Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Very disturbing beginning
Episode selection. This looks less goofy when displayed on a real Nintendo DS with its screens apart.
It was only a nightmare
I sense troubles
Checking evidence
Meeting your client
The judge and the victim
Main character of the game
I hate this guy
It wasn't me!
More evidence
Using items
Hold it!
It feels so good!
Court session
Cross examination
Order! Order!
Case 2: Looks like Maya is in trouble again.
Talking to Maya in her home village.
The English translation is full of typos and errors.
Morgan Fey, an intimidating matron.
Looking into our Court Record.
Breaking a Psyche-Lock.
The ruthless prosecutor Franziska von Karma.
You will be able to communicate with Mia Fey throughout most of cases. Her cleavage seems to be getting bigger despite her being dead for over a year. What gives?
You need to choose how to deal with the situation
Examining a location
What a weirdo
Unlocked a Psyche-Lock
It is, like, another testimony, totally
Starting case 3
Maximilian Galactica, the defendant in this case
No, the tiger is actually scary
There are adult jokes here and there
Another butt joke
The Judge is super into the trial
Starting case 4
The chatty old lady from the first game appears again
What a suspicious little jerk
TV stars sure are weird people
A TV show similar to Steel Samurai
Phoenix is wound up
Edgeworth is commenting Wright's bad grammar
Adrian Andrews is confronted by Wright's reasoning
Scanning the room for a special clue