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A long, intricate and rewarding investigation. RussS (819) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars
Is Kyle Hyde the new Columbo? So Hai (371) 1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.2
Overall User Score (33 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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EL33TONLINE (May 25, 2007)
With ten chapters and a total estimated play time of between 15 – 20 hours, Hotel Dusk is guaranteed to keep you wrapped up in the mystery until the very end. At the end of each chapter, Kyle will recap the important clues and plot elements through a mini-quiz. This ensures that players are kept up to speed on the storyline and is certain to iron out any confusion that a player might have had about any particular aspect of the chapter. If you like a little mystery, some adventure and a side serving of dry humour, my advice is to check into the Dusk, a night full of surprises awaits you.
Portable Review (Feb 09, 2007)
Overall, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is easily the best original graphic adventure that has been released for the Nintendo DS. uses most of the DS’ main features very well (better than most games), and it’s one of the most epic games released for the DS. The difficulty level of this game is very high, and at several points, a game over for a single mistake becomes commonplace – just like how a real graphic adventure game should operate. There is no reason to pass Hotel Dusk up.
Just Adventure (Feb 27, 2007)
If you currently don’t own a Nintendo DS, it is highly recommended you purchase one soon and not just for games like Hotel Dusk, but for upcoming titles such as the recently announced Nancy Drew game and numerous others yet to be revealed. Though the hotel is seedy Hotel Dusk Room 215 is one place you won’t want to check out of any time soon. Oh, and of what importance is Room 215? For the answer to that question, you’ll have to spend a night there on your own.
eToychest (2007)
Overall, Hotel Dusk is a class act. It may not be a cake walk the first time through, but for those who can deal with the occasional head scratching bouts of frustration, this game is another winning addition to the Nintendo DS library. Everyone should spend at least one night in room 215. It's a mature, thinking person's game that should not be missed.
90 (Feb 23, 2007)
Was für ein herrlicher, psychologisch interessanter Spieleschmöker! Ich habe selten so viel Zeit am Stück mit meinem DS verbracht. Seid verdammt noch mal vorsichtig: Dieses Hotel bereitet schlaflose Nächte, es fesselt mit jedem seiner erbarmungslos spannenden Kapitel. Wenn ihr auch nur einen Hauch übrig habt für verwobene Storys und interessante Rätsel, für markante Charaktere und die düsteren Schattierungen des Film noir, dann seid ihr genau so verloren wie ich. Freut euch auf die bisher intelligenteste Nutzung von Handheld, Touchscreen und Stift. Freut euch auf aktive Rätsel, in denen ihr behutsam ziehen, geschickt wackeln, klug basteln oder einfach nur kombinieren müsst. Ja, es hätten mehr sein können. Ja, es gibt einige Sackgassen, die mich fast zur Verzweiflung gebracht haben. Aber ich wollte diesem ebenso deprimierten wie sympathischen Ex-Cop einfach bis ins Finale folgen.
JustPressPlay (Apr 21, 2007)
While the game itself has a few faults in design it doesn’t hinder the game play enough to put it down. The story is well written and intriguing and almost plays out like a movie. Taking a cue from modern day drama, and the neo-noir film style, Hotel Dusk proves to be stylish, fun, and addicting. If you’re not a fan if reading, as stated before, this may not be for you, but even so – give it a chance, you’ll find a gem just waiting to be played. Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is one of the top games for the DS this year, and easily one of the best for the handheld to date.
GotNext (Feb 27, 2007)
Minor flaws aside, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is an excellent example of the importance of a finely crafted narrative, dialogue and characters. While this title revolves around those foundations, I hope its influence spreads to other games and other genres. There are stories worth telling in games, it's just going to take a lot of banging on doors to find them.
Deeko (Jan 24, 2007)
Sadly, the lack of hype surrounding this title, as well as the somewhat lackluster release of the game (I've seen it at a total of one store thus far) are more or less going to keep this title from being anything more than a cult classic, which is a shame given the incredible art styling and storytelling that Hotel Dusk: Room 215 offers up. As I said before, some people may be put off by the sheer amount of reading involved in the game, but those people are sure to miss out on what can only be described as one of this years first Game of The Year candidates. You've had plenty of time to exercise that trigger finger, so take some time out of your life to play something that trains those brain cells a bit! If you're a sucker for a great story and don't mind a slow paced, puzzle filled adventure, Hotel Dusk has a room for you, so come on down, check in and get yourself involved in the mystery of room 215!
