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Metroid Prime: Hunters - First Hunt Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

This eerie text was one of the first game images seen by many DS owner's on their own console.
Title screen
Looking for a wireless game.
Multiplayer game selection options
Setting up a multiplayer game. This game only support different coloured Samuses.
Name entry.
Mode selection
Opening video - Uses the dual screen both to depict a continuous image...
... the same character from different views...
... and also double the same actions.
Floating platforms, how do they do it!
In the morph ball bombs can be set, here we see the blast.
Launching missiles at slimes in a mysterious structure.
A slow moving spiky bug damages those not paying attention to the ground.
This energy cell restores precious energy.
An eponymous metroid shows its face(?).
Making out with the metorid. (Get it off! Get it off!)
A lovely blue environment, bereft of foes.
Burning some space slime.
Being launched by a cannon in morph ball form.
A morph ball maze in the regulator mode, full of enemies to blast with bombs.
The engineers that built this base didn't take comfort into account. One need only crunch ones body into a little ball and slide down a chute to reach half of it.
A green Samus Aran doppelg├Ąnger leaping down. The final opponent in the regulator mode.
A good view of the mortal foe.
Survivor mode. Points are calculated by enemies killed.
A special morph ball mode, the goal is to collect the blue circles.