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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.2
Overall User Score (16 votes) 4.2

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1UP (Oct 26, 2007)
It's difficult to delve into much more detail about the story without tragically spoiling surprises, but invested Phoenix fans get five well-written, twist-filled cases to end a trilogy that unquestionably deserves a seat right next to titans like Maniac Mansion and the Space Quest series. Just make sure you play the first two Ace Attorneys first -- this is one courtroom you shouldn't enter unprepared.
Jolt (UK) (2007)
Phoenix 's last adventure comes highly recommended. Of the three Phoenix Wright games Trials and Tribulations is the best. The story is deep and well thought out, the script at times dark, at times humorous, but always entertaining. And although this is the final Phoenix Wright game, fans need not fear as Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be hitting these shores next year.
Pocket Gamer UK (Dec 04, 2007)
The third game in the much-loved lawyer-sim series makes a watertight case for classic status.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 16, 2007)
While Capcom is known for milking its franchises, Trials and Tribulations is not a mindless sequel. You'll cheer. You'll boo. You might even yell, "Objection!" The first entry is still the best, at least in English, but the final Phoenix Wright game definitely surpasses the second. However, all three feed off each other and are great fun, so playing them in order is strongly recommended. If you haven't played a Phoenix Wright game yet, try to hunt down a copy of the original Ace Attorney. If you're already a fan, then Trials and Tribulations finishes the trilogy with flair.
TechnologyTell (Nov 21, 2007)
It’s the Return of the Jedi of the Phoenix Wright trilogy, a riveting, epic conclusion which should put a smile on the face of anyone even slightly interested in good storytelling.
GamesCollection (Aug 27, 2010)
I colpi di scena ed il ritmo frenetico rendono, probabilmente, Trials And Tribulations il miglior capitolo della saga Ace Attorney; acquisto che definire obbligatorio per gli amanti di questi personaggi è dir poco, il consiglio a provarlo può tranquillamente essere rivolto anche a tutti coloro che vi si affacciano per la prima volta, a maggior ragione se si è attratti dallo stile manga e da situazioni che solo menti jappo (pesantemente ma anche fortunatamente fuori di cotenna, almeno per noi occidentali) potrebbero partorire. Tuttavia, molte delle trame di questo prodotto potrebbero non risultare così chiare senza aver giocato ai capitoli precedenti, ragion per cui si suggerisce di cimentarsi anche in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney e Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All... In qualsiasi caso, il divertimento è assicurato...
Cubed3 (Aug 30, 2007)
The Gyakuten Saiban series has just got better and better with each entry and the conclusion to the Phoenix Wright trilogy ties all plot threads together so seamlessly it makes this a must-have for those who loved the first two. As for newcomers, well, there are plenty of flashbacks and explanations along the way so you will not feel left out. With the US release at the end of October and the European edition not even on the radar yet, it will be very hard to resist the Japanese import with its cheaper price tag and full English script!
Adventure Gamers (Oct 27, 2007)
A climactic end to the Phoenix Wright story, Trials and Tribulations is the high point of the series, wrapping together great storylines, dialogue and characters into one portable package. Buy it now before I make use of Franziska's whip.
Worth Playing (Nov 30, 2007)
All told, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations is an excellent end to this series, doing a splendid job of tying up a multitude of loose ends in the overall plotline that has been continuing over the course of all three titles. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the subsequent series that will be released in February 2008, has some fairly large and intriguing shoes to fill. It's been a great run; court is adjourned.
87 (Nov 10, 2008)
Trails & Tribulations offers again a lot of gaming fun as lawyer but there's little new compared to the previous parts. Also the linear nature sometimes starts to bother but it has to be said: the dialogues, hidden jokes and the storyline make up for a lot. Also for those that have played the previous titles Trials and Tribulations is certainly worthwhile despite the lack of innovation. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is and remains and excellent series
RPGFan (Nov 01, 2007)
The final verdict? It ranks as my favorite installment in the trilogy. The gameplay brought nothing new to the table, but playing it for the plot and characters has left me more than satisfied. I enjoyed all the cases and new characters, and the music Iwadare provided was nice. The game tied up all loose ends, and brought good closure to the trilogy. If you didn't like the previous games much, this won't change your mind, but for fans of the series, definitely pick this up (also, look forward to the fourth installment, released a few months ago in Japan; it has a brand new cast). It had its downsides, but every moment of the game was a blast. Kudos to Capcom for bringing this great series over to US shores.