GameZone (May 31, 2007)
Hotel Dusk is one of those games that should be used as Exhibit A in the discussion of games legitimacy as a storytelling medium, or even as art. A brilliant art and graphical style, innovative use of the DS’s features, and one of the best noir stories to be told recently in any medium add up to a must-play.
Nintendojo (2007)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is not just a fun play, it's a good read. It's a classic PC-styled adventure with an emphasis on story and realized in a great way on DS hardware. A little more difficulty in the puzzles would have been preferred, but the interesting and well-developed story combined with a graphic noir style demands continued play and a place in any adventure fan's library.
RPGFan (Feb 28, 2007)
I greatly enjoyed Hotel Dusk, and I respect Cing's work even more. The story was engrossing, getting me engaged from start to finish, and the 2D styles on the characters and environments gave the game some charm. It's unfortunate that the game suffers from minor, but annoying technical flaws with fairly little gameplay. It's not perfect, but I highly recommend the game if you are in the mood for a solid story with a good array of characters. Those who expected this to be an action-packed detective story will be sorely disappointed. It's a story of one man who is searching for answers while being pulled into the midst of everyone els's problems.
If you enjoy mystery novels you'll find yourself immersed in this game in no time. You will be required to read a lot, but if you're patient enough and love reading as much as playing a game, this could become one of your richest and most interesting gaming experiences.
Gamers Europe (May 21, 2007)
This game is unlike anything you'll have ever played before. From the sharp dialogue to the memorable graphics, this is a refreshing challenge for the weary adventure genre. Cing has taken a bold step in almost disconnecting the player from the level of interaction typically expected from games and it's paid off. Perhaps people with short attention spans should avoid this title; otherwise there's little reason why many gamers won't find a few reasons to love Hotel Dusk.
VGPub (Feb 13, 2007)
If you’re not a fan of adventure games like Phoenix Wright, Maniac Mansion or Sam & Max this game won’t change your opinion on the genre. But if you’re like me and like to play one every now and then, this should be the next title you should pick up when the adventure genre bug bites.
Extreme Gamer (Feb 02, 2007)
Hotel Dusk gets a strong recommendation for any adventure gamers, Hotel Dusk is a must have title. Beware; even though Hotel Dusk has an intriguing story, great atmosphere and an interesting look, you have to like to read. Word heavy, Hotel Dusk won't appeal to gamers who need action and constant stimulation. If you can sit back and read a novel, then you will more than enjoy Hotel Dusk: Room 215 for the Nintendo DS.
84 (May 15, 2007)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a top game when I compare it to any other I played or saw within the genre. The atmosphere is being created in such a magnificent way together with a very strong storyline (like you’re reading a good book). A very big ‘MUST HAVE’ for any DS owner. If you liked Phoenix Wright (although not completely the same kind of game) you’ll certainly love this!
Retro Gamer (May 24, 2007)
Despite being initially slow burning, the pace soon picks up and will have you completely hooked as the plot continually twists and turns. Add in some beautiful looking visuals (think a noir version of A-ha's Take On Me) and plenty of cinematic flourishes and Hotel Dusk proves that Nintendo's handheld is often capable of delivering experiences that just aren't possible on other machines.
Gaming Age (2007)
Hotel Dusk shows that there is definitely a place for adventure/puzzle solving games and the DS, with its touch screen and other built-in functions is the best place for them.
GameSpot (Jan 23, 2007)
Its few flaws notwithstanding, Hotel Dusk is a nice breath of fresh air for the adventure game genre. It proves that the old point-and-click (or, in this case, point-and-tap) adventure can still hold a bit of water in this day and age when the right amount of care is put into the craft. Hotel Dusk's storytelling is a significant cut above most handheld games, let alone most games in general, and that the puzzle solving and conversational elements play out so intriguingly is a big feather in the game's cap. Of course, Hotel Dusk isn't going to appeal to everyone--its plodding, actionless nature is certain to turn off those looking for more visceral entertainment. However, if the idea of a slow-burning, character-driven noir adventure sounds like it's up your alley, Hotel Dusk is too good to be passed up.
Hotel Dusk is an interesting game. Its design and gameplay are from the stone age, yet the story, writing, and characters are so interesting that it beckons you to keep playing, hoping to see what's around the next corner. As a handheld game, the ability to save at any time, coupled with its text-heavy presentation, make it an excellent choice for commuters. Ultimately, though, it fails to transcend the trappings of the genre. Making it an excellent point-and-click game, but a chore by any other standard.
