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Next Level Gaming (Nov 30, 2005)
Despite the lack of extra modes or unlockables, Kim Possible: Kimmunicator does its job- fans of the TV show will have a good time playing this title. The visual presentation will suck in fans of the show, and the story should placate anyone who follows KP’s adventures. However, due to the lack of replay value, I’d advise those fans to either rent the game, or wait until the price comes down a bit- $29.99 is a bit heavy for a game like this. And another thing- why do I have to give a thumbprint every time I turn on the game? That’s just annoying. Still, a good debut for Kim Possible on Nintendo’s newest handheld, but she won’t win any new fans with this one.
75 (Feb 01, 2006)
Maybe it’s not the best game ever, but Kim Possible: Kimmunicator is a pretty good time and a good use of the Nintendo DS hardware. Kimmunicator gives girl gamers the action and humor that they love about the cartoon series. For Kim Possible fans this is a must have. It’s a solid game that gamers of any age, male or female could have a good time with if they just give it a chance.
GameZone (Dec 22, 2005)
A fun and enjoyable platformer that is easy to pick up and play, and that features one of the better TV cartoon characters in a stylish and elegant manner. The only things holding this game back is the lack of mini-games and the shortness of the whole experience. Best for kids ages 10-up.
The game also contains a few boss battles, but they are platformer-style boss battles, so you will rarely be attacking bosses directly. The game is only a few hours long, but it is certainly long enough to be decent for a person who is at the age this game is aimed at. If you are a fan of action platformers in general and are not afraid to be caught playing a game that is clearly aimed at young girls, this game might be worth a rental for you also. Only if you are a fan of the show would I say that this game is worth buying, and even then, I'd consider renting it only, since you can probably beat the entire game in a rental period anyway.
Netjak (May 05, 2006)
Kim Possible: Kimmunicator is short on replay and originality, but it is still a solid platformer for the next generation of gamers. The variety of levels and moves makes it more enjoyable than many similar titles. (for adults or for kids.) The main reason it doesn't score higher is simply that it's just too short. Still, it is a decent purchase for younger fans of the show and an excellent rental for the (slightly) older ones.
Worth Playing (Dec 16, 2005)
Finally, there's the fact that this game is incredibly short. We're talking Wario World short here, folks. Anyone with a modicum of basic platforming and video fighting skills can beat this game in a matter of hours. The only things that may add to the playtime are the controls (which can result in cheap deaths when trying to fight or hang onto cliffs) and the fact that Kim only being able to take three hits before dying makes the game a little tougher than it should be. Other than that, though, it's not a bad trip, but it's over far too quickly, and there's no reason to go through it again.
N-Zone (May 09, 2006)
Jüngere Zocker und Disney-Fans kennen Kim Possible schon seit einiger Zeit, vor allem als agile Zeichentrick-Heldin. Die High-School-Cheerleader-James-Bond-Mischung hat in ihrem ersten DS-Abenteuer alle Hände voll zu tun, um den entführten Wade zu retten. In seitlich scrollenden Levels hopst man überwiegend durch recht karg und minimalistisch gestaltete Levels, die kaum Details bieten.
IGN (Nov 18, 2005)
Whatever happened with the DS version of Kim Possible, it isn't fair. The GBA Kim Possible 2 was outstanding, and a little amazing -- after a disappointing first game, Buena Vista went and changed everything about the gameplay and visual style, got a new developer to make the game, and put the time and polish into what would have otherwise been licensed crap to make for a great game that even non-fans could have gotten into. The third edition on GBA came up short in some ways (it got lost in the shuffle before we had a chance to review it -- basically, the two-character gameplay dragged down an otherwise enjoyable game), but we figured all the effort was going into the new DS version.
50 (Jun 06, 2006)
Petit jeu de plates-formes sans prétention, Kim Possible : Kimmunicator parvient quant même à nous distraire. Hélas, ses combats brouillons et sa durée de vie très courte lui portent préjudice et l'empêchant de prétendre à une note plus élevée.
Planet GameCube (Jan 27, 2006)
Well, I suppose you can't hit a home run every time. The latest in the Kim Possible series of games, Kim Possible: Kimmunicator, is not like Drakken's Demise, or Team Possible. In fact, Kimmunicator plays like...well, a stock standard average license game. Which is depressing.
G4 TV: X-Play (Feb 27, 2006)
You trace a line on your touch screen to pick a few locks, bust out the grappling hook once or twice, beat up a few badder-than-usual guys, and you’re done. A few side missions let you control your animal-pal Rufus, but piloting the naked mole rat isn’t as enjoyable as it sounds... climb through vents, nibble on a few wires, and it’s back to Kim. Kimmunicator might be good for a few kicks for fans of the show, but it’s so short and unremarkable you shouldn't feel bad for missing it.