Purojuegos (2007)
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations cumple de sobremanera con su funcion de “titulo final de trilogia”. En conclusion, el final de una gran saga donde definitivamente es muy recomendable jugar los anteriores para que toda la historia tenga un sentido mas profundo para el jugador.
Gamernode (Nov 16, 2007)
Trials and Tribulations is a great ending to the trilogy. The gameplay is no different and may have gotten easier, but it's easily the best plot yet in a Phoenix Game. The final case is the best case yet in the series.
ZTGameDomain (Jan 25, 2011)
In closing, if you’ve enjoyed the previous Phoenix Wright games, Trials and Tribulations is more of the same. And in this case, that’s a good thing. Why complain if “more of the same” is serving up consistent goodness? The last pizza I bought from Papa John’s was the same as the previous pizza I bought from Papa John’s, delicious. I didn’t bitch because they didn’t flute my crust. No, I’m not going crazy and my Pizza analogy isn’t because I’m hungry-the same logic applies here. Yes, it’s the same, however it’s not the type of same that says “Crap, I’ve played this damned game before” is more akin to a cozy familiarity.
85 (Dec 12, 2007)
I absolutely loved this game. It’s deep without being impenetrable, silly without being stupid, and the gameplay mechanics are simple without being condescending. This being my first go-around with the Phoenix Wright franchise, Trials and Tribulations makes me want to track down the previous installments and play a bit of catch-up. An exceptional DS title and a must-own.
85 (Oct 06, 2008)
Les amateurs d'énigmes policières se régaleront sans nul doute avec cette nouvelle mouture de Phoenix Wright. Le titre propose un lot d'enquêtes très bien ficelées qui arrivent à nous scotcher dès le début et savent maintenir le suspens jusqu'à la fin. Le qualité de la série n'est plus à démontrer et cet opus prouve qu'une fois de plus, Capcom a fait du très bon travail.
FOK!games (Oct 23, 2008)
Eigenlijk is er vrij weinig over het spel te zeggen. Naast wat getweakte dingen en vijf nieuwe zaken is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations gewoon een kopie geworden van zijn voorganger. Godzijdank, want het spel is nog even sfeervol, fantastisch en grappig als deel één en twee. Voor iedereen die wel eens een goed spel in zijn DS wil hebben dan ook een absolute aanrader, want dit advocatenspel behoort tot de crème de la crème op handheld-gebied.
For those familiar with the story of the first two games, you can look forward to all of the loose ends being tied up by two related timelines (past and present), quirky new characters and tons of entertaining testimony. Knowing that the next game in this series will star a new up-and-coming defense attorney, Trials & Tribulations is a fun and fitting farewell to Phoenix and company.
Gaming Target (Nov 05, 2007)
Although Trials and Tribulations doesn't present anything new to the series, it helps to close out one of the greatest video game trilogies in recent memory. Not only does it bring each and every question you ever had from the previous games to a satisfying conclusion, it presents the trilogy's most dramatic and intense cases. If you're an Ace Attorney fan, this game is NOT to be missed.
Gamer 2.0 (Oct 22, 2007)
Though it's probably not the best game in the series, Trials and Tribulations could not have ended up any better than it is and it's a fantastic final hurrah for everybody's favorite defense attorney. Trials and Tribulations features a story that's more dramatic than its predecessors without straying away from any of its off-the-wall humor, and that's the reason why the title has such a popular upbringing. You owe it to yourself, and to Capcom, to pick up this courtroom masterpiece. Besides, if you don't, we probably won't get the fourth Ace Attorney game, Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. That would be a total travesty.
Modojo (2007)
If anything, Trials and Tribulations is guilty of just being the "same old thing". After all, the formula hasn't really changed whatsoever from what was present in the first two games, aside from some tweaks to the defense system. Past that, though, it's still a terrific lawyer simulation and a fine wrap-up to the Phoenix Wright saga. At least it didn't go downhill, but stayed right on course. Let's hope that the forthcoming Apollo Justice system Capcom has planned follows suit. It'll be pretty hard to top the almighty Wright. "Take that!"
