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En conclusión, estamos ante uno de los mejores títulos para DS que llega ahora que su ciclo se acaba. Una gran aventura llena de personajes carismáticos, combates emocionantes, puzles, misiones que realizar... Todo ello con unos preciosos gráficos que rebosan arte y unas melodías que encajan a la perfección. Una compra casi obligada para cualquier fan de las aventuras estilo The Legend of Zelda que gustará especialmente a los jugadores que presenten más atención al apartado artístico. También muy recomendable para todos aquellos que disfrutaron de Okami y echan de menos Nippon y a sus dioses, a pesar de que pueden encontrarse con pocas novedades y situaciones similares a las ya jugadas. Sin embargo, recordamos que el juego se encuentra en inglés íntegramente, por lo que aquellos que no dominen la lengua podrían perderse un grande.
Nintendo Life (Mar 24, 2011)
Okamiden is an epic adventure in every sense: well written storyline, a huge over-world and gorgeous visuals and sound. It is an experience that, even if rushed through, will take more than 15 hours to complete. If you take your time and explore, which we recommend, you can add many more hours to that play time. That’s not to say that moving this franchise to the DS is without problems: there are occasional frame rate drops, some awkward D-Pad controls and a camera that doesn’t always cooperate. However, this is an exceptional achievement and, potentially, a fitting swan-song for the DS. It will enchant both adults and children alike with its cute hero and heart-warming story, and deserves a chance to be enjoyed. If you liked Okami, or are a fan of Zelda-style adventure games, you owe it to yourself to experience Okamiden.
The world of Okamiden is a strange one, but extremely familiar if you've played the first game. The scaling-down of the amazing watercolour graphics to fit onto the DS screen has worked for the most and the beauty of the world is intact.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2011)
Okamiden brengt de prachtige Okami-ervaring in zal zijn glorie maar zonder nieuwigheden naar de DS. De handheld kan zich geen mooiere noten op zijn zwanenzang wensen.
IGN (Mar 14, 2011)
Okamiden has all the right ingredients for a spectacular adventure game, though it never quite reaches the heights of the titles it seeks to emulate. Even so, it shows tons of promise, and has me really excited for the future of this franchise in the making. All in all, there is nothing lacking in this package. An engaging tale, memorable characters, epic boss battles, and cute wolf puppies-- it’s all here and it feels great. Good news for gamers: it seems an old wolf can learn new tricks.
1UP (Mar 17, 2011)
The greatest praise and the greatest condemnation you can heap on Okamiden is that it's the best non-Nintendo Zelda game on DS. In its strongest moments, the story is engrossing, the art style painterly, and boss fights diabolical. At the same time, it's hard to create an opinion of it that doesn't compare it to Nintendo's own adventure franchise. Still, in the broad strokes, Okamiden is almost masterfully done, but the little details still need some work.
80 (UK) (Mar 15, 2011)
There's something touching, too, about those awkward first steps. Okamiden's initial tentativeness speaks volumes about a game not quite sure of its future, and in Issun's failure to keep Amaterasu's memory alive, it's hard not to see a metaphor for Capcom's oddly noble attempt to revive the series itself. It might not be quite the game its predecessor was, but you can't help but hope that this charming follow-up sells well enough for its publisher to keep the wolf from the lore.
80 (Apr 25, 2010)
Okamiden may not feature much new compared to the original game, but it manages to bring a PS2-quality game to a handheld. The game will take around 30 hours to play, which should give action-adventure fans plenty to go through. If you’re holding off on getting a 3DS, you can’t go wrong by checking this game out.
GameSpy (Mar 22, 2011)
Luckily, Okamiden's heartwarming story and adorable characters compensate fairly well for the telltale console to portable "squishing." Okami fans will be spellbound with nostalgia while finding plenty new to enjoy, and fans of Zelda-esque adventures will be hard pressed to find another portable game so engaging in the twilight of Nintendo's soon-to-be replaced Nintendo DS hardware. Okamiden may piddle the floor a bit, but it's a puppy most won't mind bringing home from the shop.
Meristation (Mar 13, 2011)
Okamiden es una gran manera de despedir a Nintendo DS ahora que le llega sucesora. Una aventura enorme gracias a su extensión, a la trama principal y a las decenas de misiones secundarias que alberga. A pesar de tener un argumento bastante simple, los personajes le dan un encanto especial a su desarrollo, acompañado de un apartado artístico y sonoro que atrapa desde la primera partida.
Cheat Happens (Mar 26, 2011)
Though Okamiden never really reaches the success level of it's much talked about predecessor, it's still a remarkable DS game. The paintbrush mechanic feels like it was made to be on Nintendo's handheld, even if some of the game's other aspects don't feel quite at home. Whether you're a fan of the original Okami, looking to rekindle your love for the franchise or want to know what all the fuss is about, you can't miss with Okamiden.
80 (Mar 18, 2011)
Moins ambitieux que le premier Okami car limité par son support, Okami Den n'en conserve pas moins cette poésie qui caractérisait le titre de Clover tout en se démarquant par son atmosphère plus légère. L'apparition de compagnons pour Chibiterasu compense le caractère relativement classique de l'aventure et le bon usage du stylet nous fait oublier les quelques faiblesses de gameplay. Espérons que l'absence de traduction ne condamnera pas ce titre à connaître un échec commercial immérité car l'avenir de la série est en jeu.
