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Mega Man ZX Advent Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Title screen.
Character selection screen.
Mysterious Lab1. Appropriate place for Mysterious Character1 to be stuck into Mysterious Tube1.
Wait, shots being fired by...
...multiple purple robots. Great. My favorite kind.
Uh-oh... big mistake. I always wake up in a bad mood.
You don't even wanna know...
But just in case you do, here's the answer.
Maybe because you get tired just by WALKING AROUND...
Some sneaky ladder climbing action.
Crawling is an important aspect in this section.
If you're a Rockman fan, you know what this hallway means...
Blast that fucking eye.
And witness your nemesis blowing into smithereens.
Just be careful not to follow him into oblivion...
That's not the face I usually do when I wake up, but...
Now that I'm looking at YOU, definitely.