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NintendoWorldReport (Mar 06, 2008)
Other than the lack of multiplayer options, there isn’t much to complain about in this newest iteration of the Naruto franchise. More game modes would be nice, and super attacks shouldn’t be so cheap (it’s tough to watch 75% of your health drained by one attack), but these issues aren’t enough to direct gamers away from Naruto: Ninja Destiny. It is truly one of the powerhouse titles on the DS, and everybody should give it a try - especially Naruto fans.
Darkstation (Mar 02, 2008)
If Naruto: Ninja Destiny had more content this would have been an easy 9 for me, but because there isn’t a lot in the game I have to dock it for that. As a fighter on the DS however it makes great strides in the right direction and if you’re a fan of the show or previous games, this is a great game to go check out.
Nintendo Spin (Apr 07, 2008)
As the Naruto brand continues to grow, the products associated with the brand will continue to flow. As the first 3D fighter on the DS, Naruto Ninja Destiny is clearly a credit to the franchise and a testament to the 3D capabilities of the DS. Aside from concerns regarding the game’s length, and considering that this is a pocket fighter, there really is no doubt that this game will be a welcome addition for Naruto fans and fighting game fans.
GameZone (Feb 25, 2008)
Ninja Destiny is certainly a game most fighting fans will go back to. It could also be the first time young gamers discover the genre, and with its instantly-addictive gameplay, they're likely to stick with the genre from here on out. But this isn't a game that'll take the hardcore crowd much time to master, so consider this a great anime fighter – not a replacement for the nonexistent Tekken DS.
Playing Naruto: Ninja Destiny is fun and frustrating at the same time. Ninja Destiny has a great fighting engine which is deep enough for seasoned fighters but still fun for newcomers. The characters and animations look good, and the card system gives it some depth. Multiplayer with others is a lot of fun. Still, with the disappointing sound samples and the short single-player experience, it’s difficult to wholeheartedly recommend Ninja Destiny unless you have a friend who enjoys fighting games or you are a huge fan of Naruto. I can’t wait for the sequel though, because I believe that a lot of these issues could be resolved and we could see one of the best games for the Nintendo DS come out.
While Ninja Destiny isn't the greatest game out there, it still has enough benefits to be worth looking into, but really only for the Naruto fans who have been looking forward to this game's translation. But as far as fighting genre fans, unless you are already dedicated to the Naruto line, it should probably be passed up.
IGN (Feb 26, 2008)
The Naruto franchise has given players everything from action to adventure, RPG and 2D arena fighting on GBA and DS, but for the first time on a Nintendo handheld D3 has delivered something that is truly worth getting excited about. Naruto: Ninja Destiny is a much-needed leap in the right direction, as the game draws its inspiration from the Clash of Ninja series, and succeeds in delivering one of the best fighting games on DS, and it’s only going to get better down the line. Ninja Destiny is a little thin as far as game modes and multiplayer goes, with only Arcade and Story modes teaming with multi-card two player action (no download play here), but the core engine is strong enough to go nuts on the inevitable sequel down the line. The action is fluid and beautiful, the animations are slick, and the combat is fast and entertaining. Developer Dream Factory has laid one heck of a foundation with Ninja Destiny. Now it’s time to build on that foundation.
Gamer 2.0 (Mar 03, 2008)
Despite its shortcomings, Naruto: Ninja Destiny surprisingly handles itself real well and sets itself up for a follow-up that should knock everyone's socks off. For now the story mode is unnecessarily way too easy, but it's one of the main ways to unlock the many secret characters and artwork in the game. You start off with four characters, and the final roster turns out to be fifteen, so that should be of great service to Naruto fans. The extras and just plain fun you can get out of this game make it worth getting if you have that extra $30 to spend.
GamesRadar (Feb 29, 2008)
The only real sore spot is the lack of play modes. You get a story mode that pairs together specific opponents, a battle mode that lets you do one-off matches or tackle all of the other characters in succession, and you get the usual wireless VS mode that requires both players to have their own system and cartridge. Honestly, the fighting is fast-and-furious enough to keep Naruto nuts occupied for a good while, especially if two friends make it a point to jam together, but we still think they should've included a character building mode and online play through Nintendo's WFC service.
Mygamer.com (Feb 26, 2008)
As with all the other Naruto games, there isn’t that much value in the game past the license. It’s an average DS game which is populated by a long list of games worth buying ahead of it. It shows promise for upcoming Naruto fighting games from Tomy, with the much-needed transition from heavily-defensive to balanced gameplay, which ultimately makes the game have a much better pace (despite a massively huge life bar). As is to be expected, fans of the anime will buy it. Very few others will. And in three months, a new Naruto fighting game will probably be out.
NZGamer (Apr 29, 2008)
When the limbs stop flying and the dust settles, Naruto: Ninja Destiny is as close to what fans want in a Naruto fighter as they will get on the Nintendo DS: fast-paced fighting with a dash of touch screen support for item usage. That said, if you aren’t a Naruto fan and just want a 3D fighting game on your Nintendo DS you may want to wait for something better to come along.
