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GameLemon (Mar 07, 2006)
If you're a fan of the series and you own a DS but haven't picked up either GBA version of MMBN5, this is the one to get. But if you already own either Team Colonel or Team Protoman, or just don't like Battle Network games, there's nothing here that really screams out for your blood money. Hopefully, though, Capcom will really take advantage of the DS hardware for Battle Network 6 and we'll get something that makes us all proud to be playing games about little kids and their collectible trinkets. God willing...
Gamebrink (2005)
It's 2 games in one, so if you like the MMBN series, I think it's a pretty good buy. The game itself isn't the best in the series, but it's not too bad really. The story is pretty much the same as the older ones, which means it's an unlikely tale of a 14 year-old saving the world, for the fifth time. The gameplay follows the same branch as the other MMBN games as well, but this time it adds the liberation missions, which are a bit fun, but get tedious in the long run. This game also adds some voice-acting for a few characters,which is... completely useless... There are a few new features in the DS version that make the game a bit more fun, but in the end it's pretty much the same thing. Also, this game includes a few unlockables, as well as some DS exclusives numberman codes for you to use in the number trader.
It's still fun in a simplistic sort of way, the battle system is fast-paced and interesting, and the story is as banal as can be. The biggest difference is the much better audio that the DS is capable of - the music has been re-written and sounds great, though the limited voicework is uniformly terrible.
Nintendojo (2005)
The Battle Network games have continued to be popular, because of their consistently solid gameplay. Not a whole lot has changed since the series began, but Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS continues the tradition in good form. This title offers a lot, but not necessarily for gamers who've already tackled one or both of the GBA versions, which have been available since last summer (except for you completists. Of course you'll be getting it). Those who haven't, however, will find a competent, somewhat addictive RPG that is actually one of the best on the system. It's just too bad that Capcom didn't choose to create a new game from scratch for Nintendo's dual-screened handheld. Next time, expectations will (and should) be higher.
76 (Jun 07, 2006)
There isn't much more to say about this game. It's nice in its simplicity, but it has some complicated sides (like the weapons system). This game fits every gamer, young or old and it's very addictive! But there are some disadvantages, the weapons system is complicated and the graphics are moderate.
GameSpot (Nov 08, 2005)
All told, Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team toes the line between money-grubbing rehash and legitimate upgrade. Ultimately, the game wins the day because its added features genuinely do make it more user-friendly and enjoyable. Capcom has taken what was already a decent role-playing game on the GBA and has made it better on the DS.
GameZone (Nov 23, 2005)
While not a huge departure from the original GBA versions of the game, Mega Man Battle Network 5 is still a more than decent RPG/action game worthy of the Battle Network series. Mega Man has seen some excellent adventures on Nintendo’s past handheld gaming machines but on the Nintendo DS it shines just bright enough for fans to enjoy.
N-Zone (Jun 23, 2006)
Im fünften Aufguss der RPG-Serie hat sich wenig getan: Ihr legt euch mit einer Schurkenbande an, die Kontrolle über das Internet erlangte, besucht dabei verschiedene Schauplätze und bestreitet Echtzeitkämpfe. Im Gegensatz zu den Vorgängern wurden diesmal zwei Teams auf eine Cartridge gepackt - so könnt ihr im Multi-Modul-Modus mit bis zu acht Freunden Gegenstände tauschen. Die Grafik und der Sound mögen die Game-Boy-Hardware gut ausgereizt haben, auf dem DS wirkt Battle Network 5 allerdings antiquiert. Wer die früheren Teile nicht kennt, kann einen Blick wagen.
GameSpy (Nov 01, 2005)
The biggest problem with Battle Network 5 is the same thing that has plagued all the other sequels in the series: it's just too darn much like its predecessors. The graphics and sound have shown little improvement since the first game in the series, and they certainly haven't been updated at all with the leap to DS (save the 3D Mega Man on the touch screen). Even this version's big addition (the Liberation Missions) doesn't add much other than an odd shift in pacing. Still, the core gameplay is fun, and fans of the series will undoubtedly enjoy playing through it. Unless, of course, they've already played through the game on GBA. If that's the case, then feel free to skip Double Team -- you won't be missing anything.