GameDaily (Oct 25, 2007)
Those who didn't get into the previous two games should probably skip Trials and Tribulations . Everyone else, though, should enjoy the cornball dialogue, appealing new characters (seriously, Godot should be president) and trademark gameplay. This conclusion to the trilogy is worth the $30, case closed.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 16, 2007)
Along with plenty of desk slamming, unwarranted physical abuse by way of flung coffee mugs, not to mention an eclectic and generally energising soundtrack that sits comfortably between the quality seen in the two prequels, Trials and Tribulations offers up the most intense depiction/parody of criminal court-cases, full of discombobulations, drama, suspense, intrigue, deception, multiple plot threads and of course, finger pointing! It doesn’t add much to the formula concocted by its predecessors, but that’s why fans of the Phoenix Wright and co. will absolutely love this closing to a trilogy that’s well worth reading… err, playing.
GameSpy (Nov 02, 2007)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations does a great job of bringing a close to the Phoenix Wright saga. It's by no means the end of the Ace Attorney series, but in regard to tying up loose ends and leaving the game's rabid fans happy, it's the best in the series so far. The biggest issues that it faces are its inaccessibility for gamers who haven't at least played the first title -- it would almost be like coming into "Heroes" right now without watching any episodes -- and the fact that mechanically, it brings nothing new to the table in terms of gameplay. Barring those issues, Trials & Tribulations is a great reward for gamers who've stuck with the series up to this point.
Gaming since 198x (Jun 22, 2008)
Il n'y a pas à tergiverser: si vous appréciez la série, ruez-vous sur cet épisode. Et en import US, histoire de ne pas prendre le risque d'une VF foirée.
Factornews (Jan 02, 2009)
Comme un bon roman, il est dur de décrocher de Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations une fois qu'on l'a commencé. Les rebondissements s'enchainent à une vitesse folle et les scénaristes arrivent toujours à nous surprendre en imaginant une solution auquelle on n'avait jamais pensé. Parfois c'est un peu trop capilotracté à tel point qu'on ne sait plus trop quelle preuve utiliser pour démontrer une contradiction mais ce n'est jamais illogique ou impossible. Comptez entre 15 et 20H de jeu pour venir à bout des 5 enquêtes. Malgré les graphismes et la musique toujours aussi cheap (on regrettera qu'il n'ait pas remis la musique du premier), Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations conclue en beauté une trilogie de point'n click culte qui se doit de figurer dans votre ludothèque DS.
80 (Nov 15, 2007)
We're big fans of Phoenix Wright for many reasons, and Trials and Tribulations showcases each one quite well. Sure, the game is very slow paced, but it's also packed full of some of the most entertaining writing and intelligent point and touch gameplay you'll find on the DS. This game is an excellent title for the old school point and click adventure fans or those looking for something that's close to an interactive novel. The game is suitable for both kids and adults and the save anywhere feature makes it a great game to always have packed in with your DS when you're on the road. Here's hoping that future Ace Attorney titles make a bit better use of the DS when we see them make the trip across the pond.
Adventure Island (Dec 05, 2007)
Moeilijk, het verhaal is absoluut geweldig en de graphics zijn ook verbeterd op bepaalde punten. Echter is het op het gebied muziek ietsje minder door één verkeerd nummer maar het ergste is nog dat er op het gebied van puzzels en gameplay niets veranderd is. Het zag er zo goed uit in de vijfde zaak van het eerste spel. Waarom is dit niet doorgetrokken. De volgende keer wil ik echt meer zien.
Grundsätzlich kann man festhalten, dass Trials and Tribulations genau das bietet, was man auf Grund der bekannten und spassigen Vorgänger erwarten durfte. Dementsprechend bekommen alle Anwalt-Fans ein überaus solides Text-Adventure geboten, das den Hunger nach spannenden Fällen fürs Erste stillen wird. Andererseits darf man an dieser Stelle auch anmerken, dass in diesem Abenteuer in spielerischer Hinsicht nichts und inhaltlich nur wenig Neues geboten wird. Gerade auch im optischen Bereich ist das Spiel doch sehr statisch und man wird das eine oder andere recycelte Bild zur Kenntnis nehmen müssen. Auch einige Charaktere entpuppen sich als alte Bekannte. Dafür wird neues Hintergrundwissen zu Phoenix Wrights Vergangenheit ans Tageslicht gebracht. Ace Attorney kann schlussendlich erneut mit dem Mix von ernsthaften und amüsanten Dialogen begeistern, wodurch sich ein Kauf des Spieles durchaus lohnt.
