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GameSpy (Feb 12, 2007)
Issues with spaceships aside, this is a terrific title. If you loved the Boktai games this is the best you're going to get for a sequel; if you didn't love them or even care then try this one anyway -- it's really that good. Let's just call it one of the best Kojima Productions games out there, and hope it do as well on that big PS3 game I hear they're working on.
JustPressPlay (Aug 04, 2007)
Looking for a good dungeon-crawler? But don't want to spend the endless hours grinding, then this is the game for you. It's very easy to pick up and play, the story while short, is very VERY sweet. As for replay, i've yet to see a game boast this much replayability since Final Fantasy VII. This is a great game for any DS owner, even for those who don't tend to like RPGs. A welcome blend of action, puzzles, and stealth make for an interesting experience augmented by great controls and music. Unfortunately, the game is fairly short and easy, but good replay value such as an added 100-floor dungeon will bring players back again and again.
4Players.de (Mar 30, 2007)
Was fĂŒr ein Einstand fĂŒr Hideo Kojima auf dem DS! Unter der vermeintlich seichten Manga-OberflĂ€che verbirgt sich ein ĂŒberraschend komplexes, angenehm durchdachtes und kreatives Abenteuer. Denkt man in der ersten Stunde noch, es handelt sich einfach um ein Castlevania fĂŒr Arme in Draufsicht mit sterilem Grafikdesign, wird man spĂ€testens ab dem dritten Kapitel vom Tiefgang fasziniert. Es ist nicht nur das KĂ€mpfen, Sammeln und AusrĂŒsten, sondern vor allem das Spiel mit Licht und Dunkelheit, mit den elementaren KrĂ€ften der Begleiter, das auch taktisch fordert. Und je lĂ€nger man spielt, desto mehr sinnvolle Kleinigkeiten entdeckt man. Gerade die Rollenspielelemente auf der freien Weltkarte verleihen dem Spiel eine angenehme Note - es gibt GerĂŒchte, Nebenquests, RĂ€tsel und Tavernen. FĂŒr mich ist Lunar Knights das derzeit beste und innovativste Action-Adventure auf dem DS. Selbst Castlevania lasse ich dafĂŒr derzeit liegen.
For Lunar Knights, the top screen on the DS plays host to a virtual environmental system dubbed "paraSOL," which serves up not only faux sunlight, negating the need to expose yourself to that nasty real-life sun, but also virtual moonlight as well. This gives us the duality of the game's two heroes: Aaron, a scrappy young Guild gunman who taps the sun's energy to power an array of Solan Guns, and Lucian, a more up close and personal Dark Swordsman who gets his strength from the moon.
GameSpot (Feb 14, 2007)
With so much going on in Lunar Knights, you never get tired of the experience, despite the game's healthy, 10-hour-plus running time. Even when you finish the single-player game, there's a multiplayer duel mode for you to mess around with as well. Lunar Knights is a really well-crafted action adventure game in nearly all regards. Although it may be daunting for those who shy away from a challenge, it's worth the fight and one of the best games of its kind to appear on the DS.
N-Zone (Apr 10, 2007)
Der Wegfall des Solar-Sensors und neue Aspekte sorgen fĂŒr Unterhaltung. So etwa die KĂ€mpfe, die das Heldenteam aus einer isometrischen Perspektive bestreitet. Mit der R-Taste werden Gegner anvisiert. Das Lock-On-System stellt sicher, dass keine SchlĂ€ge danebengehen und der Spieler sich auf das Ausweichen und Blocken konzentrieren kann. Auf Knopfdruck verhindert ein großes Schild gegnerische Treffer. Mit der L-Taste lĂ€sst sich bequem zwischen verschiedenen Waffen und den sogenannten Terrennials wechseln.
Game Chronicles (Apr 12, 2007)
I am big fan of Final Fantasy III for the DS, but the change of pace in Lunar Knights was quite refreshing. I didn’t like the use of colors as much in Lunar Knights though. I felt that it just used too many bright colors, and it took away from the seriousness of the game. All in all I think that I’ll stick with the slower-paced turn-based style, but it all depends on preference. Some may find the quicker action-filled pace to fit them better while others, like me, enjoy the slow-paced gameplay that has become a trade-mark of most RPG’s.
IGN (Feb 07, 2007)
Lunar Knights retains a lot of the elements that made the Boktai experience so much fun, and opened things up by taking out the sun sensor that essentially tied a hand behind gamers' backs. I'm right there with you: I loved the concept of a real-world sun driving a videogame experience, but it definitely forced when and where I played it. The DS game frees up the Boktai gameplay even as it still has similar, but now in-game restrictions. The game does, admittedly, lose just a little bit of its individuality, not just due to the lack of its sun sensor, but also in its move towards a more action focus. Konami already has a vampire-slaying action adventure in the form of Castlevania, and even though the storylines and universes are completely independent of each other, it's hard to ignore the similarities. Still, it's really nice to experience the already-great Boktai game on my terms, and the Nintendo DS is a worthy follow-up to the franchise. Even if it officially isn't one.
Games TM (Feb, 2007)
Lunar Knights doesn't have enough moments you'd really describe as spectacular, but similarly you'll rarely be playing without a smile on your face. It's just an incredibly solid and remarkably fun adventure game that ranks alongside the recent Castlevania titles as the kind of handheld experience your Nintendo DS was born to play host to.
Jeuxvideo.com (Apr 13, 2007)
L'expérience initiée par le tout premier Boktai se prolonge dans Lunar Knights, un épisode qui ne s'inscrit pas directement dans la chronologie de la série mais qui n'en reste pas moins le digne héritier. Toutes les lourdeurs inhérentes au concept original ont été effacées au profit d'une aventure trÚs inspirée que nous vous conseillons de découvrir.
