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The verdict? It’s hard to say, really. There’s nothing truly wrong with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for DS; as a matter of fact, it does a lot of things right. You get to take control of Harry in real-time, cast a few spells with the stylus, run around almost the whole of Hogwarts, and the story rewards you handsomely. On the other hand, it’s a very simplistic formula, one that can be grueling at times. Some mini-games can be mildly amusing, and constantly stopping to acquire more “stuff” is a guilty pleasure. If you just want a Potter sim you can carry around with you, this game might be worth a look. Otherwise, grab yourself a copy of the book, or hold out a couple of more weeks until the movie hits the big screen.
videogamer.com (Jul 16, 2009)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on DS is a hard game to judge. It's monotonous and lacking the exciting moments of the book and film, but you do get to play as Harry and act like a wizard in Hogwarts. There are far better games for kids on the market, but this will just about do the job if a youngster simply must play the latest Potter game on their DS. If possible we'd recommend the home console version above this, although it too has its problems.
Worth Playing (Aug 04, 2009)
When you get down to it, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is absolutely boring to play on the DS. It's a constant series of fetch quests that's rarely broken up by the wand duels, potion-making and Quidditch matches. There are a series of mini-games that you can opt to play outside of the main game, but they're not particularly fun, and some of the later challenges are ridiculously tough. The game has some legs to it, and it'll take a bit of time to finish the story mode, but good luck with being able to put up with the monotony of it all. I'd advise against picking up this version, and while I wasn't particularly fond of the X360 rendition, I'd say that it was more entertaining than this game.
Edutaining Kids (Jul, 2009)
Rated E for everyone with a warning for fantasy violence, this game is an easy adventure. Young gamers will enjoy the mild challenge, but veteran gamers will lose interest swiftly. It might have been different if the game had focused on more action-packed sections of the movie to explore, but as it stands, fans of the Harry Potter world will be a bit disappointed in this title. For curious gamers, trying Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince first as a rental would be the smart choice.
IGN (Jun 30, 2009)
Reviewers like to say that bad licensed games are for hardcore fans only, but that's a load of crap. Fans should be pissed about this game. I tried to think of the positive parts of the Half-Blood Prince, so I could write a balanced review, and all I could come up with was the fact that I like Harry Potter (not like that, shut up). When the only positive part of your game is that it has a trademark attached to it, then you've made a bad game. It's not that Harry Potter is broken, it's that EA has managed to take a world brimming with magic and turn it into the most tedious, mundane game possible.
Gameblog.fr (Jul 13, 2009)
Au final, ce Harry Potter et le Prince de sang Mêlé sur DS s'avère n'être qu'une adaptation très moyenne de la version pour console de salon, n'offrant pas l'immersion dans l'univers adoré, ni la prolongation de "l'expérience Harry Potter" que les fans sont en droit d'attendre de ce type de jeu. Plus encore, l'amputation de son mode multi-joueurs rend l'ajout de mini-jeux désespérément vain. Alors rendez service à vos enfants, petits frères, ou neveux, emmenez-les au cinéma, à défaut de leur acheter le livre.
Globalement, la réalisation technique d’Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang Mêlé est honnête. L’ambiance est au rendez-vous, avec des musiques discrètes et les décors sont tout à fait fidèles à l’œuvre originale. Seulement, voilà, elle n’est pas non plus exempte de défauts. On rencontre des bogues gênants (cours de potion par exemple) et aussi un système de collision vraiment pas au point. Parfois Harry avance en marchant, parfois il court, lorsqu’il ne reste pas tout simplement bloqué face à un petit mur invisible. On ne sait pas pourquoi. Un titre qui aurait sans doute demandé un ou deux mois de développement supplémentaires, pour la finition. Ce qui, après réflexion, n’aurait finalement pas changé grand-chose à la donne.
Cubed3 (Aug 02, 2009)
The DS version of the Half-Blood Prince is well-presented - with a detailed Hogwarts to explore, and decent cel-shaded visuals - but the actual gameplay is an unpleasant mix of inane fetch quests and mini-games of limited appeal. Even if you're a die-hard Potter fan who falls into the lower age category the game is clearly intended for, there's very little here to hold your interest for long.
Nintendo Life (Jul 28, 2009)
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for Nintendo DS is really a bit of a let down and feels like a step backwards in terms of gameplay as the game itself is little more than one massive scavenger hunt with most of the storyline progressing through bland, boring cut-scenes. A player should never feel like a spectator in a game and unfortunately this is exactly what happens here. Even for fans of the series there is little on offer; it's best to approach this game with caution and perhaps a vial or two of Wiggenweld Potion.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jul 03, 2009)
Ne vous attendez pas à des merveilles en voyant débarquer Harry Potter sur votre console portable. Cette adaptation du Prince de Sang-Mêlé a en effet tout du titre bâclé à la va-vite. Mêlant des graphismes tout droit sortis d'une autre époque et un gameplay affreusement mal pensé, cet épisode est loin de faire honneur à l'œuvre de J.K. Rowling.
Gamestyle (Jul 13, 2009)
With a tight release schedule, developing a game based on a movie will inevitably involve a degree of compromise, but creating a game that feels unfinished and distinctly rushed isn't acceptable. Fans of the books won't be captivated by the endless roaming that appears to have replaced the story, and the mini-games won't keep you amused for long. Harry Potter fans should be warned: this game's a Howler.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 12, 2009)
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a throwback to the bad old days of EA; a shameless and shameful cash-in that barely qualifies as a full game. It’s a horrible piece of software designed to extract cash from the ardent elements of Potter fandom who’ll buy anything associated with the brand. But even they deserve better than this. Reread the book. You’ll save money and you won’t have to keep tapping it every now and then to move the story along.

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