas caixas de som.
Armchair Empire, The (Jul 25, 2008)
While Guitar Hero: On Tour is a very solid port of the franchise to the DS and the technology to get it working is brilliant - why don't more developers make use of the GBA cartridge port for DS games? - I can really only recommend On Tour to fans of the franchise, with the proviso that they have relatively small hands.
Gameplayer (Australia) (Jun 25, 2008)
Beyond that annoying inconvenience, On Tour is a surprisingly decent package - however it has to be said that the sound quality from the DS speakers is a bit weak (it gets better with headphones, though), and to complete Expert Mode you need to be Slash crossbred with Jesus. Also, we do recommend buying a protective case if you rock notoriously hard or if you have a compelling urge to smash your trusty instrument after an epic set, like we do.
GameSpy (Jun 24, 2008)
In some ways, Guitar Hero: On Tour feels more like an experiment than a full-fledged game, as if Activision just wanted to see if it could be pulled off. Whether or not it succeeded is open to debate, as there are a number of issues that hurt the game. The guitar peripheral doesn't work as well as we had hoped, something that's could prove to be a major sticking point (after all, who wants to keep playing a game that hurts you?). Still, it's a solid entry in the franchise and gets points for innovation, so we're hopeful that this won't be the series' last foray into the handheld domain.
The addictive and robust multiplayer is excellent, but On Tour just doesn't have the old GH magic.
67 (Aug 01, 2008)
On Tour spielt sich wie die großen Guitar Heros, abgesehen davon, dass ein Könner selbst auf dem höchsten Schwierigkeitsgrad kaum ins Schwitzen kommen dürfte - vier Tasten lassen nun mal nicht irre viele Variationen zu. Das viel wichtigere Problem ist hier das gleiche wie im Jurassic Park: Die Entwickler haben sich die Frage gestellt, ob sie es schaffen konnten oder nicht; ob sie es tun sollten, die Frage stellte sich keiner. Ohne eine Plastikklampfe ist es einfach kein richtiges Guitar Hero, der Guitar Grip sitzt nicht zuverlässig, die Songauswahl ist klein, zum Teil fragwürdig und qualitativ teilweise wenig berauschend, um mal dem Wortspiel aus dem Weg zu gehen. Als Experiment in Sachen »Dinge, die auf dem DS möglich sind« ist es wirklich gelungen, außerdem sehe ich schon ein Heer an »Song-Packs« auf uns zurollen. Aber als eigentliches Spiel lässt es viele Wünsche offen.
Gaming Age (Jul 02, 2008)
If you feel like you really need more Guitar Hero in your life, then you're probably already planning on picking this up, if you haven't already. For music game fans there is enough going on with this game to warrant a purchase, but definitely research it a bit before you buy, just to make sure the grip is comfortable for you, and that the track list is something you could enjoy. Personally, I enjoy the idea and most of the execution, but it doesn't live up to the previous titles (except maybe Rock the 80's), and it still has a way to go before it completely impresses me. .
1UP (Jun 24, 2008)
On Tour does a great job of bringing the basic ideas behind the Guitar Hero franchise to a handheld platform, even though it doesn't radiate nearly the same social incentive that its console cousins do. If I wanted to go on tour, I sure as hell wouldn't do it by myself.
GamingExcellence (Sep 25, 2008)
On Tour is sort of a mixed bag. On one hand, hey, portable Guitar Hero. But does it really need to be portable at all? The peripheral comes with a bevy of problems that can affect gameplay and enjoyment, and that’s the center of the entire gaming experience. That’s not to mention that its extra bulk means it’s not pocket-friendly. And the social aspect of previous titles, having your friends come over to play through a set, rocking out together, is completely void here. In the end, Guitar Hero: On Tour captures the spirit of Guitar Hero, but the full, enjoyable experience has slipped from its grasp.
Game Captain (Aug 03, 2008)
Das eigentliche Vorhaben, das simple aber geniale Spielprinzip der Guitar Hero-Reihe auf einen Handheld zu konvertieren, ist sicherlich löblich, doch die Umsetzung ist aus einem einfachen Grund weniger geglückt: Es fehlt die Gitarre und ohne Klampfe kommt einfach nicht das gleiche Feeling auf. Das Guitar Grip ist kein gleichwertiger Ersatz, obwohl es schon in die richtige Richtung geht. Bei der Handhabung des Gadgets sollte man ernsthaft die Warnhinweise beachten, aber egal wie man es letzten Endes hält, Schmerzen in den Fingergelenken sind vorprogrammiert. Zudem kommt die unterdurchschnittliche Auswahl an Songs, die keine Frage des Geschmackes ist. Popnummern wie „This Love“ von Maroon 5 gehören nicht in ein Spiel, das als Hauptthematik Rock behandelt.
IGN Australia (Jun 24, 2008)
Unfortunately, all of these shortcomings really pull down the whole game, like an unstable foundation underneath a beautiful mansion. That is sadly what Guitar Hero: On Tour is. It's got so much potential that, when you kick into hard mode and start noticing the touch screen's inaccuracy, the awkward hand contortions needed or the ill-conceived Duel Mode controls, you'll shake your head and wonder where everything went awry. Of course, this being Guitar Hero, we know there'll be a sequel coming – so I implore all the companies behind this venture – heed our words and steer the good ship Guitar Hero back into smooth waters.
