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Gaming Age (Nov 17, 2008)
There are over 30 different maps to try out in Ninjatown, and a decent multiplayer mode to boot, so there's plenty of content here that'll appeal to strategy fans. Don't come into it expecting a challenge on the level of Pixeljunk Monsters though, and while there are a few later maps that will be a bit taxing on most players, the challenge is really relatively low. However, the core gameplay is pretty addictive, and you'll definitely have a hard time putting this one down.
That Gaming Site (Nov 30, 2008)
Although the title's gameplay is not completely original, the funny dialogue and addictive style make Ninjatown a great buy!
IGN (Oct 27, 2008)
Borrowing an existing game design can work if you inject it with your own personality, and that's exactly what Ninjatown has done. Tower Defense is already a fun game, and most things in life can be improved by adding ninjas. The brief devil invasions here (around 10 minutes each) are perfect for portable gaming. Add in the friendly single- and multicart multiplayer modes and Ninjatown offers a pretty high quality of life.
1UP (Oct 28, 2008)
Ninjatown's layered in a coating of sickly sweetness that no amount of scrubbing will ever get out of your DS slot, but this obviously wasn't a game rushed out just to peddle Shawnimals merchandise. If you can get past the saccharine coating of the Ninjatown world, you'll find a surprisingly good tower defense?style filling hidden inside the hard candy shell.
82 (Dec 07, 2008)
If you look at Ninjatown with a magnifying glass, it is easily seen that this game was created using nothing but existing gameplay mechanics from games before it. The key here is that this title has so much unique personality, it really gives the RTS/Tower Defense genre a whole new feeling. For the most part, the simple 2D art design works extremely well in generating the game’s overall appeal; it just could have used slightly more definition in terms of upgrading structures and deploying more powerful units. However, toss in both a single and mulit card link mode, and Ninjatown is really one DS game that should receive some positive attention this holiday season. If you want to try before you buy, there was a downloadable demo available via the Nintendo Channel on the Wii.
80 (Dec 22, 2008)
Tower Defense-Spiele erfreuen sich nach wie vor großer Beliebtheit. Und auch wenn „Ninjatown“ am immer gleichen Prinzip nicht viel geändert hat, macht es auch dieses Mal wieder einen Heidenspaß. Die zahlreichen Anspielungen auf Videospiele-Sprüche in den Zwischensequenzen und das Design versprühen viel Charme, die insgesamt 35 Stufen bieten genügend Material für knapp 10 Stunden Spielzeit. Leider ist auch bei „Ninjatown“ der Wiederspielwert nicht gerade hoch. Neben einer Wertung und einem Fähigkeiten-Keks lassen sich keine weiteren Dinge freischalten, was wir doch etwas schade finden. Nichtsdestotrotz haben wir es mit einem äußerst gelungenen Titel zu tun, der nicht nur Jugendlichen die Weihnachtszeit versüßt.
Nintendo Life (Dec 16, 2008)
Ninjatown is an ideal example of how to use a niche licence effectively. Chances are you’ll never have heard of Shawnimals before witnessing this game, but once you’ve played it you’re unlikely to forget this zany cast of characters. The fact that it has such a solid concept to back it up only makes the cute and cuddly world of Ninjatown even more appealing. Long-term challenge is something that the game doesn’t possess, but it’s unquestionably great fun while it lasts.
Some of the stages are tough, but, without the devious centre, the cute, fluffy exterior would be nothing but an overly cuddly collection of internet meme wrapped up in an adorable graphical sheen. Ninjatown knows exactly what it is, but isn’t content to just go out and have fun with it, but injects a healthy dosage of challenge to go along with the goofy cut scenes where the demon army is judged to have a power-level over 9000 or special bonus powers like dropping Ninja Consultant into the fray to boost the morale of your forces with carefully-researched statistical lectures, or even the special kind of gloating the ninja revel in once they beat off an army or pirate devils. It would have been easy to tip the scales too far either way, but Ninjatown exhibits extraordinary balance. Like any good ninja should.