Consoles Plus (Mar, 2007)
Wish Room est un jeu d'un autre temps, mais fait avec les outils d'aujourd'hui. Réussite narrative et technique, il constitue aussi une bonne initiation au genre, mais pour public restreint.
80 (May 04, 2007)
Some would say the puzzles are a touch easy at times, though there certainly are some corkers. If you are looking for action then try elsewhere, but if you fancy the old-fashioned pleasures of a great point 'n' click, then snap this up now, and enjoy one of the sharpest, coolest worlds seen in gaming for a long time. Just don't forget to save every other minute.
Pocket Gamer UK (Apr 10, 2007)
Most players will find themselves having a very pleasant stay at Hotel Dusk. Action freaks may find the subtle, slow-paced, text-heavy nature of the game makes them check out early. But those with enough patience to deal with the sometimes repetitive conversations will be more than rewarded, as the plot builds to a climatic finish, and there are corridors-full of top-notch detective work and puzzles to enjoy. Make your reservation now.
80 (Mar 01, 2007)
As far as adventure games go, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, brings some new ideas to the table, but I feel the makers were so caught up showing you something new that they forgot that you might want a little more influence over it all. Still, if you’re the kind of person who ranks plot as one of the most important features in a game, Hotel Dusk is worth the 15 hours it takes to beat, and another few hours to watch the story over again (and possibly unlock one of the multiple endings). However, if you’re looking for a game to bend you brain over with difficult puzzles and a thrilling exploration experience, you’d be better off with Shadowgate.
Boomtown (Feb 21, 2007)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is more than the sum of its parts, and those parts are damn fine. The final score below of an 8 is a practical mark for something that feels like a 9 out of 10 game. It is a fantastic yarn beginning to end, with a satisfactory noir ending that leaves just enough unresolved stuff to allow a possible sequel. There are even things you can miss doing that don't prevent you finishing, but that may tempt you to check in again to Hotel Dusk.
NintendoWorldReport (Jan 28, 2007)
While Hotel Dusk probably won't go down in any halls of fame, it's a solid entry for the DS and a welcome step up from Trace Memory. There's a lot more dialogue than some adventure players may be used to, but the characters have wonderfully distinct personalities. (Who doesn't love an old woman with an eyepatch drinking at the bar?) Here's to hoping Kyle Hyde's detective work won't end here.
Gamebrink (2007)
If you like interactive adventure games, noir murder mysteries, and the unique capabilities of the DS then this is a no-brainer purchase.
Nintendo Life (Mar 22, 2007)
Hotel Dusk is an impressive and innovative title for the DS. Perhaps this could usher in a regeneration of the text based adventure genre on the DS, with its innovative design and interesting art direction.
80 (May 25, 2007)
“Hotel Dusk: Room 215“ ist ein Spiel mit recht wenig spielerischer Tiefe und nur einer geringen Anzahl an wirklich komplexen Rätseln. Dennoch machen gerade die tolle Präsentation und die überaus unterhaltsamen Dialoge den Kern des Spieles aus. Wer nicht gerne liest, wird hier jedoch keine Freude haben. Die Texte sind allesamt recht lang und meistens bewegt man sich von einem Dialog zum Nächsten. Trotzdem verdient sich Hotel Dusk gerade durch den wunderschönen Stil, toller Musik und der fesselnden Geschichte eine Wertung im gehobeneren Bereich und ist vor allem für Adventure Freunde und Leseratten zu empfehlen.
Adventure Island (Oct 21, 2007)
Het is een heerlijke adventure met een geweldig verhaal, mooie graphics, leuke puzzels en goede muziek. Het is gewoon een lekker lange adventure. Persoonlijk had ik het wat leuker gevonden als er wat meer echte puzzels in zouden zitten. Zit sterk te dubben tussen een 8 en een 8,5. Dat er te weinig echte puzzels zijn en soms onlogische gespek puzzels in zitten maakt het cijfer een dikke 8.
UOL Jogos (Jan 30, 2007)
"Hotel Dusk: Room 215" é, sem dúvida, uma das melhores surpresas dos últimos meses no DS. O jogo consegue superar inúmeros títulos do gênero já lançados para PC, além de ser, provavelmente, o mais bonito do portátil. Trata-se de uma ótima oportunidade para os jogadores menos habituados com o gênero adventure conhecê-lo mais a fundo. Já para os entusiastas, é um título indispensável.