Games TM (Sep 04, 2008)
While you may not feel like you're playing an actual guitar, the Guitar Hero experience remains relatively intact. Playing in short bursts is probably the best way to go if you want to avoid agonising hand cramp. If only it wasn't so relentlessly addictive.
60 (Jul 30, 2008)
Vicarious Visions begegnete mit viel Hardware und einigen geschickten Designideen den größten Problemen einer solchen Konvertierung, trotzdem bleibt es am Ende nur ein netter Versuch, den Ihr nicht braucht, solange im Haushalt irgendeine Heimkonsole steht und Ihr die Möglichkeit habt, ein Guitar Hero – ob nun 1,2 oder 3 – zu kaufen. Außerdem müsst Ihr dann nicht mit DER KLAUE leben...
60 (Nov 12, 2009)
„On Tour“ ist der Debüt-Titel der „Guitar-Hero“-Serie auf dem Nintendo DS und macht seine Sache äußerst gut. Überzeugen kann es vor allem durch das innovative „Guitar Grip“, einer gut gemischten Auswahl an Liedern, sowie einem spaßigen Mehrspieler-Modus. Was übrig bleibt und stört, ist die enorme Schwierigkeit, alle Noten zu treffen, sobald man mehrere Töne nacheinander spielen muss, der ein wenig mager ausfallende Karriere-Modus, dem es an Abwechslung fehlt, die fehlende DSi-Unterstützung und das Verkrampfen der Hand, durch die auf Dauer anstrengende Haltung des Guitar Grips. Trotz allem macht „Guitar Hero: On Tour“ seine Sache einwandfrei und ist ein durchaus gut gelungener Einstieg für die „Hero“-Serie auf dem Nintendo DS. Mittlerweile sollte man allerdings zu den deutlich besseren Nachfolgern greifen.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Jul 23, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour jää karvan verran kehnon yläpuolelle. Toteutus on riittävän hyvä, muttei erinomainen, samoin biisilista (musiikkimausta riippuen). Hirveästi pelattavaa ei loppujen lopuksi ole, ellei itsensä voittamista pidä äärettömän mielenkiintoisena. Lisäohjain ei onneksi maksa maltaita, jos rautatieasemarokkaajan paikka kiinnostaa.
Anyone who knows me or has read my blog knows how obsessed I am with the Guitar Hero franchise; I even bought the Rock Band software just to get the extra songs to play. So I really wanted Guitar Hero: On Tour to be a great experience in portable gaming, but even a fan boy such as myself has to notice that the emperor has no clothes. There are considerable control issues, the guitar grip doesn’t want to stay firmly seated in the GBA slot and the game suffers from a serious lack of available content that seemingly can only be solved by expansion packs instead of digital delivery. I’m still having a good time playing GH: OT, but until those issues can be fixed, I’ll be back on my Xbox, eagerly awaiting the release of Guitar Hero: World Tour.
GamesRadar (Jun 24, 2008)
By the time we had finished the last song and played several one-on-one duels against the computer and friends, there was no reason to keep playing, no drive to improve our scores. Yet every time someone sees that Guitar Grip plugged in, they have to play and try for themselves. Hell many of us kept trying to like it even after swearing it off for fear of permanent wrist damage, which goes to show how enduringly popular the series is. Sadly, that fandom doesn't make On Tour anything more than a curiosity to be indulged and then discarded in favor of another round of full-sized guitar heroism.
GameSpot (Jun 23, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour lacks many of the characteristics of the console versions of Guitar Hero, but the main ingredient that's missing is fun. It's simply not enjoyable to contort your hand around the DS and listen to 25 low-fi songs while you strum the touch screen and fight the pain in your hand.
AusGamers (Jul 02, 2008)
With all the rhythm game talk being overrun by Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 (though only around 2% of the Aussie population even have an idea of what Rock Band is thanks to EA’s inability to recognize us as a viable market), Guitar Hero On Tour could very well be looked over for those of us waiting for the real deal. This isn’t helped by the game’s uncomfortable nature and streamlined feature-set truly letting it live up to my earlier claim it’s essentially the Happy Meal of the Guitar Hero universe. Really, this is better left looked at for frequent travelers who don’t get enough GH at home, kids who love their DS or anyone with really, really tiny hands.
55 (Jul 29, 2008)
Guitar Hero On Tour is typisch zo'n spel dat ik heel erg graag heel erg goed had gevonden. Guitar Hero is een erg leuk concept en ik kan - alleen of met vrienden - erg veel lol hebben met Guitar Hero II, III en Aerosmith. Ik keek daarom erg uit naar een Guitar Hero-spel voor onderweg of voor de verloren momenten. Helaas valt het spel nogal tegen. Het ontbreken van een vijfde knop is geen gemis. Het is zelfs wel prettig dat het spel wat minder moeilijk is dan zijn de voorgangers. Ook de muziekkeuze is goed. Er zijn wat weinig nummers beschikbaar, maar dat is de makers vergeven. De Guitar Grip is echter wel een probleem. De handgreep bezorgt kramp als het wat spannender wordt en de DS glijdt net iets te gemakkelijk van zijn plek, waardoor het spel abrupt kan worden onderbroken. Dit zorgt ervoor dat ik voor het optreden van Guitar Hero On Tour de handen niet op elkaar krijg.