80 (Dec 11, 2008)
Ninjatown ist eine originelle und humorvolle Adaption des Tower Defense-Genres, bei der ihr gegnerischen Angriffswellen nicht mit Artilleriefeuer, sondern mit Martial Arts-Geschick begegnet. Zwar wird hin und wieder auch geschossen, aber in erster Linie stampft ihr bewohnte Ninjahütten aus dem Boden, errichtet Unterstützungsgebäude und setzt spezielle Items und Fähigkeiten ein, um die Gegner am Erreichen von Zielpunkten zu hindern. Solisten dürfen sich auf 36, gesellige Naturen immerhin auf neun (Multikartenspiel) bzw. 3 Karten (Einzelkartenspiel) austoben. Im Multiplayer kämpft ihr jedoch nicht mit- oder gegeneinander, sondern jeder für sich, wobei derjenige der die Angriffswellen schneller aufreibt, gewinnt. Zufallslevels oder einen Leveleditor sucht ihr zwar ebenso vergeblich wie die freie Wahl eines Schwierigkeitsgrades, aber Handhabung, Spielbalance und Motivation sind durchgehend auf hohem Niveau.
GamePro (US) (Oct 28, 2008)
Unfortunately, Ninjatown isn't without a few flaws. Despite the fact that the game fends off monotony with varied level goals and decent balance, you'll occasionally have to utilize trial and error to figure out exactly what is required to defeat each demon horde. And the graphics, while intentionally simple, also can be seen as a weakness. The art for some of the secondary, background objects is often too basic and just looks wrong, both in proportion and perspective. However, this game places little importance on trying to be the most technologically-advanced title, and instead focuses on the most important aspect of any video game: being fun. And in that, it succeeds in spades.
Destructoid (Nov 04, 2008)
After all is said and done, Ninjatown is a great game, providing solid, fun gameplay that left me feeling challenged enough (and addicted enough) to keep playing. With each battle lasting about ten minutes, this is a perfect title to play in short bursts and makes for an ideal portable title. As long as you aren't turned off by the cute factor, Ninjatown offers up a solid tower defense experience with great personality and humor.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 04, 2008)
You won’t play Ninjatown just for its story, though the humor is great and the characters are adorable. But the missions are a wonderful slice of gaming on the go; play a mission, toss your DS in your bag, play another mission later on the bus. The overall approach is fairly simple, but the level design is well thought out and offers a substantial challenge for gamers of all ages. It’s also a meaty package, presenting players with a sizeable single-player experience and both single and multi-card, multiplayer gameplay. Ninjatown weighs in as: highly recommended.
GamesRadar (Nov 06, 2008)
Each map is a great time, from “outlast the enemies” missions to time attacks and occasional boss battles, making the player want to keep going and going, which is not completely in Ninjatown's favor. While you can replay any map in hopes of getting a better score, after completing the story, you will have played all the single player areas there are. Plus, going to older maps feels restrictive, as you can't use your newer units in areas they weren't available in before. But for 10-12 hours, Ninjatown is a very charming and habit-forming, if modest, RTS that puts a throwing star right in our hearts.
Modojo (Nov 12, 2008)
With that, you have no excuse to avoid Ninjatown. Its loveable characters, appealing music and addictive tower defense shenanigans make it an ideal pickup, especially for younger gamers that love pajama wearing warriors.
GameDaily (Nov 14, 2008)
Once you're done admiring the charming and colorful artwork that encompasses the Ninjatown box, you'll soon realize there's a deep, addictive and challenging game for your DS inside. Ninjatown takes the fast-thinking, reactionary gameplay of tower defense and combines it with simple real-time strategy elements, creating one of the more compelling and unique games in recent memory. The game is suitable for quick sessions on the go, as most of the 35 single player maps take 5-20 minutes to complete. You don't need to love the eccentric story to enjoy Ninjatown, but the cute and clever writing along with the humorous cut-scenes will force a smile on your face. The in-game graphics could have used a boost, but overall, the first game gets it right. Hopefully, this won't be the last Shawnimals game we see.
GameSpot (Nov 18, 2008)
Ninjatown is a delightful and surprising entry for the DS. With each battle only lasting upward of 10 or so minutes, its not only perfect for your portable gaming needs but makes good use of every minute you play. It's an exhilarating and well-balanced strategy game that is simple enough for newcomers to the genre, while at the same time challenging enough to keep things interesting. If you've been around the block with strategy games you may not find much here, but if you're looking for a pick-up-and-play experience Ninjatown is wholly recommendable.
