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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.3
Overall User Score (16 votes) 4.3

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Gaming since 198x (Mar 28, 2010)
Bowser est un pilier des jeux Nintendo, il était légitime qu'il ait un jour un jeu à sa gloire, et c'est désormais chose faite avec talent et humour. Mention spéciale pour la VF, particulièrement réussie.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 30, 2009)
From the effects of being inside Bowser’s body, to sucking up enemies, to becoming a rampaging giant dinosaur, every detail is thorough and enjoyable, down to the ridiculous “Italian” that Mario and Luigi speak to each other. The storyline is certainly unique and sacrifices none of its quality while reaching out to any audience, and the battle encounters are by no means laid-back but never truly feel unforgiving. Although Bowser’s Inside Story lacks any hint of replayability whatsoever, I’m not a stickler for having to do things over again when the game does such a wonderful job of telling a story that will keep you entertained and will certainly have you laughing. The adventure is lengthy, the characters are entertaining, and this is truly a game that you’ll want to keep in your pocket for any free minute you find yourself with. DS owners should not miss out on what could certainly be the best handheld RPG of 2009.
Giant Bomb (Nov 02, 2009)
At first, I wanted to fault Bowser's Inside Story for hewing so close to the format of its predecessors, but the more I played of it, the less I could deny how expertly made it is in every aspect. It's an all-around fantastic portable game that's completely worth playing, whether you enjoy it in bite-size chunks or plow straight through it from start to finish.
GameDaily (Sep 06, 2009)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story continues this tradition, with a marvelous narrative and enjoyable combat. Except instead of swapping between the plumbers and their infant selves you wander through Bowser's body solving puzzles, fighting monsters and manipulating the giant brute to do your bidding. That alone would have earned high marks, but Nintendo didn't stop there. The game's designers let you switch between Mario, Luigi and Bowser on the fly, essentially providing you with two beautifully woven adventures. The result is a magnificent DS game that raises the bar not only for the series, but RPGs in general.
Nintendo Life (Sep 14, 2009)
Bowser's Inside Story is the kind of game that will remind you why you love playing video games in the first place and is easily one of the best DS releases to date. If you only buy one game the rest of this year, make sure it's this one.
For what its worth I would have to say this is one of the best games on the Nintendo DS right now. The gameplay is easy to learn and the story is great for all ages. Hardcore gamers might get sick of all the idiot boxes in this game but what is a little reminder going to hurt, right?
Worth Playing (Sep 28, 2009)
The bottom line on Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is that it's one of those games that every DS owner should buy, period. Regardless of your feelings about RPGs, the title is just so entertaining and well-executed that you're nearly guaranteed to love it. The game's few blemishes aren't really flaws at all, but rather opportunities that weren't fully exploited. It genuinely doesn't get much better than this folks, and it would be a travesty if you miss out.
IGN (Sep 10, 2009)
The Mario & Luigi series has already established itself as a fantastic RPG franchise, and the third game does not disappoint. I have no problem classifying it as the best of the bunch, thanks to an excellent and appropriately surreal script, epic oversized battles, and the fact that Bowser is a playable character and gets most of the gameplay time. Let's hope that this is a jumping-off point for Bowser – this guy really needed a top-billing production!
92 (Dec 21, 2009)
A unique story, immersive and varied gameplay, beautiful characters with crazy dialogues, music, graphics and sound that are perfect up to the smallest details, and enough originality to fill ten other games with: those that don't feel like getting this Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story better give their DS handheld to someone else.
The whole experience is capped off with sparkling dialogue, fun stylus mini-games, absorbing side-quests and genuinely imaginative characters. It might not have the studious gravitas of a Final Fantasy or a Dragon Quest but who cares? It's innovative, hilarious, moreish and makes almost every other DS RPG seem fusty in comparison. Don't miss this one.
gamrReview (Dec 31, 2009)
This game boasts an enormous fun factor, and is also filled with references to the Mario universe. It sports playability reminiscent of Super Mario RPG, and is bolstered by a few contemporary elements, such as a soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura and `retro pure` sprite art. All these elements combine to form one of the best cartridges for the DS, and one of the best Nintendo releases of 2009. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is a unique game, a must for any DS owner who loves the franchise or the genre.