80 (Apr 07, 2011)
Okamiden est, tout comme son prédécesseur, une franche réussite. Le passage sur DS avec ses concessions indispensables a été parfaitement négocié par l’équipe de développement qui nous offre une bien belle histoire avec des personnages particulièrement attachants et un Chibiterasu craquant à souhait. Proposant une progression certes linéaire, mais émaillée de nombreuses énigmes bien pensées, basées sur la coopération et l’utilisation des différents pouvoirs de Chibi, Okamiden se hisse sans conteste au niveau des meilleurs Zelda-like. Envoûtant, dynamique et poétique, il est seulement dommage que Capcom n’ait pas pensé à le faire traduire dans la langue de Molière. Une aventure inoubliable au Nippon qui se doit de figurer dans votre ludothèque DS.
Brash Games (Apr 12, 2011)
Okamiden feels as much of a remake as the Wii version of Okami did. This style of improving familiar elements lends itself well to the adventure genre, as shown by the game Okami heavily borrows inspiration from: Legend of Zelda.
Gamereactor (Norway) (Mar 22, 2011)
Jeg ble kanskje ikke like forhekset av Okamiden, men vet dere hva? Det er jammen ikke langt unna. En kornete skogsvei i ny og ne er tross alt ingenting mot et velregissert eventyrspill.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 15, 2011)
Trots att det estetiska lämnar en del övrigt att önska levererar Okamiden på många andra punkter. Upptäckarlustan finns där. Nya förmågor öppnar nya områden och japanerna är slarviga nog att tappa bort saker som en liten vit varg kan tänkas vara sugen på att leta upp. Dessutom är miljöerna varierade och pusslen lagom utmanande. Jag trivs på Japans solgassande stränder, vidsträckta fält och mystiska skogar. Även denna gång ligger paralleller till Zelda-serien närmast till hands. Okamiden är ett välgjort äventyr och en utmärkt resekamrat på bussen. Och då kanske inte några pixliga blommor är hela världen.
Games Finder (Jul 14, 2014)
Okamiden captures the same amazing vibe as the original and perfectly balances its gameplay for new players and old players so everybody can enjoy this Nintendo DS experience.
75 (Mar 21, 2011)
Das ist ohne Zweifel eines der schönsten Abenteuer für den DS. Capcom ist es gelungen, das großartige Artdesign, diese kreative Mischung aus Kalligraphie und Mythologie, aus skurrilen, putzigen und schrecklichen Kreaturen auf den Handheld zu übertragen. Auch das Verändern der Welt über Pinselstriche und die pausierbaren Gefechte gegen Dämonen in Arenen wurden wie vieles andere quasi kopiert. Wer das große Okami kennt, wird hier ein Déjà-vu nach dem anderen erleben, was natürlich neben der Nostalgie auch für eine gewisse Routine sorgt. Dass die Spielwelt nicht mehr so groß ist und es hier und da dennoch Slowdowns gibt, kann man aufgrund der vielen Geheimnisse verschmerzen. Aber weder die Rätsel noch die Kämpfe können auf Dauer fordern - all das ist viel zu einfach!
GameSpot (Mar 15, 2011)
Okamiden sets out to rise above the shadow of Okami, but it never achieves that goal. It's just too similar to the PlayStation 2 original, so it struggles to establish an identity of its own. But despite the familiar ground it travels, this is still a good game that captures the unmitigated pleasure of bringing life to a dying land. Okamiden is a beautiful game, and it uses its artful setting to lure you into this world and care about the events and characters as if they were real. The shallow gameplay lacks the imagination that could have made it stand on par with the gorgeous sights, and some touch-screen annoyances get in the way of your carefree creation. But despite Okamiden's few missteps, it's a pleasure to explore this fanciful world and uncover every secret it has hidden. Okamiden doesn't make a name for itself, but this is still a joyful game that is easy to lose yourself in.
Console Obsession (May 04, 2011)
The formula of Okami hasn’t been translated to the DS completely problem free and for some it will recall its forbear far too often, but it’s still an excellent shrunk down version, with visual splendour in abundance and a sizable world, with plenty in the way to do and for many that will be more than enough.
Level (Sweden) (Nov, 2011)
Nej, Okamiden är inte en lika stark upplevelse som Okami var. Men det hindrar förstås inte att det fortfarande är ett lysande portabelt äventyr. De grepp som Okami introducerade var tillräckligt nyskapande och genomarbetade för att hålla en vända till. Problemlösningen må vara simpel, men ändå underhållande tack vare den magiska penseln. Striderna mot standardfiender blir snabbt slentrianmässiga, men bossarna imponerar tack vare den grafiska designen och underfundiga attackmönster. Viktigast är dock atmosfären. Okamidens grafik liknas inget förutom just sin föregångare. Med skummande hav, blommande körsbärsträd, uråldriga byar och grönskande ängar är Japan-pastischen oemotståndlig – inte minst tack vare alla charmiga varelser som befolkar den. Jag förstår om Hideki Kamiya tycker att det känns överflödigt att slösa sin tid på att återvända hit – men vi som älskade hans originalspel har all anledning att stämma in i Kuniomi Matsushitas hyllningssång.