Purojuegos (2007)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 es una gran aventura graficas y todos los amantes de las mismas no pueden dejar de darle una oportunidad, creo que la gran mayoria quedara enganchado con el nivel artístico del juego y su intrincada historia. Vale la pena darle una oportunidad.
Games Master (Apr, 2007)
The plot, once it gets going, is gripping stuff. The dialogue isn't as witty as Phoenix Wright's, but the game and its characters have more depth. Just be warned - only fans of the written word should embark on it. There's a lot of reading involved.
Aventura y Cía (Jun 04, 2007)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 es el segundo proyecto para Nintendo DS de la joven compañía Cing, responsable del entrañable y sorprendente Another Code, título que acompañó a la portátil en su lanzamiento mundial. Aquel juego fue un éxito sin paliativos: a las estupendas críticas se sumaron unas excelentes ventas. Fue el reconocimiento en toda regla de un sector acostumbrado a las decepciones y a las escasas alegrías. Las expectativas generadas respecto a su sucesor fueron inmensas: éste calibraría, de forma definitiva, si Another Code era fruto de un día y del azar o si, por el contrario, estábamos ante el abanderado de la revolución del género.
Armchair Empire, The (Feb 19, 2007)
Beyond these issues you’ll find a great adventure with an interesting story that will keep you wondering throughout just what will happen next. If adventure games are your style, you won’t be disappointed with this one.
80 (May 03, 2007)
Hotel Dusk is een dijk van een game geworden met een super verhaal, goed besturing, schitterende graphics en uitdagende puzzels. De karakters en dialogen zijn enorm goed uitgewerkt waardoor het spel een flinke diepgang krijgt. Het is echter geen spel voor iedereen, omdat er veel gelezen moet worden. Iets dat tegenwoordig met de snelle actiespellen niet meer erg in trek is. Hou je echter van een goede adventure dan móet je deze game hebben.
1UP (Jan 22, 2007)
Cing's previous DS creation, Trace Memory, was fairly lukewarm, but don't let that be a deterrent. Hotel Dusk is in a class of its own, with a vastly more interesting story and setting than its predecessor. It's stylish, intriguing, and unique -- definitely worth tracking down.
GameSpy (Jan 26, 2007)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 isn't something to pick up if you're not keen on cerebral gaming experiences -- it requires a lot of patience and an attention to detail that's not normally demanded in today's games. It's certainly a refreshing change of pace. Solid writing, unique visuals and intuitive gameplay is what makes Hotel Dusk such a great experience. Though it is slow and subtle, it works out in the end, providing a great story that holds its own against the vast majority of current games. Now all you have to do is manage to find a copy.
Adventure-Treff (Aug 04, 2007)
Das Spiel hat eine interessante und spannende Story, die mit vielen Wendungen und Enthüllungen zu überraschen weiß. Dadurch lässt sich auch die Linearität des Spiels verschmerzen. Lobenswert ist auch die Länge des Spiels, die mit ca. 15 Stunden weit über den bisherigen DS-Adventures liegt. Hauptmanko sind die leichten Rätsel, die teilweise nur rudimentär in die Geschichte integriert sind. Diese sind jedoch niemals unfair, das Spiel ist somit auch für Adventure-Einsteiger eignet. Die Charaktere und Situationen sind insgesamt realistischer und weniger klischeebehaftet als in Spielen wie Another Code oder Phoenix Wright. Wer hauptsächlich Comic-Adventures spielt und Wert auf viel Humor liegt, kommt hier nicht auf seine Kosten. Liebhaber von spannenden Krimi-Adventures werden mit Hotel Dusk dagegen ihre Freude haben.
IGN (Jan 24, 2007)
Hotel Dusk is a great read with interesting characters and backgrounds, and its visuals compliment the tale nicely. The puzzle elements are much more scattered than Trace Memory -- most of the player interaction is in the dialogue trees and in moving from point to point within the hotel. The game takes a long time picking up pace, but it never really speeds along. It's meant to be an interactive novel, but even so sometimes it's hard not to wish the characters would get to the point just so you can get to the next puzzle. Still, it's a significant improvement over the team's previous effort, and it's a nice revitalization of the point-and-click adventure genre on the Nintendo DS.