Game Observer (Oct 17, 2009)
Nintendo proves its mastery over the commodity called “fun” yet again by representing perfection that most other games have yet to achieve.
1UP (Sep 15, 2009)
These minor issues aside, the latest Mario & Luigi is quite simply the best Mario RPG to date -- and I say this as an ardent fan of Paper Mario. All the elements gel perfectly here: The characters, the combat, the game flow, the dialogue. More than that, this is a game that revels in simply being a game. It celebrates the best parts of both role-playing and Mario games while mercilessly lampooning their worst habits. It's absolutely brimming with exuberance.
90 (Oct 09, 2009)
Die Grafik ist nach wie vor nur 2D, aber nach wie vor wunderschön, und detailverliebter als je zuvor. Der Humor ist einmal mehr ein voller Erfolg, die teilweise atemberaubend bekloppten Dialoge sind es wert ausgedruckt und als Tapete an die Wand gepappt zu werden, um sich täglich daran zu erfreuen. Wunderbar liebenswert-alberne Figuren, einfache Steuerung, mit Bowser die coolste frische Spielfigur seit langem - und nicht zu vergessen das angenehm hektische Echtzeit-Kampfsystem, das wunderbar mit den sonst so gemütlichen Rundengefechten kontrastiert. Schade nur, dass die Puzzles so simpel geraten sind und immer noch kein Koop möglich ist, was gerade dem Wiederspielwert nicht gut tut. Auf der anderen Seite liefert Abenteuer Bowser locker 20 Stunden des besten Action-RPG-Vergnügens, das derzeit für Geld zu haben ist!
Mario & Luigi Voyage au centre de Bowser surprend par son interaction entre les personnages. Vous évoluez à la fois auprès des deux compères, mais aussi auprès de Bowser grâce à un système d'entraide et d'actions qui se répercutent sur les gestes de chacun. Cette richesse de gameplay permet au joueur une totale immersion. Ajoutez en plus la qualité propre à la série et vous comprendrez que ce nouvel épisode est réellement un incontournable.
90 (Oct 14, 2009)
C'est donc avec le plus grand des plaisirs que nous allons mener deux aventures de front, tout en n'oubliant pas que chacune des actions de Mario et Luigi modifiera le comportement de Bowser. Ennemis jurés, nos trois compères apprennent donc, pour notre plus grand plaisir à travailler ensemble. Une fois encore, Nintendo nous montre qu'il est toujours possible de faire des titres aux graphismes en 2D de très bonne qualité. Très réussi techniquement parlant, donc, et disposant d'une très bonne durée de vie, Mario et Luigi : Voyage Au centre De Bowser fait partie de ces jeux qui vont sans aucune difficulté trouver une place dans votre ludothèque.
90 (Oct 23, 2009)
Overall then Bowser's Inside Story is a top quality entry into an already stellar series. The dual playing of Bowser on one hand and Mario & Luigi on the other works like a charm and the well scaled overworld, fun battle system and cracking little story all help keep the game from slipping into the tedium that many poorer examples of the RPG genre fall prey to. Its just a fun game, nothing revolutionary sure but it does everything that it does with a polish that most games can't pull off. Even the stylus heavy mini-games aren't too frustrating for the most part. A definitive recommendation for any Nintendo fans or RPG lovers who don't mind a fairly tame difficulty curve.
Gamestyle (Nov 10, 2009)
It’s distressing to think that Nintendo games like this are so few and far between nowadays, especially when they turn out to be so hugely enjoyable. It’s not only the best of the Mario and Luigi series (in fact, we’d be perfectly happy if the series ended on such a high note), but it also ranks as one of our games of the year. This is not something we say lightly, especially considering the quality (both confirmed and potential) of certain other games released and to be released this year. It really is that good.
