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Mega Man ZX Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

A brand new (back in the day, that is) DS Megaman game.
I feel like VENTing.
Thanks for letting me know. Since this image actually DOESN'T let me see anything.
'The package'. Giving us a sense of mystery right from the get go. Unusual for a platformer.
That would be pretty helpful, since the game just started and this looks like a freaking huge boss.
Big mouth vs my small body. Don't like the odds of that.
And here we go, starting off in this very colorful forest.
If enemies annoy you too much, just GLOW on them. (Actually, don't, it's not really the best available option. Kill them instead.)
Always be careful around spinning, cutting things.
When huge, red warning signs appear, you'd better pay heed.
No mercy on giant snakes.
Well, she is kind of a BABE. Of course everyone's worried. People just don't care about the ugly ones.
Check those missions regularly. Maybe you'll find a not-boring one eventually...
Wait, are we at the Zoo or something. That shit looks like a giraffe. And we've just killed a snake before.
Never trust an AREA C-1.
Just a guy who likes geeky girls in glasses.
The famous stair climbing, popularized since the first Megaman game on the NES.
The also famous wall-grabing, which came much later in the series.
Starting missions is the important part. Nevermind about actually FINISHING them.
There's even miners in this game. Inside... who would've guessed... mines.
Dash away from these noisy alarms.
You never know what you're going to find on the other side...
... but CERTAIN DEATH is almost always a possibility.
The backgrounds in this game can be pretty jaw-dropping. Just look at those clouds.
Nothing like powering up to start off the day in a good mood.
Wait, where the hell are you going... OFF SCREEN!
"Multi-image thingy".
Stylistic menu, worthy of a cyberpunk setting like this one.
Funny how this 'transporter' is kind of similar to the machine in the movie 'The Fly'. Just hope the same mutation doesn't occur here.