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GameZone (Nov 26, 2007)
Of course, I’m reviewing this game as someone that appreciates all works of game development, not as a casual gamer, Jenga’s target market. Those players may not be as patient. Without saying a word about Jenga World Tour’s content, I handed it off to my sister, a casual gamer who loves the real Jenga. When I asked what she thought of the game, her only response was, “It’s slow.” She returned the game after 20 minutes and did not ask to play it again.
IGN (Nov 27, 2007)
Jenga on the DS fails on the conceptual level. As full-featured as the developer tried to make this game, it simply comes down to the fact that A) it's not fun, and B) the actual game of Jenga is far more enjoyable at a third the price. Why strain your eyes on a smaller version of the stack when you can just clear some space off the kitchen table and play the real thing?
Worth Playing (Feb 28, 2008)
There is absolutely no reason to purchase Jenga World Tour over a copy of the physical game. The latter is cheaper, less painful on your eyes, and significantly more fun. The few changes that Jenga World Tour make to the overall formula are effectively pointless and in a few cases, serve to make the game overall less, not more, enjoyable. Even the fact that Jenga World Tour is portable does little to justify purchasing a copy, as trying to play Jenga on the go isn't remotely enjoyable. If you've really got the hankering to play Jenga, get some friends together, pick up the $10 physical game, and leave Jenga World Tour on the shelf.
GamerKids (Feb 27, 2008)
A Jenga set actually costs significantly less then this game, so unless you already have one and your child is a Jenga nut who simply must play their favourite game in the car, you can probably skip this release.
AceGamez (Jan 09, 2008)
The developers of Jenga World Tour have done pretty much all they can to make the game reach its full potential - it's just that it never had much to work with. Single cartridge multiplayer would have helped a great deal, but even that wouldn't have lifted it into the average category. If it was part of a compilation like 42 All-Time Classics then it would provide better value and considerably more appeal, but as a standalone product it's just a poorly conceived conversion. A set of real life Jenga blocks retails for less than half the price of this inferior product and offers a far more entertaining experience, with built in multiplayer for as many people as you can fit in your living room. If you itching for some physics-defying action then I suggest you stick with the real thing. Or buy Portal.
25 (Mar 03, 2008)
Rendre Jenga viable sur une console de jeu, quelle qu'elle soit, semblait tout de même bien utopique. Atomic Planet a manifestement fait de son mieux mais n'a pas réussi à rendre le soft suffisamment jouable pour convaincre. Physique douteuse, lisibilité médiocre, jouabilité déséquilibrée, plastique modeste et concept qui n'a clairement pas sa place sur une machine de jeu s'associent pour plomber le projet. L'idéal est encore de foncer dans un magasin de jouets pour embarquer le jeu de société original ou l'une de ses multiples déclinaisons.
20 (UK) (Jan 02, 2008)
The various extras like immovable blocks and distracting objects add nothing to the experience; the single-player 'story' mode can be finished in an hour; and the multiplayer rather stingily asks for more than one card to play together. Low scores are usually given to bug-ridden games with little imagination, designed with incompetence. This game gets a low score because there is no point to it.
Gamer Within (Dec 29, 2007)
It’s easy to say that Jenga: World Tour’s best feature is that you don’t have to pack up, but given the frustrating controls, bland graphics and dull audio, chances are you will never reach that point in the game to even notice that feature. You will quickly want to swap this game for the real thing.