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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.4
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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Overall Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits is a great handheld title with lots of variation to keep you coming back for more, is great for long or short periods of playing time, and something I would highly recommend.
Worth Playing (Mar 23, 2004)
Tetris set an early precedence for puzzle games, one that has proven to be exceedingly difficult for most developers to overcome. Nearly twenty years after the fact, almost every real-time puzzle videogame that sees release is either loosely or, the more likely case, directly derived from Tetris creator Alexy Pajintov’s meticulously tuned work. As much as I dislike games with easily traceable influences, modern puzzle games are a rare exception for me. Frankly, Tetris is a hard act to follow. I rarely use this term to describe anyone, but Pajintov was a genius.
80 (UK) (Dec 20, 2004)
"Project Rub could be for the DS what Tetris was to the Game Boy." We've paraphrased it somewhat, but that is roughly what SEGA is saying about the Nintendo DS launch title known to Japanese and American audiences as Feel the Magic, which we reviewed last week.
79 (Oct 14, 2005)
Als Fan der Serie sehe ich das DS Debüt des sympathischen Bohrmeisters als durchaus gelungen. Im Einzelspielermodus erfreue ich mich am gewohnten, ausgereiften Mr. Driller Spielkonzept, welches sogar um ein paar Feinheiten erweitert wurde. Vor allem die Flucht vor den riesigen Bohrmaschinen hat es mir angetan, endlich kommt ein wenig Action in die Serie. Daneben kann aber vor allem der Mehrspielermodus überzeugen. Eine witzige Hatz jagt die nächste. Schade nur, das der Touchscreen Support nur zweckmäßig und mit einigen Schwächen integriert wurde. Egal, ich bleib einfach beim Digipad und verziehe mich freudestrahlend in meinen kunterbunten Schacht.
Game Chronicles (Mar 04, 2005)
Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits is totally fun and totally addicting. It’s easy to pick-up and impossible to put down. I literally played until my battery died and then I plugged in my DS and played some more. Games are relatively short so you can sneak one in just about anytime. I was a bit disappointed that the game didn’t make better use of the DS features, especially the touch screen, but the dual screen design was put to moderately good use in a few of the modes. The extra characters and challenging game modes will keep you playing Drill Spirits for a long time to come.
75 (Apr 20, 2005)
Okay, mit dem Grafikstil kann ich nix anfangen, aber das ist ja Geschmackssache. Das Spielprinzip von Mr. Driller hingegen ist bereits seit Jahren unverwüstlich gut, das ändert sich auch mit der DS-Version nicht. Das bedeutet im Umkehrschluss aber auch, dass diese Variante nichts Neues bietet! Okay, die Nutzung beider Screens ist für taktisches Vorgehen gut geeignet, der »Pressure Driller«-Modus ist schön hektisch. Aber wieso werden die speziellen DS-Fähigkeiten sonst praktisch nicht genutzt? Die Analogsteuerung ist unbrauchbar, die Screen-Erweiterung nur ein Bonus – warum gibt z.B. keine spezielle Spielvariante, die auf beide Bildschirme zugeschnitten ist? So bleibt nicht sehr viel Unterschied zur vor kurzem erschienenen GBA-Version, so dass sich Besitzer derer den Kauf der DS-Variante zwei Mal überlegen sollten.
1UP (Nov 30, 2004)
Mr. Driller has a dark secret. Namco's baby-blue drill-toting hero (real name: Susumu Hori) hit the American scene for a multi-platform debut back in 2000, then just as quickly disappeared. If you blinked, you missed his all-too-brief arcade appearance in Mr. Driller 2, which introduced his rival Anna as well as a two-player competitive mode but never made it to an American console. The little guy has been nothing but a vague memory for most gamers for quite some time: the star of a decent but forgettable action/puzzle hybrid that offered a bit of fun but lacked the depth to have any real staying power.
Die Steuerung kann nicht nur mit dem Steuerkreuz, sondern auch mit dem Stylus erfolgen, was sich aber als ziemlich untauglich herausstellt. Der zweite, obere Bildschirm erweist sich als sehr praktisch. Mehrere Spielmodi stehen zur Wahl, wobei “Pressure Driller“am meisten Spaß macht, denn hier verfolgt euch ein gigantischer Bohrer von oben. Schwach; Für den Multiplayer-Modus braucht jeder Spieler sein eigenes Exemplar.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 22, 2004)
If you like skin-of-your-teeth puzzle games, Mr. Driller is an excellent choice. However, this version's stinted multiplayer, minimal single player modes, and high difficulty will leave the game lacking in the eyes of all but the most dedicated puzzle-heads. Anyone curious about Namco's puzzler should import the multiplayer-friendly (and region-free) version from Japan or hunt down a copy of its GameCube cousin, Drill Land.