UOL Jogos (Feb 13, 2007)
Sem cair na repetição dos RPGs de ação, que assolou jogos como "Children of Mana", Lunar Knights consegue trazer desafio, variedade e diversĂŁo na medida certa. Apesar de seus pequenos problemas, Ă© um dos melhores jogos do gĂȘnero para o DS e possui um charme capaz de atrair mesmo aqueles que nĂŁo se interessam pelo mesmo.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 26, 2007)
With more time and a more powerful platform behind it, the DS sequel takes the notion of a weather-dependent adventure and makes a well-rounded game of it. There’s less frustrating randomness, less tedious stealth gameplay. Instead, there’s more fun – more depth, more action, and more cute ideas that actually work. If “Boktai” was never a name that jumped out at you, try not to let “Lunar Knights” pass you by.
Lunar Knights may have a setup that makes Scooby Doo look like a creative tour de force, but the gameplay it throws at you is no joke. We’ve had some mediocre efforts from Square Enix’s Mana series in recent years, but this successor to Boktai is a great way to remember what makes this style of gameplay fun.
In the end, it’s a great game with a few marks against it, but no deal breakers. The 3D space shooter parts are tedious but not enough to cramp the rest of the game, and the superlative action in the rest of the game more than makes up for it. Gamers looking for a quality action-RPG hybrid will find a lot to love in Lunar Knights.
GotNext (Mar 19, 2007)
There is a lot to love about Lunar Knights. It's a well paced action-RPG that successfully incorporates stealth and shooter genre elements. The presentation is among the best on the DS, and the game makes excellent use of the hardware's unique features. Despite the name change and somewhat less puzzle-oriented approach, this is a Boktai game at heart, so fans of the series know what to expect. And, for those who avoided the previous games because of the light sensor gimmick, this is the perfect place to join in. While it isn't quite up there in quality with the best Metal Gear and Castlevania games, Lunar Knights will likely remain a Konami classic for years to come.
The game is broken up into chapters, and doesn't really seem to be that long of a game if you just cruise straight through it, but, by the time you go to the trouble of preparing yourself level wise and weapon wise for each new area, the game will clock in at a reasonably long length of time. Overall, this game probably isn't one that's going to be worth playing again after you beat it, but it will last long enough that, even for only one play through, fans of action RPGs might be able to get enough value out of it to make it a worthy acquisition.
Computer Bild Spiele (Apr 04, 2007)
Vampire und Science Fiction bilden eine reizvolle Themenmischung, die spielerisch noch nie so originell ausgereizt wurde, wie hier. Touchscreen und Mikrofon werden fĂŒr einige sehr interessante Aufgabenstellungen kreativ eingesetzt. Auch die PrĂ€sentation im dĂŒsteren Anime-Stil mit aufwendigen Zwischenfilmen passt hervorragend zur Thematik. Eine rundum "gute" Sache, diese Vampirjagd.
Consoles Plus (Mar, 2007)
Il serait dommage de passer à cÎté de Lunar Knights et de toutes ses bonnes idées, mais gardez à l'esprit qu'il ne s'agit d'un investissement intéressant que sur le court terme.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Apr 09, 2007)
Lunar Knights is a plain idea wrapped in an ornate cloak; peek underneath and its fleshy action adventure innards look a little bony. Crucially, without the sunlight gimmick it's lost the ability to truly stand out from the crowd. Making it more accessible has made it a little less unique, sadly. Nevertheless, it'll keep you entertained if all you require is a story-based action game that gives out as much as you're willing to put in. Unless, like me, you get distracted at how those bumps in a record translate into actual sounds. I'm telling you, it's not natural.
PlayDevil (Apr 02, 2007)
Lunar Knights developed and published by "Konami" is a good adventure game and has decent gameplay, graphics and sound. While the game will not give you much extras when finished it can keep hardcore players busy trying to get high levels on their character and to complete the upgrades of their weapons.
411mania.com (Mar 16, 2007)
Lunar Knights is a mixed bag. It’s all over the place. You could see the great production values from the start, but then when you enter the start and UI screens you wonder what the hell happen. You’ll see the beautiful art work and animations, but then you see some lame enemy characters. I know I sound pretty negative at some parts of Lunar Knights but that’s because I had such high expectation for it. The game still has great potential and could evolve into a more kick ass game if Kojima Productions fix the balancing issues and repetitive fight mechanics, maybe even add better puzzles and sneak missions to help spice things up. Lunar Knights is fun don’t get me wrong. People should truly try this one for themselves. Like I said it’s a mixed bag, dig in and see what you get.
Gameblog.fr (Apr 23, 2007)
Certes les missions (aux récompenses souvent décevantes) et un donjon bonus accessible par le biais d'un « New Game Plus » sont susceptibles de tripler cette durée de vie, mais reste que le contenu n'offre pas suffisamment d'espace aux idées pour qu'elles puissent vraiment s'exprimer. Par conséquent, Lunar Knights et sa ribambelle de trouvailles font donc figure de simple mise en bouche. Une alléchante introduction qui pose les fondements d'un second opus que l'on espÚre plus cossu...
Anime News Network (Jun 25, 2007)
Lunar Knights is the kind of game that wants to be loved. It's not that the game plays horribly; it doesn't. However, the game simply doesn't offer enough variety or innovation to capture a player's attention for too long. Underneath the boring characters and lackluster voice acting is an interesting story: too bad the game doesn't do much to encourage the player to actually find out.

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