GameSpot (Oct 07, 2009)
On top of all this superb and varied gameplay, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story boasts a colorful and crisp art style, impressive character animation, and some whimsical audio design that's perfectly in keeping with other aspects of the game. It's a fun, accessible role-playing game for the DS that anyone with even a passing interest in the subject matter shouldn't miss.
90 (Oct 07, 2009)
Encore plus absurde et délirant que ses prédécesseurs, Mario & Luigi : Voyage au Centre de Bowser nous plonge dans un contexte improbable où il faut désormais mener deux aventures en parallèle. La façon dont les faits et gestes des plombiers avalés par leur ennemi juré se répercutent sur celles de Bowser (et inversement) est une excellente trouvaille. Maîtrisé à la perfection, le système de jeu pousse encore plus loin l'alliance entre la plate-forme et le RPG.
GameSpy (Sep 11, 2009)
There's very little in Bowser's Inside Story to not like. It's great to look at, the interaction between the "inside" and "outside" worlds is well thought-out, the mini-games and interactive battles are always a treat to play, and it's probably the funniest Mario & Luigi game yet. The game is long, too. Expect to put in well over 20 hours before you're finished. It may not be a traditional RPG, but it's one of the more enjoyable ones out there.
90 (UK) (Sep 18, 2009)
Partners in Time was similarly smart but not quite so engaging, possibly because the inclusion of the Mario babies overburdened the controls while offering too little reward for the extra hassle. That's not the case here, however: the brother's old enemy is a triumph precisely because he provides such a contrast to them: he's a bullish idiot who allows you to enjoy your blunt powers with very few limitations. Inside Story is absolutely a return to form, in other words - and, in the end, you've got Bowser to thank for that.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 26, 2009)
Fans who loved the first two games shouldn't hesitate in picking up Bowser's Inside Story. It features everything that makes the series enjoyable and adds onto it everything but the kitchen sink. Despite a few minor flaws, it's a game that features an ingenious game design synonymous with Nintendo games and is easily one of the best DS games of the year.
GameZone (Sep 21, 2009)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story has everything you could want from a Mario game: creative levels, likable characters, and most importantly, gameplay that makes it impossible to put down.
WiiDSFrance (Oct 14, 2009)
Avec Mario & Luigi : Voyage au Centre de Bowser, les développeurs de chez Alpha Dream prouvent une nouvelles fois tout leur savoir-faire. Exceptionnel au niveau de sa narration, avec l'incorporation de Bowser comme personnage de premier plan, le titre fait la part belle à la relation entre le chef des Koopas et les deux plombiers, ce qui est simplement excellent. Comme si cela ne suffisait pas, la réalisation technique, que ce soit au niveau des graphismes ou de la bande sonore, est juste parfaite. Le titre est assurément une réussite, que tout possesseur de Nintendo DS se doit d'ajouter à sa collection !
AusGamers (Oct 21, 2009)
The few flaws present in the game are systemic. It's difficult to gauge the scarcity and value of the collectible items, and the wandering monster battles tend to get old fast. Monsters include lollipop-addicted Goombas and animated chains of rotting teeth; this is fitting, for the game, overall, is sickly sweet. What ultimately makes Bowser's Inside Story worthwhile is the quirky variety in its environments and puzzles – it's more of a box of chocolates than an all-day-sucker.
Gamers Daily News (Oct 04, 2009)
Bowser adds some great twists to the familiar Mario RPG formula, and he easily helps the game overcome its various minor flaws. This is a great ’light RPG’, and DS owners should check it out!
85 (Sep 24, 2009)
While it doesn't quite hit the combat-related heights of the original Superstar Saga, Bowser's Inside Story is a massive improvement over Partners In Time and easily outdoes the two previous titles with stellar animation, quirky dialog, and plenty of side-quests and optional material to explore. Aside from being dragged down in places with the usual forced touchscreen gimmicks, it's hard to go wrong with such a fantastic adventure. Consider it highly recommended.
