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Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
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Overall User Score (5 votes) 4.0

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Gaming Age (Sep 29, 2006)
Mega Man ZX features some amazing production values, great game design, and even some inventive and sensible usage of the dual screen format. Outside of the somewhat confusing world map, I just can't think of a single complaint about the game, it's solid on every front, excelling in a few key places. Here's to hoping the ZX franchise keeps up the pace this one has set.
GameSpy (Sep 11, 2006)
Since it makes minimal use of the DS hardware, Mega Man ZX does have a sort of "we were originally developing this for GBA and then decided to release it on the DS" vibe going on, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's still an outstanding game. It's a worthy continuation of a great series and one of the best platformers on the system.
87 (Sep 26, 2006)
While its nothing like it promises to be, Mega Man ZX is still a great game that keeps the classic Mega Man flavor. At this stage in the series, the games needed a face lift and its good to see some storyline progression in the new series. Here’s hoping that whoever got creative control on this game gets to keep their hold on the wheel in the future, as Mega Man ZX has taken classic fun in an interesting direction. If they add in some of the features of today’s portable consoles, the game will be that much better as well.
Gamernode (Sep 18, 2006)
Mega Man ZX may suffer from a few cosmetic flaws, and it may be widely regarded as one of the most difficult in the franchise, but it would be a huge mistake for anyone to discount this game based on such small factors given how incredibly solid the gameplay is. Veterans will appreciate the new and familiar challenges, while first timers will find themselves immersed in the kind of engaging plotline that has always been an integral part of the series. With that said, ZX is further proof that Capcom can still breathe new life into a series that has lasted countless titles without ruining the overall experience.
IGN (Sep 08, 2006)
ZX takes the familiar gameplay and visual prowess of its predecessors and bumps it up one notch higher, though we do have to say with only the slightest amount of criticism, that ZX isn’t quite the homecoming we were expecting. The visuals are amazing, and the gameplay is still just as tight and responsive as it has been over the years, but a few beats were missed when moving onto the DS. A better use of the bottom screen is simply essential to the sequel, and a bit more overall production value is definitely needed to really set this game apart from the Zero titles before it. At the same time, we’d be crazy not to recommend Mega Man ZX to fans of any age and skill level, as it is truly the next step in the Mega Man franchise. The gameplay has never been better, the attitude is there, and the addition of new playable X units simply rocks. If you’re a fan of the franchise, or are wondering if ZX is a good time to jump into the world of Mega Man, don’t hesitate to pick this one up.
Lawrence (Sep 19, 2006)
I appreciate the effort made to add some new elements to this massive franchise, but all in all, it certainly feels familiar. I can't stress enough how much this game would be improved with a simple map upgrade, as this was the source of most of my frustration with ZX. As is, it merely adds a couple new features to a series that is starting to show some age.
UOL Jogos (Oct 02, 2006)
"Mega Man ZX" mantém a qualidade sólida da série "X" e "Zero", com uma jogabilidade de pura ação voltada para os amantes da série, e estes deverão deglutir cada segundo das cerca de cinco horas do game - fora os extras. Por outro lado, é um jogo complicado para quem quer se introduzir à série e faltou um emprenho maior por parte da Capcom. Mesmo assim, no final, ela brinda com mais um game de qualidade e com o desafio que os fãs tanto gostam.
80 (Jun 26, 2007)
Mega Man ZX est un très bon jeu, divertissant, très bien réalisé mais aussi délicieusement exigeant. Tout juste pourra-t-on lui reprocher sa grande similarité avec les épisodes Zero sortis sur GBA. Mais est-ce bien là un véritable défaut ? Mega Man ZX fera donc les joies des fans, qui ne jugeront sans doute que par le mode difficile, et peut-être même celle des néophytes et des nouveaux venus qui risquent de souffrir un peu avant d'en redemander.