Netjak (Feb 27, 2006)
The Mega Man Battle Network series was one of the best published for the GBA, but too much of the same has cost the series its luster. The gameplay that made the series successful is still there, so if you have never played a MMBN game, I suggest picking this up – you won’t be disappointed. However, anyone who has already played through one of its predecessors may as well leave this on the shelf. There’s no reason to believe Capcom will release the sixth game in the series in the United States, or a seventh at all, and neither lack would be a major loss to the gaming community.
65 (Apr 20, 2006)
Faisant partie d'une saga éminemment réussie, cette version "ultime" des épisodes Battle Network 5 reste toujours aussi intéressante dans le fond, mais pose un problème dans la forme. En effet, nous voilà une nouvelle fois face à une logique marketing sans âme d'un Capcom qui se contente de compiler deux opus en un seul, sans y apporter de vraies nouveautés probantes. De ce fait, les anciens acheteurs crieront au scandale, tandis que les nouveaux trouveront de quoi passer des heures et des heures de plaisir. A vous de choisir votre camp dans une série qui ressemble de plus en plus aux Pokémon, dans le mauvais sens du terme.
IGN (Nov 01, 2005)
After playing through the Mega Man Battle Network series a total of five times on the Game Boy Advance, I can easily say that I'm ready for the next generation of the franchise. The Nintendo DS version is not the next generation; it's a quickly developed port that doesn't add anything significant to the established Mega Man Battle Network design. It's a good RPG if you haven't already experienced the series on the GBA, but it's a letdown to see a rehash on a system that could already play the series. Hopefully the Mega Man Battle Network team's ready to move on to something new and exciting for the series, because experiencing the same stuff every year isn't something to look forward to.
60 (Apr 19, 2006)
Cette version DS de Megaman Battle Network 5 justifie son titre par l’intégration des deux équipes qui étaient proposées sur des cartouches séparées dans la version Gameboy Advance. Elle tire profit des possibilités de la console avec l’écran tactile qui permet de naviguer facilement dans les menus du TEP, le micro pour encourager Megaman, et la connexion réseau pour des parties endiablées jusqu’à huit en tournoi. Graphiquement agréable, l’aventure n’apporte rien de nouveau par rapport aux précédents épisodes. L’histoire continue et les mécanismes, désormais bien rodés, n’apportent pas de grandes innovations. Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DS mélange de façon judicieuse et harmonieuse l’adresse, la chance, la tactique et la réflexion. C’est l’occasion également pour tous ceux qui ne s’y sont pas déjà essayés sur Gameboy Advance de découvrir cette série.
60 (UK) (Jan 19, 2006)
Tiny incremental tweaks to the function are all very well if your base material is simply amazing or the form changes significantly but, all told, this is an old, whiffy average GBA kids RPG, dull and tired through inbreeding. The main difference now is that you can poke it as it lies there with a stick instead of a finger.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 07, 2006)
If the connection to the TV show doesn't make it plain, Battle Network is really intended for younger players. So long as the kids don't already have the GBA Battle Network 5 games (making this redundant) there's some passable gameplay waiting inside. But more mature gamers and Battle Network veterans should look to the many other great RPGs on the Game Boy to supplant this one.
Gaming Age (Dec 03, 2005)
Of course, none of this will matter to those obsessed with the series, as they will absolutely adore the slight enhancements and changes. Likewise, newcomers and the series veterans who held off on picking up the GBA version will find Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS a solid entry in the series. It's just not as solid as it could be, the unrealized potential suggesting this was more of an excuse to put out a third version of Mega Man Battle Network 5 instead of a legitimate, well-intentioned port.
AceGamez (2005)
As a Mega Man fan, I was sorely disappointed to play a game that does the character so little justice; while as an RPG fan, I found every area of the game - the battles, the exploration, the puzzle solving and the story - shallow and uninspired. If anyone reading this would like to see how a real Mega Man game plays, I suggest getting your hands on a PSP and picking up Maverick Hunter X and Powered Up, both of which are remakes of games made in 1993 and 1987 respectively, which backs up the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Mega Man wasn't broken, yet someone had the bright idea of getting some severe jiggery-pokery done and what we're left with is the likes of Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team. Seriously, spend just a few minutes on each of the Mega Man's sublime appearances on the PSP and I assure you that you'll never accept nor go back to stale cash-ins such as Double Team ever again.