New Super Mario Bros. Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title Screen
Bowser Jr. sneaks up and kidnaps the princess while Mario is distracted.
You progress through the levels like in Mario 3 or Super Mario World. The map on the lower screen shows your progress.
The familiar mushroom powerup is still here.
There are new powerups, too. This giant version of Mario can crash right through blocks, pipes, and enemies. The lower screen shows how far through the level you are, and other things.
A flag at the end! How nostalgic.
Like the original, World 1-2 is underground.
Pipes can prove very useful!
Fighting Bowser Jr. at the tower is reminiscent of Super Mario World.
That blasted turtle is dragging her away again!
You'd think bowser would learn not to build castles like this.
In addition to the adventure mode, several minigames are available.
In this minigame, you must roll the snowman's head quickly while avoiding obstacles.