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a pretty good game. Although you will have to read a lot of text, the story pulls you in and the plot has its fair share of twists and turns. Add to the good story some really stylish graphics and you have a great package to look at. Be forewarned though, once you play the game through there is no reason to do so again. That being said, most people who pick up this game should enjoy the experience.
FOK!games (Feb 25, 2007)
Hotel Dusk Room 215 hoort wel thuis in het genre van de adventure games, maar kun je het beste omschrijven als een interactief boek. Het spel ligt dichter bij Phoenix Wright dan bij The Secret of Monkey Island. Het verhaal staat in Hotel Dusk centraal, en dit is meteen de redding van het spel. Het verhaal, de personages en de dialogen zijn namelijk zo goed uitgewerkt dat het heel moeilijk is om Hotel Dusk neer te leggen als je ermee begonnen bent. Je wilt weten wat de personages verborgen houden, en wat de waarheid is achter het verraad van Bradley. Het is niet zozeer dat het verhaal de middelmatige gameplay goedmaakt, maar meer dat de gameplay volledig in dienst staat van het verhaal . Toch is het te hopen dat het niveau van de puzzels bij een eventueel vervolg (en gezien het einde is die ruimte er) wat hoger komt te liggen.
Hotel Dusk is a decent grown-up game for the DS with some neat ideas and a great plot, but the slow pace may frustrate people looking for a little more hard-boiled excitement.
75 (Apr 16, 2007)
Sorte de 10 Petits Nègres moderne, Hotel Dusk a de sérieux atouts : un scénario en béton armé, fait de plusieurs intrigues à dimension humaine assez touchantes, une exploitation optimale de la DS, des énigmes cohérentes, une cosmétique épatante. Tout cela suffit à entraver le manque d'audace du gameplay, bien trop dirigiste, qui donne l'impression d'être à mi-chemin entre le livre interactif et le vieux jeu d'aventure PC. Il faudrait que CING réfléchisse à ce problème pour réellement faire entrer le jeu d'aventure sur DS dans la modernité. En attendant, Hotel Dusk se positionne comme le top du genre sur la portable de Nintendo.
Gamezine (Apr 10, 2007)
Doté de jolis graphismes bien animés et des qualités requises pour ce genre de jeux, Hotel Dusk est un jeu qui exploite correctement la Nintendo DS. Bien que la durée de vie ne soit pas extraordinaire, vous pouvez vous procurer ce titre qui est l’un des meilleurs jeux du moment. Encore un !
GamePro (US) (Jan 26, 2007)
Hotel Dusk probably won't appeal to every DS gamer, as it requires a degree of patience and thoughtfulness that only the aged (and insane) are capable of. But anyone looking for a cerebral and deliberate challenge should definitely check out this cool and unique title; just be patient with it, and don't let its minor faults discourage you from plumbing its depths.
Computer Bild Spiele (May 02, 2007)
Hier erwartet Sie ein etwas anderes Spiel. Genau genommen ist es mehr ein spannendes, interaktives Kriminalbuch. Sie werden keine Action finden, sondern eine ruhig, aber packend erzählte, verworrene Geschichte. Ihre Aufgabe besteht darin, die Fäden zu entwirren, indem Sie simple Rätsel lösen, sehr viele Gespräche führen und deren erlauf über verschiedene Möglichkeiten der Fragestellung steuern. Das erfordert eine hohe Lesebereitschaft und beschert Ihnen im Gegenzug ein "gutes" Abenteuer.
Gaming Target (Feb 05, 2007)
I really enjoyed Hotel Dusk. The storyline and characters are compelling in a way that many recent video games lack. Likewise, the puzzles, while on the easy side, were generally well crafted and require the player to use brains over brawn. While the sound is hardly revolutionary, the graphics have a unique style that quickly grows on you. The game has no multiplayer or extra features to note. Once you complete Hotel Dusk there is little incentive to replay unless you really enjoy the storyline (which you will). This a trait that most adventure games share, even the great ones, and must be taken into consideration in determining if Hotel Dusk if more of a rental or purchase for you. However, no matter what I would recommend playing this quality adventure title.