If you're looking for an enjoyable side-scroller and don't mind moments when you feel like pulling your hair out through frustration, Mega Man ZX is definitely worth a look. There is no doubt it's a quality title and fans of the series will undoubtedly enjoy what the game has to offer. Should you own a copy of Mega Man Zero 3 or Mega Man Zero 4 for the GBA, you'll have access to certain boss enemies that appeared in those games if you have the game placed in the GBA slot whilst you're playing Mega Man ZX which is a nice bonus for fans of the series. The lack of save points, the instant death situations and the boss fights that can be really challenging are not for the impatient. That said however, it can be immensely satisfying when you complete missions that have taken a while to master. Far too many games these days are too easy and it can be a shock to the system to have one that offers a real challenge.
GameSpot (Sep 11, 2006)
Mega Man ZX isn't the first Mega Man game for the Nintendo DS, but it's the first to bring the tough-as-nails, side-scrolling action the franchise is best known for. As the first action adventure Mega Man on the dual-screen handheld, Mega Man ZX doesn't force any touch-screen gimmicks into the game, but instead relies on a proven template lifted from the Mega Man Zero series on the Game Boy Advance. The result is a rewarding game for dedicated action-game fans, but also one that can't quite shake the feeling of familiarity.
76 (Jul 20, 2007)
Wenn man bis jetzt kein Fan der MegaMan-Games war, dann wird man das auch mit ZX nicht. Kenner der Serie hingegen bekommen mit dem DS-Erstling genau das, was sie an der 20 Jahre alten Reihe zu schätzen gelernt haben: einen hartes Actiongame alter Schule. Die Bossgegner sind harte Brocken, die Geschicklichkeitstests anspruchsvoll, die nachwachsenden Standardgegner dezent nervend, der schnelle Tod lauert auf Schritt und Tritt - auch auf dem einfachsten Schwierigkeitsgrad! Und dennoch entfaltet das Spiel sein bewährtes Suchtpotenzial umso stärker, je länger man sich damit auseinandersetzt, auch wenn es aussieht, als wäre es vom GBA mal eben schnell durch den DS-Konverter gejagt worden. Es ist trotzdem schön, dass es solche fiesen Games noch gibt!
75 (Jun 26, 2007)
Que penser de MegaMan sur DS ? Il apporte très peu de nouveautés sur le gameplay ou le scénario et pourtant on en redemande. L’organisation a subi quelques modifications et pouvoir glisser d’un lieu à un autre est un véritable bonheur. La 2D aurait pu décevoir et bien non, là encore la pilule passe sans aucun problème. On ne peut pas en dire autant sur les niveaux aux décors trop répétitifs. Ou sur le manque d’utilité du stylet et du deuxième écran. Néanmoins le bilan reste positif et MegaMan ZX est un rayon de soleil. Est-ce l’aura du robot bleu ou une bonne étoile qui permet à Capcom de réussir son spin-off ? On ne peut pas réellement répondre mais le constat est là : En 20 ans MegaMan n’a pas pris une ride et continue de nous faire rêver.
1UP (Sep 20, 2006)
Quick lesson: That's "ZX," as in "sechs," as in "German for six," as in "the number of Mega Man spin-offs we're up to now." Don't write this off as a rehash, though--ZX is a much-needed change of pace for Capcom's creaking franchise, a lovingly crafted adventure that combines the style of the Zero games with the freedom and side quests of the Legends series. A surprisingly engaging dual-perspective story is the tasty cherry on top, tying the franchise's various series together. The graphics may be dated, but the controls are perfect, the power-ups brilliant, and the difficulty tough but balanced. ZX manages to recapture what made those NES originals so darn appealing.
GameLemon (Nov 04, 2006)
However, casual fans of the series will likely be bored by the things they've seen any number of times before, especially considering the host of other excellent platformers the DS already has and the number of promising ones on the horizon. My current belief is that greatness will only return to the ailing Mega Man franchise when Capcom finally decides to make Mega Man 9. At least, that's what my magic 8-ball keeps telling me. He is kind of a cocky bastard, though.