Although Ninjatown’s gameplay is not necessarily my style, it is at its heart a worthy and very sound tower defence game. It has some very good RTS elements that should draw fans from several genres even despite its cutesy and simplistic look. The game reminded me of the humorous South Park series as it has a solid sense of humor. I had a few gripes with the game such as the lack of a suspend option, and its very cut and paste graphical pallet. Regardless of its deficiencies, Ninjatown is a surprisingly solid title.
Taking Tower Defense to a playful and portable level, Ninjatown is more fun than a plateful of ninja cookies. The succinct levels make for great bite-sized portable portions of gameplay, and the ninja antics will have you gobbling it up.
80 (Nov 24, 2008)
If we're being picky, we could say that Ninjatown might be a bit too cute for some, and not quite as in depth as other tower defence games on the DS (the recent Lock's Quest springs to mind), but on the whole it's a fun, accessible strategy title with a lovely art style that's sure to please fans of the genre. Who'd of thought it? Cute and ninjas can work.
Giant Bomb (Feb 12, 2009)
Don't judge Ninjatown by its cover. It's funny and clever in a way that grown-ups can appreciate, and the increasingly complex strategy is engrossing and challenging enough to keep you coming back right up to the very end.
Cynamite (Mar 24, 2009)
Der durchgeknallte Humor, das frische Spielprinzip, die strategische Vielfalt und die abgedrehte Grafik machen Ninja Town zu einem wahren Fest für Taktik-Fans auf dem DS.
UOL Jogos (Dec 03, 2008)
Baseado em uma idéia simples, "Ninjatown" agrada por sua apresentação limpa e bem humorada, que esconde uma mecânica divertida, com um bom grau de complexidade. É ótimo para aqueles momentos em que se busca diversão leve e sem grandes compromissos. E melhor: é possível compartilhar a experiência com um amigo.
Nintendojo (2008)
Ninjatown does everything well for a tower-defense game on DS. The controls are precise and smooth, visuals pleasing and it even includes an entertaining and silly story. The game also offers fun in small chunks, as each map clocks in at about ten minutes. Thus, it’s perfect for on-the-go gaming. Even so, a couple flaws hold the title back, especially the difficulty setbacks and “rinse and repeat” feel of battles. Weigh those issues carefully in deciding on whether or not to pick this one up.
Ninjatown is a strange game because although its graphical style suggests it's aimed at younger gamers, its tactical gameplay really requires a lot of thought, especially in later levels. As a result we're not really sure if it'll be as successful as it perhaps should be. That said, anyone who buys it will be treated to a solid, if slightly generic, strategy game.
70 (UK) (Dec 03, 2008)
At PixelJunk Monsters' price-point, Ninjatown would be an essential purchase, but as a full-price DS release it stops slightly short. That said, it's still a likeable, accessible and deceptively complex little strategy game, worth 20-odd quid of any pocket strategist's money, and it keeps on giving, feeding you something new and fun to play with right up until the fist-eatingly difficult last few levels. We'll forgive its incessant wisecracking for that. And then hug it.
DarkZero (Dec 15, 2008)
So, should you buy Ninjatown? Probably, yeah. It’s not going make your mind EXPLODE, but it’s a really nice little game with plenty of charm and a clarity of design that you rarely see these days – especially on the DS, stuffed full of shovelware as it is. Ninjatown nicely bridges the gap between the casual market and, um, proper videogames, by marrying up a cute and quirky franchise with a genuinely well thought-out game. But of course, it’s not New Super Mario Bros., or made by Ubisoft, so it’s probably going to fail to make a huge impact at retail. And that’s a shame, because it really deserves better.
AceGamez (2008)
Ninjatown is an innovative take on the real-time strategy genre and a game that can be enjoyed by all. The simple nature of the design hides a wholly addictive premise; don't let the cutesy colours fool you into thinking that this is just for kids - there's a very engaging game beneath the distinctive and charming visuals. This is portable gaming at its best, so get your nunchucks and fighting stylus ready because you'll be in it for the long haul!
N-Europe (Dec 22, 2008)
If you really, really, really like Desktop Defence and fancy a colourful version to play on the move, by all means get Ninjatown. If you’re content with the flat simple format of the internet version, you might not want to bother. It’s a very good game, addictive and fun, which merges two unexpected formats into one another, but it adds very little on what it was based on.