71 (Apr 23, 2007)
Ganz ehrlich muss ich leider sagen, dass ich die Nacht im Hotel Dusk nicht sehr genossen habe und das Spiel nur echten Adventurefans auf dem DS empfehlen möchte. So spannend die Geschichte auch ist und so interessant die Präsentation sowie einige Rätsel sind, mochte bei mir durch das unglaublich zähe Spieltempo kaum Spielspaß aufkommen. Vor allem das sehr langsame und nicht groß zu beschleunigende Tempo, in dem die einzelnen Wörter auf dem Bildschirm erscheinen, sorgt letztlich dafür, dass ich lieber einen guten Kriminalroman in die Hand nehme, wo ich mein Lesetempo selbst bestimmen darf. Wenn die vielen Dialoge wenigstens allesamt auf einem sprachlich hohen Niveau wären, könnte man über diesen Umstand vielleicht noch hinweg sehen, aber fünf Minuten einem Gespräch zu zuhören, bei dem sich die Charaktere über absolut Belangsloses unterhalten gefällt zumindest mir nicht. Wer allerdings bereits Another Code richtig klasse fand, darf durchaus ins Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Games TM (Jan, 2007)
Hotel Dusk's ultimate and most brilliant contradiction, then, is that despite every single flaw, it'll keep you hooked from beginning to end. Surely that's a sign that you don't always need good gameplay to make a good game.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 30, 2007)
It's a shame to leave Hotel Dusk in such poor light; for everything that it does right, there's a slight snagging that pulls it back, stopping you from turning the page. Characters, styling, story, modelling, puzzles, conversations, setting - all fantastic, but infuriating let down by design and play constraints. Maybe you'll remember or spot things I didn't, maybe the mechanics won't matter afterall. Overlook these faults and prepare to dig into a game that actually has some sustenance; for the story alone with its twists and turns, you absolutely have to experience this game.
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is undeniably a brave idea with occasionally clever execution. Unfortunately, the overall experience is bogged down with too much dialogue despite its novel influences, and an unfulfilled demand for something to actually play. Perhaps Hotel Dusk is being aimed towards the alternative demographics that Nintendo are chasing after with the DS, sitting as a viable substitute to the bedtime book.
Hotel Dusk hangs somewhere between a game and an interactive story. While we would have liked to see a little more interactivity thrown into the mix, its storytelling elements are nevertheless fantastic.
Gamestyle (2007)
It could have been more atmospheric, though, and given its almost 'noir' graphical stylings, it's a little saddening to see it handled the way it has been. Though some of the music is quite evocative, ninety-percent of it sounds like something you'd hear in an elevator. Many of the tasks in the game are menial or side-tracked from what you want to be doing, and the characters often come across as stupid - too slow to catch onto obvious clues in the story. Regardless of this, Hotel Dusk is perhaps one of the most unique, stylish and absorbing games for the DS, and remains one of the best adventure titles for the system. Whether this says a lot about the game or rather the dearth of alternative adventure games is another matter; but given a chance Hotel Dusk will almost certainly keep you hooked to the end.
70 (Feb 21, 2007)
Dusk is worth the scratch. While not everyone will love it, its one of those games so different you should try it anyways. Dusk is easy to like and easier to want to get more of. Still, everyone’s a critic these days and there are some people slinging mud at the Dusk like it spit at a churchyard. Don’t listen to them. Dusk is a fine game, real aspirations for the future. While Wright showed us that we can still have adventures, Dusk showed us that we still want to have adventures.
70 (Dec 19, 2011)
But despite those problems (believe me, there are a lot of problems), I really like Hotel Dusk. It’s the same reason I like Harvest Moon: It’s one of those games that you play at a slower pace, to mix it up after shooting a group of terrorists in another brown-gray “realistic” game. It’s sort of like an omelet; it’s got well-cooked ham and delectable cheese, but some asshole left some shell pieces in there. And I hate shell pieces in my eggs. But you eat around them because your girlfriend made it for you. And apart from the occasional crunch that has you contemplate homicide, it’s actually quite good.
70 (May 04, 2007)
Geduldige Menschen wie ich werden den Entwicklern diesen Schnitzer verzeihen, betrachte ich es eher als interaktiven Roman, denn als echtes Spiel. Aber auch hier hätte ein Blick auf die ehernen Regeln der Erzählkunst Hollywoods gereicht, um zu erkennen, dass jede Story einen guten und frühen Aufhänger braucht. Wer sich da durchwurschtelt, bekommt ein sehr atmosphärisches Adventure, das man mehr liest und genießt, als es wirklich zu „spielen“. Denn dazu ist die Zahl der Rätsel und Aufgaben viel zu gering. Trotzdem würde ich mich freuen, mehr Spiele aus diesem Genre demnächst auf meinem Touchscreen zu finden – mit ein bisschen mehr Spiel und gestrafften Dialogen. Dennoch: Derzeit ist Hotel Dusk praktisch konkurrenzlos. Wer also eine gute Story zu schätzen weiß, sollte unbedingt zugreifen.