Worth Playing (Jul 22, 2008)
When all is said and done, I think Guitar Hero: On Tour is a good idea that never really soared past the "Can we do it?" phase of development. Why there wasn't more attention paid to ergonomic design when putting together the peripheral is beyond me. You were inventing this thing from scratch, guys, so you could have molded that plastic any way you wanted it to! Finding a way to pump more music into the mix should have been a higher priority as well. Even with these issues though, On Tour is an amusing gimmick that's sure to coast along fairly well on the "Hey, neat!" factor that is so deeply ingrained into the Guitar Hero line. Sadly, that will be the game's epitaph: "Here lies Guitar Hero: On Tour. It was almost awesome."
50 (UK) (Jul 08, 2008)
Then again, you won't need online play if you don't buy Guitar Hero: On Tour, and given the problems with the control system and sound quality, we can't recommend it. Guitar Hero has fallen short a few times before, but never for these reasons, and the sense that you're failing at it because of problems with the peripheral and software rather than your own lack of ability is a decisive blow for the DS spin-off. Rhythm-action fans would be much better served by tracking down Elite Beat Agents and its Japanese cousins in the Ouendan series than attempting to make the best of this brave but flawed experiment. Oh well, at least it will buy them some more mansions.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 08, 2008)
All in all, Guitar Hero: On Tour amounts to a valid effort from the developers. It certainly pinpoints that the series is trying to innovate by any means possible, even if the results aren’t totally conclusive. In the Guitar Grip, the series has a new direction that is sure to be refined, re-designed and built on by the next team who take up the challenge. If the peripheral wasn’t plagued with pestering annoyances and the ability to induce cramp after half an hours play, this may have been more of a success. With a lack of original or even quality track listing, this game begins to wear thin after only one play through. Add to this a failing sound system, and it’s clear to see that On Tour isn’t ready for the big time, currently only playing as a warm up act for it’s super successful older brethren.
Gamekult (Jul 29, 2008)
Quasiment sans intérêt pour les adeptes des versions de salon, en raison de plusieurs paramètres revus à la baisse (difficulté, playlist, ergonomie, immersion et précision, notamment), Guitar Hero : On Tour s'adressera avant tout aux joueurs occasionnels et nomades cherchant un jeu musical avec un Guitar Grip malgré tout assez ingénieux. Relativement fidèle à la série en termes de contenu et d'options, jusque dans ses modes anecdotiques - le Choc des guitares -, cet épisode DS ne joue clairement pas dans la même catégorie que ses aînés. Dépourvu du côté "performance live", le jeu de Vicarious Visions ne sera qu'un palliatif portable tout juste honnête pour les accros de Guitar Hero loin d'une console et d'un écran, mais pourra satisfaire pleinement les néophytes en quête de jeu à accessoire.
45 (Aug 08, 2008)
Guitar Hero: On Tour is one of those ideas that sounds great in theory but probably should never have got past the concept stage. It's horribly awkward to play, causes genuine pain after a while and thanks to the limitations of the DS cartridge has horrible sound quality. If you can get past important issues like those then the game itself is nice enough, but that's a very big if.
Game Revolution (Jul 03, 2008)
Porting Guitar Hero onto the DS is less of a bad idea and more of an uphill battle, a battle that Guitar Hero: On Tour ultimately loses. For newbies, the controls are too unwieldy, and for veterans, though they’ll get a short burst of fret-shredding (for $49.99…), stylus scraping just doesn’t compare to a life-sized Gibson controller. With all the fumbling it takes to hold the DS comfortably, you’ll wonder why you’re playing this in public. Really, if you need a Guitar Hero fix while on the go, try air guitar instead. You might get some awkward looks, but at least you’ll have a lot more fun.
It’s tough to see Guitar Hero: On Tour as anything but disappointing. When the developers have to advise you about correct wrist posture and tell you to take breaks every fifteen minutes every time you start the game, there’s got to be something wrong with the design somewhere. With a limited selection of songs, no online play and gameplay that actually causes physical pain, you won’t want to go On Tour for very long.
Co-Optimus (Jun 24, 2008)
There's a lot to love about Guitar Hero: On Tour. The same art style, head bangin' tunes, and tough challenge are here. The song list is more focused on pop this time, but there are plenty of great guitar songs here too (thank you Ozzy and Skid Row). The Grip is workable, though clearly intended for short sessions, which is probably okay for a portable system. The co-op, though, is awful, and doesn't feel cooperative at all. If you were looking for a great co-op experience like that of Rock Band, but on the go, you'll be disappointed. If you're looking for a nice way to fill time with some authentic Guitar Hero style gameplay, though, you should definitely check out Guitar Hero: On Tour.

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