Lawrence (Nov 20, 2007)
The only series in the “portable criminal defense simulator” genre is back, and well, it’s pretty much the same experience as it’s always been. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. The fantastic characters, interesting cases, and catchy music are as good as they’ve ever been. It’s just that the game feels more like an expansion pack than full-fledged sequel. If it wasn’t your thing before, this one won’t change your mind. If you can’t get enough of screaming “Objection!” at your DS, pick up Trials and Tribulations.
GotNext (Jan 15, 2008)
Perhaps the wildest thing of all—more harrowing than any of the preceding courtroom drama—is that the next title in the series, which will be starring newcomer Apollo Justice, is already looming over the horizon like a lawsuit with your name on it. While you might consider the constant threat of cases piling up on your desk the ultimate incentive to power through Trials and Tribulations, rest assured that it's a concoction best sipped at a leisurely pace.
Video Game Talk (Nov 10, 2007)
Back on your DS for a third time, Phoenix Wright does what he does best. And for better or worse, he does it exactly the same way he did it the last two times. There's no new gameplay elements, no new character animations, no new sounds. So why is it that the game is still so good? Because the writing is still top notch, making even the longest cases feel fresh and engaging. By this point, Phoenix Wright is practicing law strictly for the devoted, but those that are hooked will find plenty to love in Trials and Tribulations. Highly Recommended.
80 (UK) (Sep 11, 2007)
Trials and Tribulations is a deeper, more complex, and in places, remarkably darker than the games have ever been. And thankfully, to counter this, it's also the funniest. I cannot tell you the number of times I've guffawed at the banter, and I'm embarrassed to acknowledge that on frequent occasions I've found myself clapping. It was all I could do during the tutorial chapter not to spit my coffee on the floor at one of Mia's peculiarly contemporary lines.
Gamestyle (Sep 07, 2007)
Unfortunately, Phoenix Wright 3 doesn't add anything to the formula; even Phoenix Wright 2 brought in the 'psyche locks' which helped flesh out the investigations with little mini-courtroom dramas, but there really is nothing new here. A classic case of it "if it isn't broke, don't fix it", Trials and Tribulations carries on the series' high quality and is a fitting end to the trilogy, but it won't convert anyone waiting for the series to break out of its somewhat rigid menu-driven process of elimination. That said, Gamestyle loved it and any fans of the previous games will love it too. With the added DS features, the fourth in the series could be the best yet.
Nintendojo (2012)
Taken as a whole, the experience has been incredible for both developers and gamers. While it lacks captivating gameplay mechanics, the series brings a novel premise, sharp visual and musical presentation, great story and top-notch localization, creating a franchise that doesn't need trendy themes like war mongering. Trials & Tribulations successfully carries the spirit of its predecessors, and while it is not a good entry point for series newcomers (given all the backstory), nor is it a bastion of new gameplay ideas in the series, it nevertheless serves as a satisfying reward for going through the entire storyline of Phoenix's rise to Ace Attorney.
IGN (Oct 23, 2007)
Trials and Tribulations, being stylistically identical to the first two games, will appeal to those who have enjoyed the series thus far. For them, it's a must-own. For others, however, be warned. There's no action here. This is a game where you read -- a lot -- and must make choices based on wit and thought. There are no guns blazing here. Also be warned that the trilogy tells a somewhat continuous story, so it won't be wise to jump into this game without playing the other two first, though doing so isn't necessarily an impossibility.
Destructoid (Nov 06, 2007)
If you are a fan of the series, Trials and Tribulations should not disappoint. It's a solid resolution to the Phoenix Wright storyline, and it should be an enjoyable gaming experience. However, if you have never played the series before, I would warn you to steer clear of this installment. The characters and their present positions will be much less resonant to you if you haven't gotten to know them in the first game. If you're interested, start with the first game. It's been re-published, and should be easily accessible.
Deeko (Nov 19, 2007)
Fans of the game will get it for sure because it successfully continues the overall hilarious plot that makes the series so great and it does bring the trilogy to a close with a nice bang. For other gamers however, you may want to approach it with an open mind before you make the plunge for the purchase.