RealGamer (Feb 21, 2008)
This maybe the first 3D fighter to make its way onto the DS and for the most part its good! The game is only really let down by the story mode which is hard to follow, and the fact that you have to go through it in one session without the ability to save and come back to it at a later date. Multiplayer support could have been better with the addition of Download play or NWFC, but overall it’s a good quick blast of beat ‘em up action.
Gamesmania.de (Feb 27, 2008)
Eigentlich macht Naruto – Ninja Destiny einiges richtig. Ein gutes, innovatives Kampfsystem trifft auf eine Auswahl an KĂ€mpfern, die sich keinesfalls verstecken braucht. Leider leidet die Umsetzung unter starken technischen MĂ€ngeln, einer lieblosen PrĂ€sentation und einer schwach agierenden KI. Uns konnte der viel zu einfache Computergegner auf keiner der beiden Schwierigkeitsstufen auch nur ein einziges Mal besiegen. Wer also langfristig Spaß mit diesem Titel haben möchte, sollte unbedingt einen Freund haben, der ebenfalls ĂŒber einen Nintendo DS und eine eigene Version des Spiels verfĂŒgt. Ist diese Konstellation nicht gegeben, raten wir dringend von der Anschaffung ab!
Gamernode (Mar 07, 2008)
As the first Naruto fighter on the DS, Ninja Destiny does do some things right. The engine is solid, the performance is great and the animations are good. With a little more balancing between characters-and between offense and defense-I have no doubt that Ninja Destiny 2 can make a run at being the best anime-inspired fighter on the DS. For now, though, it's something only the most diehard Naruto fans will enjoy.
Looki (Mar 24, 2008)
Naruto: Ninja Destiny entpuppt sich schnell als durchschnittliches action-orientiertes Beat’em Up mit einem potenten Namengeber. Die KĂ€mpferauswahl wird Fans zufrieden stellen, der spielerische Tiefgang Neulinge ebenfalls. Das Gameplay ist schnell begriffen und lĂ€sst sich mit wenigen Tasten beherrschen. Die StĂ€rke liegt ganz klar in der Lizenz: Bekannte Namen, bekannte Jutsus. Mehr möchten die Fans nicht. Zudem sieht es optisch noch ganz ansprechend aus. Fans dĂŒrfen zugreifen, richtige Beat’em Up-Fans sollten Probe spielen!
GameTrailers (Apr 25, 2008)
Though Naruto: Ninja Destiny doesn't quite earn high marks with its fighting system, this solid freshman effort is a footstep in the right direction for Naruto games on the DS. With some luck and a whole lot of tweaks the Ninja Destiny series may very well rise to the top of its class some day. Just not today.
Splashgames (Feb 17, 2008)
So bleiben als Zielgruppe nur noch die Naruto-Fans, die sich zwar ĂŒber die gut wieder erkennbaren Helden freuen dĂŒrften, jedoch von der lieblosen GesamtprĂ€sentation enttĂ€uscht sein werden. Besonders im Vergleich mit der US-Fassung des Spiels schneidet die Europa-Version schlecht ab. Naruto - Ninja Destiny ist also ein weiterer Titel, bei dem die Entwickler sich vorwiegend auf den unbestreitbar zugkrĂ€ftigen Namen der Lizenz verlassen haben.
GameSpy (Mar 05, 2008)
Still, Naruto: Ninja Destiny essentially pulls the fighting side of Rise of a Ninja neatly out of the Xbox 360 and deposits a fairly robust version on the DS, and we suppose that's worth a bit. Though we found plenty of things to annoy us, the basic gameplay and extravagant character roster (once unlocked) should be enough to satisfy most fans.
Gameswelt (Mar 31, 2008)
Ich mag Naruto und auch die bisher veröffentlichten Spiele hatten allesamt ihren Reiz – jedes auf seine Art und Weise. Doch 'Naruto: Ninja Destiny' ist definitiv ein Ausrutscher der negativen Sorte. Die rasanten KĂ€mpfe machen eine Viertelstunde Spaß, dann wird es langweilig. Zudem ist der Story-Modus ein schlechter Witz und die PrĂ€sentation ist auch kein Knaller. Selbst hartgesottene Fans sollten eher Abstand nehmen.
Naruto: Ninja Destiny doesn't offer much. The game doesn't manage to interest and there are a lot better fighting games on the market.
