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    Try not to panic as you take on the most frantic puzzle game in the galaxy! As multicolored Meteos blocks rain down, use your stylus–and your brainpower–to align matching ones and fire them into space!

    Play a 4-player Vs. match with 1 Game Card!

    Align matching Meteos to launch them at your foes!

    Fuse new planets and items with launched Meteos!

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5100) on Nov 14, 2005.
    Out of this world puzzle action!

    An evil planet named Meteo is sending storms of world-ending meteors across the galaxy, and only your puzzle skills can stop them. As blocks rain down, use the stylus to align similar ones and launch them back into space.

    • Defend more than 30 planets, each with its own alien race, theme music, block style and gravitational laws.
    • Explore planets in Star Trip, challenge CPU players of any skill, survive deluge mode and spend launched Meteos to unlock new planets and features.
    • Link wirelessly with up to three friends and have a war of the worlds as players select which planet to launch their Meteos toward. Team up, customize items or establish time or stock limits – players can play however they like.
    • Using DS Download Play, players can take on up to three friends with only one game card.

    As blocks fall from above, players must align similar designs by groups of three or more to launch them back up. Players can move blocks only vertically (preferably with the stylus, although the game can be played with the control pad). As players unlock planets, they must learn each one's unique gravitational rules and block style.

    There are an incredible number of modes, from Star Trip (progress from planet to planet) to wireless multiplayer to deluge mode, where the Meteos fall at a steadily increasing rate. Not only that, but almost every mode is customizable, allowing players to set the difficulty level of their opponents, time or stock limits, or even item sets. Items vary from vision-obscuring smokescreens to Meteos-destroying hammers.

    In all modes, players can earn Meteos. Anything launched off the top of the screen goes into a bank, and players can then spend them to unlock new planets, items, features and modes.

    Besides an instantly addictive multiplayer mode, Meteos also features DS Download Play, allowing players to battle up to three friends with just one game card.

    Before collaborating on Meteos at upstart studio Q Entertainment, Tetsuya Mizuguchi produced Sega Rally, Space Channel 5 and Rez while working at Sega, and Masahiro Sakurai created Kirby and Super Smash Bros. as director of HAL Laboratories. Their impressive track records are evident in their latest creation.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65852) on Oct 21, 2005. (UK):
    Puzzle games don't come any more fast and frantic than this! The galaxy is being bombarded with meteors from the evil planet Meteo and only your stylus skills can stop them.

    As the blocks rain down, you must line up matching types and colours and send them blasting back into space. Play across 30 different planets (each with varying gravities that affect the way you play) in Star Trip mode, survive the everlasting onslaught of Deluge mode, or link up wirelessly with up to three friends using only one Game Card for furious multiplayer action.

    Plus, the more you play, the more you unlock. All successfully jettisoned blocks are banked as currency with which to buy new planets, items, features and game modes.

    Created by the same designers that worked on such classics as Space Channel 5, Rez, Kirby and Super Smash Bros., Meteos' meteoric rise in puzzle popularity is assured!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Oct 12, 2005.