InuYasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Kagome meets Janis in the intro animation.
You move and act on the map in the upper screen. The lower screen displays party statistics, moon phase, and name of the location.
Janis is the main character. This is her stats screen (relatively late in the game).
The item screen showing the items carried by Janis. Herbs and scrolls to restore stats.
And the skills screen, this time showing Miroku's skills. Most of these can only be used during battle.
A typical battle scene showing the amazing variety of enemies and the icon-driven battle interface.
Kagome shooting a demon.
InuYasha using his powerful Wind Scar attack in a battle.
Encounter with two NPCs.
Part of a story animation, showing the whole party and Kaede, one of the more important side characters from the anime. The dialogs are displayed on the lower screen.
Another important minor character you meet is Hachi. You have to pay him a modest amount...
... and then he transforms into an airship like in the anime. This is the only way to reach certain areas in the game, and to avoid the annoying random battles on the overland map.
InuYasha and Kagome arguing, as usual.