Despite its linearity, Hotel Dusk at least advances the genre in its own ways. The touch screen is handy for taking notes, and gamers will enjoy how well the excellent script has been localized. Hell, it’s got more personality than 90 percent of games, period. However, two things in particular bug me about Hotel Dusk’s design. Some of its game-ending scenarios are too arbitrary to avoid. Also, when you go back in to replay your surprise faux pas, the game ignores your saves and sends you back to a further checkpoint, which is annoying, unnecessary, and time consuming.
Game Couch (Feb 07, 2007)
Hotel Dusk’s official site calls the game an “interactive mystery novel” which isn’t a bad way to approach it. Played by holding the DS like a book, the majority of Hotel Dusk’s game time is spent reading. Technically an adventure game, most game play involves navigating through conversation trees with the other guests. Of course the game’s hotel setting means that you’ll be sneaking through staff-only areas, breaking into hotel rooms, and snooping through hotel records—usually to find evidence which will open up new lines of questioning.
70 (UK) (Feb 26, 2007)
But it deserves attention. It deserves it because I've realised I could write a thousand words on each character, exploring their behaviour and relation to the ever-evolving central thread. It deserves it because I've had to really hold myself back from becoming deeply pretentious and waffling on about Brechtian estrangement again, remembering that my interpretation of the presentation might not be yours. (Your wrong interpretation). It's made me think a lot, and I suddenly found myself waffling on at great length about how interesting the characters' behaviours are to an innocent passing housemate. It makes lots of mistakes, but it has substance, as well as the very finest style.
Adventure Gamers (Feb 25, 2007)
Hotel Dusk is another good DS release from Cing. The game is entertaining, and a worthwhile purchase for any DS owner who enjoys a lot of story in their games and doesn't mind the occasional lame puzzle.
Game Revolution (Jan 26, 2007)
So there you have it. Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a hell of a tale, even if by day it masquerades as a mediocre adventure game. If you have a strong memory and a high threshold for aimless exploration, this is a case worth solving.
TTGamer (Feb 28, 2007)
Hotel Dusk is a bit like a Jekyll and Hyde DS game. During some points this well feel like the most original DS game yet, while other times you will feel completely bored but then wonder why, when you switch it off, you want to fire it back up again. It's something all DS players need to play to see what it's like but one thing is for sure, you do need to like reading.
Sydney Morning Herald (Mar 01, 2007)
Unfortunately, goodwill is often sapped by mundane tasks and meaningless chatter. And having to wait until the game lets you solve a riddle even though you have grasped the solution long ago is particularly galling. Players too often feel like passengers on a scripted ride, rather than individual auteurs directing their own unique experience.
Modojo (2007)
Overall, while the game is far from perfect, it's a good stab at the adventure game genre. They story is good enough to be in a book and if it weren't for the long-winded dialog, I would rate this game higher. I think if people treat Hotel Dusk more as an interactive novel than an actual game, they'll be less likely to be disappointed.
Le Geek (Sep, 2007)
I think if you're a reader, or you like really original games, you need to pick this up. Maybe wait until you can find one used. If lots of words bore you, look elsewhere.
Netjak (Feb 06, 2007)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 goes down as a disappointment for me. In the end, it's nothing but some nice 2D art strapped onto a mostly non-engaging story and a halfhearted attempt at a game. The gimmick to gameplay ratio is almost off the charts for this one. If you haven't ever played a point and click adventure game, this may be a good one for you to pick and start with. If you have, then, the $34.99 price tag is going to be well outside of the price range for taking a flyer on this title.
Daily Game (Mar 16, 2007)
I understand that Nintendo's trying to reach out to a broader audience with their consoles, but by abusing the player's patience, they're not going to gain any converts. Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is like the hot cheerleader in the movies - sexy and sweet outside, but vapid and soulless inside.
The A.V. Club (Jan 29, 2007)
Save your time and money for some real L.A. crime novels.
Background (Mar, 2007)
La partie recherche est passionnante, et pourra, peut-être, décourager lorsque les énigmes semblent trop difficiles. Rien de bien grave en tout cas, car vous serez vite poussé à continuer par l'ambiance phénoménale du jeu, grandement aidée par une bande-son de qualité.

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