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N-Zone (Jan 10, 2006)
Nach der überraschend guten Game-Boy-Version von Peter Jacksons Dino-Epos King Kong hat Ubisoft die DS-Umsetzung gründlich vermasselt: Die detailarme, schon bei mittlerem Gegneraufkommen ruckelanfällige Grafik und die miesen Charaktermodelle wären gerade noch zu verschmerzen gewesen, doch offensichtliche Patzer im Spieldesign sind unentschuldbar: Warum sind die Levels so trist und konfus gestaltet? Wieso gibt es keine Karte? Und wer hat eigentlich die spaßfreien Passagen als Kong verbrochen?
30 (Dec 13, 2005)
Si l'adaptation de King Kong a subi plusieurs critiques (bonnes ou mauvaises) sur les autres supports, nul doute que la version Nintendo DS mettra tout le monde d'accord. Moche, peu jouable, pleine de bugs et autres ralentissements, utilisant maladroitement les possibilités de la console, il n'a rien à retirer de cette mouture si ce n'est beaucoup d'ennui et d'énervement pour avoir déboursé 42 euros dans l'histoire.
IGN (Dec 02, 2005)
Would it ruin the game for you to tell you that no gameplay in King Kong on DS actually takes place in New York? I hope so. Anything I can do to keep you away from this game, I'll do it. That screenshot on the box of Kong fighting off planes on the Empire State Building? That's just there to rope fans in, because that climatic sequence -- the one scene that everybody knows of King Kong -- is just an animation, playing out after you read a bunch of text explaining to you after the last Skull Island level that Kong came to NYC and broke his chains and picked up the girl and went for a climb. You don't get to rampage in the city, you don't get to climb the building, you don't get to fight off planes ... you don't even get to enjoy the change in visuals after playing 17 stupidly-short levels that all looked the same. You don't get to live out the one scene that makes us love King Kong.
Die Story des Films sollte inzwischen jeder kennen, also direkt zur Sache: Kauft dieses Spiel nicht. Im Ernst. Das erspart euch den Anblick von rechtwinkligen Bäumen, die in einer Szenerie aus faustgroßen Pixeln und einem undefinierbaren Farbschleim ihr tristes Dasein fristen. Ein wenig gemildert wird das Ganze durch den Nebel, der so dicht ist, dass ihr wahrscheinlich sowieso nix von eurer Umgebung mitbekommt. Solltet ihr trotzdem einem der alle Viertelstunde einmal auftauchenden Feinde begegnen, spaziert ihr einfach dran vorbei; die Jungs interessieren sich sowieso nicht für euch.
GameSpot (Dec 06, 2005)
The DS hardware is more than capable of handling a competent, well-designed first-person shooter. Even the Metroid Prime: First Hunt demo that came packaged with the first batch of systems is proof enough of that. The DS version of Peter Jackson's King Kong is a wreck, not because of the hardware's weaknesses, but because the developers just didn't put any effort or inspiration into their game.
Modojo (Jan 18, 2006)
Boring as hell and offering zero merits to its credit, Peter Jackson's King Kong is a complete letdown for the Nintendo DS. If Kong were actually around and played this game, he'd jump off the Empire State Building than tolerate another minute of this monkey poop.
After the unprecedented co-operative effort from Ubisoft and WETA that went into the console versions of King Kong, it’s amazing that Ubisoft would release a version of the game that is in this state. King Kong for the DS is borderline unplayable thanks to its horrid graphics, and the gameplay does nothing to inspire anyone to even attempt to persevere through its short yet inexplicably dull set pieces. Perhaps the only thing that King Kong does well is continuing the legacy of despicable titles based on popular licenses, particularly on handheld systems.