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Marvel Trading Card Game Credits

1st Playable Productions -

Production LeadTobi Saulnier
Lead DesignerJeb Havens
DesignIan Schreiber, Colin Wilkinson
Lead ProgrammerLink Hughes
ProgrammingCoen Campman, Justin Candeloro, Andrew Carroll, Brenden Conte, Fernando De La Cruz, Leander Hasty, Doug Hoover, LaShonda Hopper, Rudy De Jong, Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans, Jacob Langworthy, Tim LoGiudice, Nick Mahon, Stephen Meister, Jamey Stevenson, Andrey Turovsky, Ivo Wubbles
Lead ArtistNina Stanley
ArtDavid Allen, Daniel Condaxis, Veronica Eikov, Elizabeth McLaren, Ian M. Stead
Tools & SupportEun-Yeung Chang, Kelsey Saulnier, John Schwartz
Additional ArtMatthew Coccoli, Robyn Diaz, Chelsea Hash, Geoff Munn
Comic Book ArtistsAnthony Castrillo (Pencils/Inks), Keron Grant (Pencils/Inks and Colors), Patrick Olliffe (Pencils), Brian Hagan (Pencils/Inks), Franchesco Bufano (Pencils/Inks), Kevin West (Pencils), Mark McKenna (Inks), John Rauch (Colors), Tom Smith (Colors), David Ross (Pencils), Frank Cuonzo (Colors), Nick Bradshaw (Pencils/Inks)
Rednote AudioRod Abernethy (Original Game Music Produced and Composed by), Jason Graves (Original Game Music Produced and Composed by)
MusicBart Roijmans
Special ThanksNate Trost

Vicious Cycle Software, Inc.

ProducerRodney W. Harper
Game DesignerDavid Ellis
Level DesignerMichael R. Nelson
EngineeringClarence Simpson

Konami Digital Entertainment

ChairmanKazumi Kitaue
CEOKazumi Kitaue
VP, North American Content StrategyTetsuya Hiyoshi
Executive ProducerMasato Sakai


ProducerJason Ray
Assistant ProducerCharles Murakami
Lead TestersPearl Lu, Rob Morgan
Product SupportHari Minagawa, Ken Ogasawara, Tsuyoshi Arayashiki, John Saito
Quality AssuranceiBeta Quality Assurance Inc.
Executive LiaisonChristy Motoyoshi
Story AuthorJohn Layman
Additional Game DesignCharles Murakami
Text LocalizationSDI Media Usa Inc.
Special ThanksWaveGroup Sound, Simon Lai, Grant E. Smith, Upper Deck Entertainment, Ames Kirshen, Treanor Brothers Animation


COOGeoffrey Mulligan
VP of OperationsLinda Stackpoole
Senior VP of Sales and MarketingCatherine Fowler
General CounselNick Lefevre
Product Managers, North AmericaDennis Lee, Colin Ferris
Product Manager, EuropeChristopher Heck
Associate Director of MarketingBrad Schlachter
Director of Marketing CommunicationsCherrie McKinnon
Associate Director of Creative ServicesMonique Catley
Operations ManagerKathie Tompkins
Associate Director of PRMarc Franklin
Customer Service ManagerClaire Moore

Marvel Entertainment

Vice PresidentAmes Kirshen
Executive Producer, InteractiveAmes Kirshen
President of Production - Marvel StudiosKevin Feige
Business and Legal AffairsSeth Michael Lehman, Joshua M. Silverman, Carl Suecoff, Ryan Potter
Special ThanksDavid Maisel, Michael Helfant, Will Pilgrim, Jana Haney

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65805)