70 (Mar 16, 2005)
The DS has a number of puzzle games available at launch, with Polarium probably being the pick of the bunch. Mr. DRILLER comes off as a game that doesn't really utilize the console's potential, but the core gameplay is good enough for that not to matter. If you are solely looking for a puzzle title makes good use of the DS's Touch Screen, then this might not be for you, but the lack of original Touch Screen ideas aside, this is a top notch puzzler.
Overall, Drill Spirits is a worthy successor to the Mr. Driller series and a good puzzle game for the DS. Recommended for fans of the genre and of the series.
GamePro (US) (Dec 27, 2004)
In the absence of the standard puzzle game for a Nintendo hardware launch (i.e. Tetris), Mr. Driller does a good job with entertaining the brain.
GameSpy (Dec 03, 2004)
Even with the minimal use of DS technology and the glaring gameplay omissions, Drill Spirits is a very fun game. It's definitely not the deepest game out there (and no, that wasn't meant to be a pun), but the simplicity is what makes it great. When the basics are given a tweak (as in Pressure Driller), it becomes all the better. I definitely recommend it, but I can't help but think how much better it would have been had we gotten the complete version.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 04, 2005)
The upshot of all this is that if you like challenge over fun factor Mr. Driller Drill Spirits will suit your needs. It doesn’t break any new ground but it is a challenge.
GameSpot (Nov 30, 2004)
Mr. Driller Drill Spirits is a decent game, but the lack of modes makes the fun short-lived.
If you're looking for a fun puzzle action game, then look no further than Mr. Driller Drill Spirit's for the Nintendo DS because it does provide plenty of different gameplay modes and options which extend the longevity and replayability factor further than any other puzzle game we've come across on the Nintendo DS (except for maybe Zoo Keeper), but if you want a game that will truly entertain you with great graphics, interesting storyline, and well, good gameplay, Mr. Driller Drill Spirit's might not be for you. Overall we gave it a 6.5 because it does have a fair bit of life in it, but there's a few things about the game that are just too annoying to put up with for very long.
Gamezine (Apr 30, 2005)
Pour conclure, Driller DS n’est pas un mauvais jeu, loin de là, mais on regrette quand même le manque d’effort des développeurs pour renouveler le concept. Donc ceux qui ont la version GBA, tenez vous-en à celle-ci. Les autres, n’hésitez pas à acheter cette version mais ne vous attendez pas à vous amuser avec le stylet.
IGN (Nov 30, 2004)
Mr. Driller hasn't changed much over the years. His first outing came back in 2000 on the Dreamcast and Playstation, with numerous sequels following afterward. At its core, however, the Mr. Driller franchise has stayed true to its puzzle-based, action-oriented roots.
JeuxActu (Mar 11, 2005)
Avec une bonne durée de vie et la possibilité d’acheter des bonus au fur et à mesure des parties, Mr Driller : Drill Spirits saura nous tenir en haleine grâce à une difficulté assez bien dosée. Cependant, le fait de sous-exploiter la DS ne joue pas en sa faveur. Entre utilisation du double écran simpliste et gameplay catastrophique au stylet, le titre de Namco reste un petit jeu. A contrario, la possibilité de jouer jusqu’à 5 avec une seule cartouche a de quoi séduire les fans de jeux en multi.
N-Zone (Feb 24, 2005)
Namco hat neben Ridge Racer DS auch eine Version von Mr. Driller in der DS-Start-Pipeline. Am einfachen Spielprinzip hat sich im Vergleich zu den Vorgängern nichts geändert. Man muss versuchen, eine bestimmte Tiefe zu erbohren, ohne von Felsen erschlagen zu werden oder zu ersticken. Steuern lässt sich Mr. Driller entweder mit dem Steuerkreuz oder dem Stylus. Allerdings ist letztere Möglichkeit ziemlich ungenau und man wechselt schnell zur traditionellen Methode. Der zweite Bildschirm enthüllt wesentlich mehr vom jeweiligen Level, wodurch eine bessere Planung von Kettenreaktionen möglich ist, die für ordentlich Punkte sorgen.
G4 TV: X-Play (Feb 23, 2005)
Because the frantic action doesn’t allow you to think much more than a nanosecond in advance, Mr. Driller probably won’t appeal to those desiring a puzzle game that emphasizes careful strategy or one that offers the immediate satisfaction of clearing an entire board. Those who loved the arcade version or the earlier console ports should not hesitate in taking the plunge with Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits. It may not have the same depth as other puzzle games, and it’s certainly not a showpiece for DS technology, but it will keep your heart racing and mouth smiling for short doses, which is often all you are looking for in a portable game.
40 (Mar 10, 2005)
Ce Mr Driller est un puzzle-game en demi-teinte. Les challenges sont moyennement variés et si la prise en main est bonne, le gameplay est peu évolué, du moins au vu des possibilités de la Nintendo DS. En somme, si on joue les premières parties avec un sourire aux lèvres, le plaisir redescend rapidement pour laisser la place à l'ennui. Frustrant, très frustrant.