Game Shark (Nov 15, 2007)
As an end cap, the game does its job beautifully, wrapping up the Phoenix Wright series, yet at the same time allowing for characters to, hopefully, make an appearance in Capcom’s upcoming Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney game. More importantly, it gives the characters we’ve come to know and love a fitting send off, with a final case worthy of their various talents. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations may not bring the series in a new direction, but still provides a great adventure gaming experience and a fantastic ending for one of adventure gaming’s most loveable characters.
GamePro (US) (Oct 23, 2007)
If you loved the first two installments in the franchise, then Trials and Tribulations definitely has more of what you're looking for. Newcomers to the series will be better served by picking up the first Phoenix Wright as part of the series' charm lies in getting to know the characters over time.
GameSpot (Oct 23, 2007)
With the next game in the series set to focus on a whole new cast of characters, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations brings this three-game story arc to a satisfying conclusion. It's just a shame that Capcom didn't do more to spice up a formula that feels a tad bit stale here. If you've played and loved the first two Phoenix Wright games--flaws and all--you'll be plenty happy with Trials and Tribulations. It's a good game. Case Closed.
73 (Oct 27, 2008)
Der dritte Auftritt von Staranwalt Phoenix Wright bietet zwar fünf neue Fälle, die aber alle nach dem altbekannten Schema ablaufen. Dieses Mal sind es nicht nur Mordfälle und ihr erfahrt auch mal etwas über die Vorgeschichte, aber wirklich vom Hocker reißt das nicht. Obwohl ihr gelegentlich Spezialfunktionen und Psychotricks einsetzt, erstarren die Fälle fast in Routine, da sie im Grunde immer ähnlich sind. Läuft alles glatt, wird euer Mandant freigesprochen. Bis dahin dauert es, denn es gibt viele Wendungen und neue Leute treten auf, die Phoenix teils schon aus früheren Abenteuern kennt. Dennoch hat vieles seine Längen, ist nicht immer zu durchschauen und läuft linear ab. Zu tun gibt es recht wenig, da ihr halt ein paar Mal aufs Knöpfchen drückt bzw. den Stylus betätigt.
It actually sort of makes sense to think of Trial and Tribulations as an expansion pack--a 20+ hour one--to the original. For those who've been yelling "objection" into their DS since 2005, then we definitely recommend Phoenix's latest, as long as you're not expecting anything new. This Phoenix, while more entertaining than a season of Law and Order, feels very familiar. And while we hate to see Phoenix go--this is supposedly the last title he'll star in--we can't wait to see what Capcom has in store next for stylus-clenching defense attorneys.
Game Tap (Nov 13, 2007)
Nevertheless, one has to appreciate Phoenix Wright just for the fairly unique niche it holds in the videogame space. Games that prize mental prowess over reaction time can be hard to come by, and even though real-world logic skills aren't necessarily rewarded, it still is nice to have a game that exercises the brain cells.
UOL Jogos (Nov 05, 2007)
A Capcom fecha a trilogia de "Phoenix Wright" com a mesma competência que a iniciou. Os personagens continuam interessantes e os casos, empolgantes. Os textos mesclam muito bem o suspense e o humor, salpicando com referências do mundo pop. Quem acompanhou as aventuras do advogado mais famoso dos games e gostou, não tem motivo para ficar de fora do terceiro episódio. Não se trata de um título com apelo universal, mas quem tem queda por um bom adventure e de uma boa literatura de detetive, tem muitas chances de gostar de "Phoenix Wright". Mas, nesse caso, é melhor começar pelo primeiro game.
70 (Jan 03, 2008)
In a way, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations is a game that is less than the sum of its parts—on an individual level the game’s graphics, gameplay, and sound are both intriguing and solid. However, given that the game has evolved in almost no way at all since the original cheapens the experience a bit. The developers have certainly found a formula that works, but it isn’t perfect, and the fact that none of the kinks in the formula have been worked out, and the seemingly low production values of the game (most notably the reused sound and artwork) is a bit disappointing.
GameZone (Nov 08, 2007)
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations will win over the hearts of already established fans, but newcomers to the series may find the concept a little difficult to get into