Game Revolution (Sep 25, 2009)
Mario & Luigi: Inside Bowser’s Story serves as an appealing introduction for beginners as a gateway in the RPG genre. More experienced players will wish there were fewer diversions and a harder difficulty setting in addition to the challenge mode, but Nintendo’s hallmark for ingenuity, imagination, and polish shines through. Squishing around in Bowser’s guts may not be the most pleasant thought, but it is a merry adventure that can be completed without a guide and is courageously and cleverly inspired.
Legendra (May 14, 2010)
Dans la droite lignée de ses prédécesseurs, Voyage au centre de Bowser est une nouvelle fois un concentré d'idées géniales, de dynamisme et de plaisir pur, que tout possesseur de la console se doit d'essayer. Et comment ne pas succomber au charme du rustre Bowser, que l'on dirige enfin ? Tout juste regrettera-t-on un certain manque de challenge et un jeu un poil mal équilibré sur le début, mais cela s'efface vite devant tant d'intelligence et d'humour.
Arbetarbladet (Oct 25, 2009)
De båda handlingarna bjuder på suverän dynamik och roliga vändningar. Kontrollsystemet, som mixar strategi med action i realtid, briljerar och skapar stor spänning. Faktum är att ”Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story” är ett måste för alla Nintendofiler.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Oct 11, 2009)
Det som från början kändes som en konstig men roande spin-off är idag en anrik rollspelsserie. Mario tar sig då och då en utflykt till en genre med turbaserade strider och erfarenhetspoäng. Där trivs han nästan precis lika bra som bland plattformarna. När han nu tillsammans med sin bror upplever ännu ett äventyr är det med lika delar inarbetat självförtroende och trevliga nyheter. En bra balans mellan nytt och gammalt.
JeuxActu (Oct 08, 2009)
Bourré de bonnes idées et ne quittant jamais du regard le bout de l'aventure, Mario & Luigi : Voyage au Centre de Bowser est un jeu à plusieurs poumons. Doté d'un rythme exceptionnel et d'un gameplay à l'avenant, il prouve que la présence de Mario ne rend pas forcément un jeu mièvre et ultra-classique. Un peu paresseux dans le cas des deux frères, le titre d'Alpha Dream et de Nintendo se montre des plus efficace quand il s'agit de mettre en scène Bowser. Malgré quelques fautes de goût et un univers qui ne se renouvelle pas vraiment, Mario & Luigi : Voyage au Centre de Bowser emporte le joueur avec une facilité déconcertante sans le lâcher ne serait-ce qu'une seconde.
80 (Oct 09, 2009)
Si vous cherchez à passer un bon moment, et que vous êtes amateur des Mario et Luigi RPG et de leur humour, vous ne serez pas déçu de ce nouvel épisode que nous a concocté Nintendo. Fort de nombreux rebondissements et détails en tous genres, vous serez tour à tour amusés, étonnés, agacés, puis finalement satisfaits de ce jeu. Son atout principal : le scénario, offrant de nombreuses possibilités, dont la plus importante est de faire coopérer dans la même équipe les ennemis de toujours à savoir les frères Mario et Bowser. A ne pas rater.
Gamekult (Oct 07, 2009)
Une fois de plus, Mario et Luigi prennent le jeu de rôle à contre-pieds avec leur cocktail d'humour, de frivolité et de patate. La formule a sans doute un peu vécu si l'on a déjà un ou deux épisodes dans les jambes, mais elle sait rester séduisante. Avec l'appui de Bowser, véritable star jouable de cet opus, le Voyage au Centre de Bowser vaut réellement le détour. Long tout en restant dynamique, le titre coule comme l'adrénaline dans les veines du roi Koopa, avec un sentiment de légèreté et de simplicité que les plus impétueux interpréteront vite comme une trop grande facilité. Peu importe, cet Action-RPG compense par sa fantaisie et renforce l'aura incomparable d'une série à ne pas rater, sous peine d'avaler le plombier par le mauvais tuyau.