Madden NFL 2005 Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

The Title Screen.
The Main Menu.
Check out how the teams stack up against each other before you take the field.
The teams run out to the 50 yard line.
Coin toss for first possession.
...and we're underway!
A run up the middle ends badly for Chicago.
Nice pass up the middle -- first down!
The running back finds daylight on the outside!
Players celebrate after a big play.
You can go back and look at previous plays from any angle you want.
If your offensive line breaks down, this can happen.
As you complete challenges, you'll unlock madden tokens.
After you score, you kick the ball away to the other team.
Break the rules and the ref will dock you yardage.
Big hit!
If the defending team tackles you in your own end zone, they're awarded with two points -- that's a safety.
The kick meter allows you to adjust the angle and power of a kick.
First quarter comes to a close.
The roster screen gives you information about every player in the NFL.
Taking a look at the all time records for the league.
Between snaps, you get to choose your next play.
Timeouts are essential to managing the clock late in a quarter.
Start a new season with your favorite team.
Check out the standings as you progress through the season.
Every week of the season, awards are handed out for outstanding individual performances.
You can measure your own team to the leaders and average stats of the rest of the league.
Congrats to the 2004 Madden Bowl Champ.
This guy -- kind of a big deal.