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Nintendo Front (Dec 15, 2007)
Mit ‘‘Panzer Tactics DS‘‘ liefert Entwickler ‘‘Sproing‘‘ ein weiteres sehr gutes Strategiespiel für den Nintendo DS. Es gibt einige störende Faktoren, wie die leicht unübersichtliche Menüführung. Auf der Habenseite jedoch kann das Spiel eine nette Präsentation, satte 150 Einheiten, 3 Kampagnen und eine klasse Spielbalance vorweisen. Allerdings richtet sich das Spiel eher an Hobbystrategen als an Anfänger, denn die Missionen sind manchmal brutal schwer. Doch wer sich davon nicht abschrecken lassen will, bekommt ein wirklich gutes Strategiespiel mit guter Spieltiefe geliefert. Auch wenn der Mehrspielermodus etwas knapp ausgefallen ist, lädt der gelungene Onlinemodus doch immer wieder zu der einen oder anderen Schlacht ein.
84 (Nov 29, 2007)
Dieser konventionelle Krieg spielt sich etwas zu zäh und der Multiplayermodus ist alles andere als komfortabel: HotSeat nervt bei jedem Wechsel, ansonsten braucht jeder Spieler ein Modul für ein drahtloses Match. Trotzdem haben die Wiener für alle Solisten das Wesentliche richtig gemacht: Man freut sich über die edle Benutzeroberfläche, die raumgreifenden Operationen, die vielen Statistiken und das authentische Flair, das einem zwischen Weserübung und Stalingrad mit über 150 Truppentypen entgegen weht. Man vermisst lediglich eine klarere und schnellere Bedienung sowie interessante Gefechte abseits der drei Kampagnen. Wenn man mal zwischendurch eine knackige Mission spielen oder eine Herausforderung meistern will, bekommt man zu wenig Spielraum - hier bietet Advance Wars deutlich mehr Umfang und Abwechslung. Unterm Strich dennoch eine klare Empfehlung: Freut euch auf ein angenehm komplexes Rundentaktikspiel alter Schule, das nicht für den Mainstream entschlackt wurde!
Panzer Tactics offer a great turn-based military combat alternative to the popular Advance Wars series. It's light years from having Dual Strike beat, but some players will surely appreciate - and perhaps even prefer - the more serious tone and realism of the historical battles in Panzer Tactics. Get past the tutorials and survive the first stretch of the game, and you'll soon learn how deep and enthralling handheld war can be. Just don't forget to come up for air.
Game Couch (Dec 27, 2007)
If you’ve ever played a turn-based WWII themed strategy game, then you’ve probably played something similar to Panzer Tactics DS. Enemy units face off over a hex map which recreates historic battles and suggests authentic terrain. Actually, much of the game’s novelty stems from its release on a platform more notable for Nintendogs than hardcore strategy games. However, Sproing isn’t just throwing armchair generals a bone, Panzer Tactics is a legitimately challenging game which bolsters the DS’s reputation as a platform for everyone.
Gamernode (Dec 05, 2007)
The main thing that will keep some from trying this game out is the slow nature of gameplay. If you think of this as Axis and Allies in your pocket, you'll understand whom this game is geared towards. The interface is a little clunky and the sheer amount of info can drown you when you look at the stats screens. You won't find balls-to-the-walls action here as the fights only last a mere few seconds, but if you're the type who loves small details and hardcore strategy, you'll have a blast.
GamingExcellence (Jan 28, 2008)
With the thirty missions provided in single-player mode (ten per campaign), Panzer Tactics DS has quite a bit to offer for the strategist gamers in the crowd. It’s a shame that the multiplayer action couldn’t be easier to get into, because it really detracts from the title as a whole. Regardless, the game is still pretty good, except for the inability to distinguish easily between units and the steep learning curve, and so for those who enjoy strategy games, it’s a solid title overall.
Gamer 2.0 (Dec 24, 2007)
Overall, Panzer Tactics’ strong single player doesn’t quite outweigh the broken multiplayer and the bland audio/visuals. If you don’t plan to be playing too much multiplayer, then it’s a great game to pick up, even if you’re relatively new to strategy games. But if you’re looking for at least semi-decent multiplayer to go along with good single player, this isn’t quite the game for you.
Worth Playing (Jan 13, 2008)
Only true strategy nuts should get Panzer Tactics DS, since they tend to prefer gameplay over graphics and other niceties. For a PC-era game, it doesn't translate over to the handheld all that well. It's a good game for $30, but when I'm fighting with cardboard cutouts and trucks that should fire but don't, one wonders exactly how much effort the developers put in.
Game Revolution (Jan 22, 2008)
It all comes back to the notion of “hex-board wargame”. Even fans of the form will tell you: It can be a dry, demanding, solitary, squinty kind of endeavor. Panzer Tactics DS is a solid single-player experience… and if you happen to have three History Channel-watching friends who have also purchased this particular odd-bird World War II strategy title, you’re set for what passes for a wild war gamer’s Samstag Nacht.
65 (Jan 22, 2008)
Malgré sa jouabilité poussive et son interface calamiteuse, Panzer Tactics DS constitue une sérieuse alternative à Advance Wars. La profondeur stratégique et le réalisme de ce titre exigeant raviront sans aucun doute les fans de wargames à l'ancienne ainsi que les passionnés de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.
GameZone (Jan 09, 2008)
The game as a whole is entertaining and executed nicely, but nothing involved within the game is really eye catching. Minor details are frustrating, but only the multiplayer aspects could ruin the overall experience for you.
IGN (Nov 19, 2007)
Panzer Tactics DS is a perfectly good single player game. It's not as exciting or as interesting as Advance Wars or Age of Empires, but it has a solid plot (provided by the good people of history) and a whole lot of campaign missions. There's plenty of customization of the army, and the experience based upgrades serve as good motivation to perform well. For players that have no interest in multiplayer Panzer Tactics is a good title that's worth checking out. It's really a shame that players need to have multiple copies of the game to play a multiplayer mode that is worth anything. The Hot Seat and Wi-Fi modes are almost worthless, and they keep Panzer Tactics DS, as a whole package, from being one for the history books.
N-Europe (Apr 03, 2008)
Overall "Panzer Tactics DS" is flawed but playable. It is clearly a labour of love for Sproing, who demonstrate genuine commitment to the genre and the World War II setting. For those looking for a challenging and cerebral experience, it has a lot to offer, but unfortunately the many hurdles that the game throws up will likely prove too much for most gamers. With a bit more polish, Panzer Tactics DS could have offered a real alternative to Advance Wars. Sadly, it falls short of greatness and is probably destined to languish in the shadow of Nintendo’s more accessible and ultimately more enjoyable titles.

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