Als eingefleischter Naruto-Fan war ich auf das reine Handheld-Beat 'em Up schon sehr gespannt. Jedoch stellte sich schnell ErnĂŒchterung ein. Der Story-Modus ist fĂŒr ungeĂŒbte Spieler viel zu schwer und unbalanciert, die Grafik ist selbst fĂŒr DS-VerhĂ€ltnisse nicht schön anzuschauen und das umstĂ€ndliche Auslösen der Power-ups setzt dem Ganzen noch einen drauf. Ausserdem werdet ihr nach wenigen Spielstunden auch schon alles gesehen haben und das Modul in eurem Regal verstauben lassen. Einzig der leichte Einstieg und die ordentliche Umsetzung der Charaktere kann ein wenig Land gutmachen. Am Ende ist es ein weiterer Titel, bei dem die Entwickler sich vorwiegend auf den unstreitbar zugkrĂ€ftigen Namen der Lizenz verlassen haben - schade!
GameSpot (May 21, 2008)
We've seen that Naruto: Ninja Destiny resembles a shadow clone with its lack of staying power, and we've talked about how, like the sexy jutsu, it is thin and bare. On the default difficulty, you can literally play it without looking, but the harder difficulty provides a better challenge. Most ninjas would likely be looking for something more in their destiny than this game has to offer, but it beats getting assassinated while you sleep.
There’s simply not enough to keep players going. If you do manage to find this title in the bargain bin, it can provide some cheap fun on the way to work each morning. Otherwise, you will be disappointed by the lack of fleshed out features.
Eurogamer.fr (Feb 18, 2008)
Au final, une fois tous les persos dĂ©bloquĂ©s on a finalement qu’une envie, c’est de rejouer aux autres jeux estampillĂ©s Naruto qui, mĂȘme s’ils n’étaient pas parfaits avaient au moins l’intĂ©rĂȘt de ressembler un temps soit peu Ă  la sĂ©rie d’origine. Si cette European Version se voulait meilleure et plus riche que la version japonaise d’origine, cette derniĂšre devait ĂȘtre bien pauvre. Il est bien dommage que le manga qui marche le mieux en France soit aussi mal adaptĂ© sur DS.
Gamezone (Germany) (Feb 25, 2008)
An sich bietet Naruto: Ninja Destiny wirklich gute Unterhaltung. Die KĂ€mpfe gehen leicht von der Hand und bieten spaßige Momente. Jedoch hĂ€lt das Entertainment nicht lange an. Nach etwa 20 Minuten stellt sich die Eintönigkeit ein und das Spiel verliert von Minute zu Minute seinen Reiz. Der lieblose Storymodus, der eigentlich den Kern dieses Spiels ausmachen könnte, wurde total verbockt. Dennoch könnte man im Einzelspielermodus das Schiff noch schaukeln, aber auch das misslingt. Im Gegenteil, Tomy schafft es den Spieleindruck durch das Fehlen einer Retry-Funktion noch weiter nach unten zu ziehen. Grafisch ist dieses Beat'em'Up auch keineswegs eine Referenz. So bleibt Naruto: Ninja Destiny nur ein gut gemeintes aber schlecht realisiertes Fightspiel fĂŒr den Nintendo DS.
GamingExcellence (May 30, 2008)
There're just not a lot of redeeming features in Naruto: Ninja Destiny. The graphics are pretty good for the DS: the 3D cel-shaded graphics return from the console games, albeit on blank and boring backgrounds. Other than that, however, I'm finding myself hard-pressed to find reasons to recommend this. If you're a fan of the series, more than likely you've already played a version on a home console. Save yourself the money, play that, and purchase a set of DVDs instead. Trust me, it'll last longer.
The powerup crapshoot is the one unique piece to this game, and it denigrates its value rather than enhancing it. This title certainly doesn't offer anything original, even within its own boundaries. Like the story mode, the single-player battle mode presents ten fights, except the opponents are random and the minimal dialogue has been stripped away. Ninja Desinty is just mindless fighting, cheaping yet another glimpse of your favorite characters. Only check it out if you're desperate to take adolescent ninja action wherever you go. Plenty of superior Naruto alternatives are out there.
1UP (Feb 26, 2008)
There's hardly any incentive to replay Ninja Destiny once you've unlocked all 16 characters through the story mode. The computer difficulty, even on the hardest setting, is unchallenging, falling for the same tricks and easily defeated by abusing rudimentary strategies. Practice mode, a necessity in every fighting game where you shape and refine your techniques through repetition, is nowhere to be found. And, worst of all, Ninja Destiny doesn't offer infrastructure play for online battles. All of this, combined with the hollow mechanics and lackluster design, makes it hard for even the most hardcore Naruto fan to appreciate Naruto: Ninja Destiny.
Game Revolution (Apr 15, 2008)
While the blame for the lackluster quality of Naruto: Ninja Destiny lies squarely on the shoulders of Dream Factory and Tomy, you must also realize that this game would not exist if not for the obsessive fandom. Companies only supply what’s demanded. Because just slapping Naruto on anything guarantees you a certain number of sales, this travesty will continue. Without it, this game would have no audience, and perhaps the funding would have gone to another title. And maybe that title would have changed the face of video games forever. Sadly, we’ll never know, because we live in a consumer-driven society that begs for crap like this to eat up.

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