Plattformsmomentet har, tragiskt nog, åsidosatts för fler och bråkigare fiender, något som är symptomatiskt för de flesta plattformsspel nu för tiden. Men Mega Man ZX lyckas hålla fanan högt mycket på grund av de apsvåra bosstriderna där tajming och rörelsemönster fortfarande smäller högre än bössan man krutar på med.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jul 17, 2007)
The graphics may not be technically spectacular, but they fit. Blocky cartoon avatars and synth music are emblems of the arcade era and, if nothing else, Mega Man ZX is a great example of that period. Taking what it needs from the DS's technical armoury and discarding everything else, it's a bullish mix of vintage and modern elements, and well worth a few hours of any (past or future) gamer's time.
70 (Jun 21, 2007)
Mega Man doet op het eerste gezicht weinig dingen fout, maar die dingen die hij goed doet, doet hij ook niet enorm goed. De fans kunnen deze game blindelings aanschaffen en de mensen die de andere actie-RPG’s die de DS te bieden heeft al hebben doorgespit, vinden in deze game een degelijke afwisseling. Mega Man ZX laat echter op flink wat vlakken ruimte voor verbetering over en ik hoop persoonlijk dat we die verbetering ook daadwerkelijk gaan zijn in de onvermijdelijke opvolger(s).
I really enjoyed Mega Man ZX but too often I felt like it was too much work to really enjoy it. None of these oversights are enough to completely ruin the game, I would still recommend this to fans of action and platformer titles that are desperate for something new to play on their DS after growing bored of collecting all the gold coins in New Super Mario Bros.
Games TM (Jul, 2007)
This isn't the best Mega Man game ever made, but those with the patience to tolerate the game's flawed attempt to add depth to the series will find an enjoyable shooter underneath.
GamesRadar (Sep 19, 2006)
Mega Man ZX is surely just the first of a new line of games, and the open-ended structure certainly works for other series. With some refinement Capcom should be able to get the ZX series up to par with the more traditional games. But as of now, it's more of an interesting but unfocused experiment than a tight, compelling Mega Man game.
60 (UK) (Jul 08, 2007)
However, there are some design elements that will be off-putting to gamers, especially those not brought up in tougher 2D action gaming times. Blind jumps, enemies that re-spawn almost instantly combined with boss battles that often require repeated attempts make this a difficult game. But the formula has been expertly updated here and, while the game never achieves the excellence of those titles from which it draws heavy inspiration, this is still a competent and engaging proposition.
AceGamez (2006)
Mega Man ZX is not a bad Mega Man game by any stretch; the wonderful presentation and tried-and-true game play will easily appeal to long time fans of the series who have yet to grow tired of what Capcom has to offer them. Everyone else maybe have trouble pushing through what is obviously a series in transition - the developers of this game were not able to fully to the transition, somewhere along the line deciding that maybe they didn't need to make a change or maybe deciding to make changes too late in the development cycle. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn't justify the indecision that drags down what could have been a wonderful game.
G4 TV: X-Play (Oct 30, 2006)
ZX could have saved itself an awful lot of trouble just by automatically sending the player to the start point of each mission. Trudging all over hell’s half-acre without a clear idea of which way to go doesn’t seem like it ought to be anyone’s idea of fun.

The fun part is running and gunning and finding new abilities. That’s been the Mega Man formula for two decades, and the best parts of ZX are proof that it still works. Adding to the formula is a fine idea in theory, but what’s new in this game simply gets in the way.
Game Revolution (Sep 29, 2006)
Mega Man ZX isn’t bad, with smooth graphics and fun, intuitive play mechanics, but its shallow Biometals and terrible map will leave you lost and under-stimulated. Let's hope that "Sequel Man" brings us a lot more substance in the future.
This feels like a title that could've been so much more, but will instead be reduced to being nothing more than something for fans of the show, or diehard Mega Man fans. Heck, even a multiplayer component or some utilisation of the touch screen or microphone would've raised the score a little. As it stands though, this is a title that demonstrates absolutely no innovation whatsoever. As a budget title, it'd probably be fine, but definately not something that should be bought for a RRP of $75. Capcom, you can do better.
The Video Game Critic (May 27, 2014)
I wanted to like Mega Man ZX because I'm a fan of the series (and the instruction manual is gorgeous) but Mega Man fans would be wise to avoid this wild goose chase.