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Lock's Quest Credits

104 people (94 developers, 10 thanks)

5TH Cell

Directed ByJeremiah Slaczka
Technical DirectorMarius Fahlbusch
Lead ProgrammerBrian D. Firfer
Senior ProgrammerZachary Brown
AI ProgrammersSteve Chiavelli, John Foreman
Script and Audio ProgrammerJonathan Armoza
Graphics ProgrammerCharles Skoda
Gameplay ProgrammerO'wes Beck
Network ProgrammersBrian D. Firfer, Robert Hunt, Luke Thompson
Lead DesignerJeremiah Slaczka
Map DesignZachary Francks, Todd Lewis
Multiplayer DesignJeff Luke
Design BalanceBrett Caird
Original Story ByJeremiah Slaczka
Scenario and DialogueJoseph M. Tringali
Lead Scenario DesignerMatthew Pellicane
Senior Scenario DesignerZachary Francks
Scenario DesignNick Deakins, Jeff Luke
Art DirectorJeremiah Slaczka
Lead ArtistLeon Kok Wai
ArtistsChow Chern Fai, Ginnie Tee Seah Nee, Fon Yun Qi
Additional ArtFoo Chong Siong, Dang Kian Sang
AnimationPaul Robertson, Henk Nieborg
Concept and Promotional ArtEdison Yan
Art ProductionJeff Luke, Nick Deakins
Art ManagementSherman Chin Lit Kong, Tiffany Lim
Quality Assurance ManagerBrett Caird
Additional QAKaori Yamada, Kenneth Comber, Brittany Aubert
SoundDavid J. Franco
MusicDavid J. Franco
ProducerJoshua Billeaudeau
Executive ProducerJoseph M. Tringali
Original ConceptJeremiah Slaczka

THQ Inc.

Project ManagerGeorge Collins
Creative ManagerAndy Ashcraft
Vice President Product DevelopmentRichard Browne
Senior Vice President Product DevelopmentSteve Dauterman
Vice President Business DevelopmentTim Campbell
Business Development ManagerSean Heffron
Brand ManagerAngela Bateman
Associate Brand ManagerHenry Lee, Joanne Tam
Sr. Creative Services ManagerBrian Balistreri
Creative Services CoordinatorMayra Serpa
PublicistKaren Fujimoto
Director, Wordwide QAPaul Sterngold
QA ManagersMario Waibel, Michael Motoda, Lorena Villa Batarse
Test SupervisorJeff Braun
Test LeadJosh Gertz
TestersNolan Ellis, Ricky Chavez, Joshua Mitchell, Joel Marcantel, Nathan Guice, Ricky Diaz, Erika Wehrly, Wesley Eldridge, John Noel, Eric Ebenger
First Party SupervisorJoseph Pearson
First Party LeadScott Ritchie
First Party SpecialistsJoshua Kimmel, Carmelo Consiglio, Carlos Flores, David Legois, Georgeina Schaller, Russell Brock, Todd Thommes
QA Technicians SupervisorRichard Jones
QA TechniciansLuis Arevalo, Ryan Cashman, Justin Drolet, Michael Zlotnicki, Lantson A. Eldred
Mastering Lab SupervisorAnthony Dunnet
Mastering Lab TechniciansGlen Peters, Heidi Salguero, Ryan Fell, Ian Clark, Robert LeBeau
Remastering Project ManagerCharles Batarse
Database SupervisorJonathan Gill
Database AdministratorT. Ryan Arnold
QA Operations CoordinatorSteve Nelson, Omar Flores
Sr. HR GeneralistLori Ceballos
Customer Service SupervisorColin Thompson
Customer ServiceJodie Geiselman, Theodore Guenther, Peter Svenkerud, Christopher Brown

Special Thanks

Special ThanksBrian J. Farrell, Usability Testers; Austin, Noah, Elias, Miles, Dylan, Joey, Spencer Collins, Tucker Everett Collins, Scott Rogers
5th Cell Special ThanksMatthew Cox, Liz England, Adam Tierney, Kid with Keyboard, and You!

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158722) and HomiSite (431)